S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 43

The next day was the day of the new adventurer training.

”Then, I’ll be off. I’m sorry to leave you in charge of the mansion.”

“I’m off.”

Alise and Rogel were seen off by Cecile.

“Don’t mind me, Rogel-san. Leave the mansion to me and good luck!”

“Apologies again.”

“I hope you have a safe trip, Miss.”

“Thank you.”


After saying goodbye to Cecile, the two left the mansion.

The meeting place was the guild headquarters.

They went straight to the adventurer’s guild.


”It’s quite a gathering, isn’t it?

“Yes, we didn’t have a capacity this time.”

“It seems to be a group of fledgeling adventurers who want to improve their skills.”

“Well, it looks like we’re supposed to be over there.”


This was Alise’s first time and she didn’t know her left from her right,  so it was really nice to have Rogel there.

“Oh, it’s Rogel. That’s very unusual, I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

A man about the same age as Rogel in appearance, but muscular, approached them.

“Are you an instructor too?”

“Yes, my Miss recommended it, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

“So this is the little girl I have been hearing so much about.”

The muscular man stared at Alise intently.

“This, Gert. Don’t frighten the young lady!”

Rogel smacked the man on the head.


“Oops, excuse me for this. My name is Gert. This guy and I used to be best friends when we used to explore the labyrinths.”

“It was a foul relationship, Miss. Such a vile man.”

Rogel quipped.

“That’s terrible. You’re a butler now, aren’t you? Well, take care of your little Miss.”

“Hi, nice to meet you.”

Alise bowed her head lightly.


“Stay away from my lady. She might get contaminated with your vulgarity”

Rogel had a tendency to say things straight out of the box.

Well, I guess that’s another sign of trust.

“Oops, looks like it’s about to start.”

“I guess so.”

In addition to Alise and the others, there seemed to be a little over ten instructors.

The new adventurers were gathered in the square next to the guild.

”I see you have gathered. Thank you for participating in the new adventurer training this time.”

Gilmas addressed the audience as a representative.

Once he finished his greetings, he explained the flow of this training program.


Apparently, groups of five to seven adventurers will be formed with adventurers, and each group will be assigned two instructors.

The training was mainly practical and involved diving into forests and less difficult dungeons.

This training was divided into three days.

”Then I’ll announce the groups.

With that, Gilmouth announced the seven groups in all.

The adventurers in the groups were each greeted and expected to see who the instructor was.

”I’d like that woman,”

“Oh, me too! She’s beautiful.”

“Idiot, that’s an S ranker. It’s going to be tough.”

Alise could hear voices talking about her.

Well, she still pretended not to notice

“Group A, instructor, S-rank Arise, A-rank Rogel.”

Alise and Rogel were to be in charge of the same group.

Incidentally, this was the first place where she learned of Rogel’s rank.

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