S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 46

After Alise and her team’s mock battle was over, the next step was a mock battle between Rogel and the girls’ team.

“Yo, nice to meet you,”

“Take it easy.”


The women’s team bowed their heads.

‘”Yes, nice to meet you.”

To that, Rogel also responded with a gentle voice.

When they moved to the centre of the mock battlefield, they each went into a combat stance.

Misa had her bow, Amelie had her magic, and Chigusa had her spear at the ready.

On the other hand, Rogel was holding a wooden sword that looked like it could be sold anywhere.

”Are you sure that’s what you want, Rogel-san?”

Misa looked at the wooden sword in Rogel’s hand and said, anticlimactically.

”Yes, I’ll take it. I don’t mean to underestimate you all, but this one is surprisingly useful, so…”

The wooden sword in Rogel’s hand was a high magic conduction tool.

By channelling magic power, its strength increases dramatically.

”Then, please attack whenever you want”

With those words from Rogel, the mock battle begun.

“I’m attacking!”

An arrow was released from Misa’s bow.

Following it, Chigusa readied her spear and headed towards Rogel.

”Ho, so it comes.”

He caught the arrow that was shot at his forehead with the opposite hand holding the wooden sword.

He then threw it back and deflected the oncoming spear with the wooden sword, which is flowing with magic power, of course.

Rogel blocked all the attacks, not moving a step from the spot.

”Amelie, support magic, please!”

Misa said.

“Coming up!”

“Come on, Wind.”

Amelie strengthened Misa’s bow and arrows with wind-attribute support magic.

”It’s done!”

“Thank you!”

Misa fired an enhanced arrow.

Now it was aimed at Rogel’s chest.

“An improvement, but not quite.”

Rogel deployed a palm-sized protective barrier to catch the arrow.

He tossed it behind himself with a pop.


“Too strong ……”


They looked surprised that Rogel was unperturbed.

Still, Rogel had a carefree look on his face.

Alise started to doubt more and more if he was really almost sixty years of age.

And since he was in his usual butler outfit, it made a pretty good picture.

”Shall we end it?”

Rogel said in a gentle voice.


“I can’t do this anymore. ……”

“Too awesome ……”

The women’s team were heavily breathing too.

“We have a rough idea of your weaknesses as well. I’d like to talk with everyone on the men’s team too.”

Even though this mock battle was divided between the boys and girls, they would still be working in groups during this training.

It would be easier for them to work together if they knew their weaknesses and strengths.

“”Thank you very much,””

“Yes, thank you for guiding us.”

They each bowed their heads lightly, and the whole group gathered together.


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