S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 38

As Alise and Cecile entered combat mode, the enemy that attacked them showed up a moment later.

“She’s really S-rank. As expected, this won’t be a simple matter.”

A deep-voiced man in a black robe said.

His face was obscured by the robe, making it impossible to make out his face.

“What’s your reason for attacking me?”

Alise was suddenly pissed

“I don’t have anything against you, little girl, but I got paid for it.”

“Looks like they paid for garbage.”

Behind the man in the robe stood a group of men who were clearly out of character.

These guys must have been paid lots of money too.

Alise must have stuck too much in this country.

“Are you calling me trash?”

“Garbage is garbage.”

Alise released her killing intent

‘That’s a hell of a killing intent: ……

The men who were the focus of the killing intent flinched.

“Cecile, which ones do you want to play with?”

“The closer one.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of the man in the robe.”

When she set her eyes on her target, Alise put her hand on her sword at the same time as she deployed her hardening and gravity control magic on her blonde vertical rolls.


The man suddenly swung his sword at her.

She evaded it flutteringly and brilliantly.

As it was, she retaliated with an all-out kick towards the man’s chest.

The man rolled as he bounced off the ground and crashed into the wall behind him, completely destroying it.


Alise couldn’t help but mutter.


At that moment, another needle was flying towards Alise.

She flicked it back with a hardened blonde vertical roll.

“Impossible …… what the **** was that?”

“I don’t have to explain anything to you.”

Alise pulled out the sword inserted at her waist

She closed the gap between them in one go and slammed the sword’s hilt into the robed man’s stomach.


He let out a pathetic groan and the robed man was reaped off his consciousness on the spot.

“Kaha ……”

She turned to Cecile and saw another man get fist slammed at his back and all the air forced out of him.

Then, swiftly attacked by a heel drop kick and knocked out.

“Miss, are you hurt?”

“It’s nothing to worry about.”

They were just people who had been hired with money. Nothing special really.

They really didn’t have the ability to compete with the two ladies.

”I’ll take care of the cleanup, so you can go run your errands, Miss”

“All right. Thank you”

After restraining the attackers with magic, she decided to leave it to Cecile to take care of the situation.

“I was a little too obvious myself, wasn’t I”

With that in mind, she headed to the guild.

When I arrived in front of the guild, I opened the door.

As she entered, many eyes were drawn to her. There were no benefits to paying attention to them so she just ignored them

She looked at the bulletin board where the guild’s request was pasted up, pretending not to care about it.

”Alisse-san, a moment please.” TN: need to check this

She was approached from behind.

She turned around and saw the guild receptionist standing there.

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