S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 45

Alise, Geet, and Isak were facing each other in a mock battle arena.

Between them, a cool autumnal breeze blew through the air.

“Let’s go!”

Without thinking, Geet came rushing in with his sword ready to strike.

“Oh dear.”

She evaded it easily by only moving half a step.

As the attack was from behind she grabbed Geet’s arm and parried it by changing the direction of his sword

”Done already?”

Alise gave a generous smile.

“Not yet! Isak, cover me!”

“Okay, okay!”


This time they were going to attack in a synchronized manner.

Well, it was not a bad choice.

They will need to make decisions on how to defeat an opponent on a higher level than them.

“Come on, Flame!”

Isak began to chant.

“I’m sorry, but that’s too late.”

Fire Tornado!”

Alise had deployed the air barrier already.

At the same time, a whirlpool of flames was coming towards her, Geet came rushing in with his sword ready to strike again.

”You’ll get caught up in it.”

Isak’s deployed magic hits the air barrier deployed by Alise, but Alise, who is protected by the barrier, was not even wounded or dirty .

”Oh no, my best magic was……”

Isak’s shoulders slumped.

The impact of the explosion had sent Geet flying back a few meters.


“Shall we end it?”

Again, Alise asked them both.

By the way, Alise had hardly moved from her initial position.

”I can still do it!

Geet stood up, using his sword as his staff.

Isak had also begun chanting his magic.

They both seemed to have a lot of fighting spirit.

“Come, Light, my wish is the Spear of Light. Lightning Spear! 

As Isak’s chanting ended, a spear of light flew towards Alise.

”Quite well done.”

She caught the magic spear that was sent towards Alise’s face between her forefinger and middle finger.


“WHAT!!, magic with your bare hands!??”

At this, even the two of them, as expected, could not hide their surprise.

Alise threw that spear behind her.

She caused a blast behind her, but Alise had put up a ward and avoided the blast.

”I can’t do it anymore. ……

“I can’t either: ……”

A few minutes later, they were both breathing heavily.

“Well, I guess that’s it then,”


As she said this, Alise fought from start to finish, barely moving.

”Nothing is going to ruin your confidence with this. We now know most of your weaknesses.”

Saying that. Alise cast a refreshing spell on the two of them.

With this, their fatigue and magic power were restored.

”Do you understand now?”

Yes, I’ll explain it properly later. It’s a mock game for the women’s team next, so please watch closely.

Watching people fight was also a learning experience.

We should absorb knowledge whenever we could.

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