S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 4

Fortunately, I had all the geographical information about this area in my head.

Because of the position of chief of operations, geographic information also had a great impact on the outcome of a battle.


”As I recall, if I continue in this direction, I’ll pass through the forest.”


Alise checked the direction with the position of the sun and then stepped forward to make her way through the forest.


‘Huh, I managed to get through”.


As the sky began to dim, Alise proceeded towards the Merus territory


”It’s getting darker now, isn’t it?”


Just as it was turning dark, I saw the lights of the city.

That would be the city of the Merus territory.


”I suppose I’ll have to spend the night in this city today.”


No checkpoints were conducted to enter the city.

Security will be thin because it is a town on the outskirts of the territory of Merus.


let’s decide on tonight’s lodging while looking around town.

she found a sign for an inn on the street that seemed to be the most prosperous, so Alise entered it.


”I’d like to stay one night, are there any rooms available now?”


Alise asked the innkeeper.


‘Oh, there’s a room for you. It’s rare to see a beautiful woman like you here. Are you travelling by yourself?

“Well, sort of. So, how much is it?”

“Five silvers. Meals are extra, starting at one silver.”

“Are you ready to eat now?”

“Yeah, that’d be perfect.”

“All right, one night and one meal.”


Saying this, Alise held out six pieces of silver to the innkeeper.


‘Well then, here’s the key to your room. I’ll make you a meal now and you can wait in the eating area over there.’

I understand.


Alise took a seat in the corner of the eating area attached to the inn.


She waited for a few minutes, and her meal was brought to her.


“I’m sorry we don’t have much food left this evening”


What was brought to her was a grilled rice ball, salad and soup.

It was more than enough food for Alise, who hadn’t been able to find a decent meal in recent years.


”Thank you. ”That’s enough.”


Alise smiled as she said this.




She was really hungry, and she finished her meal in no time at all.


‘Thank you for the meal. Do you mind if I put the dishes in here?

“Yeah, it’s fine if you leave it there.”

“Okay, then. Good night.”

‘Get a good night’s rest. Just make sure you check out by noon tomorrow.

Thank you.


Alise put the dishes away and walked up the stairs and opened the room with the key she was given.


‘I’m tired.’


She put her bags on the floor and dived into the bed.

It wasn’t fluffy by any means, but it was many times more comfortable than being in prison.

For the first time in a long time, she was able to get a decent night’s sleep, and as soon as she lay down in bed, she was overcome with sleepiness.

Alice turned off the light, pulled the covers over her, and eventually let go of her consciousness.

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