S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 34

Alise was sitting in the Marquis’s house, facing him.

“So, do you think there will be more enemy attacks in the future?”

“I’d like to think they’ve learned their lesson.”

“But you still dealt with them pretty swiftly huh?

The Marquis chuckled.

”This time, though, it was a bit tricky, as expected.”

“Anyway the matter has been dealt with. I’ll give His Majesty a report.”

“Thank you.”

After saying that much, the Marquis sipped his tea.

“By the way, Do you still live at the inn?”

“Yes, I do.”

”hmm…now that you’ve received your S-rank certification, I think its time for you to decide on a base.”

Saying this, the Marquis spread out some documents in front of Alise.

“It’s a house property managed by the Marquis family. I’m sure you can’t say that it’s free, but I’ll give you a big discount.”

“Yeah, are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m indebted to you for a lot of things.”

“Then I’ll take you up on your offer.”

Alise went through the properties that were laid out.

Some of the properties were close to the noble district and some were close to the centre of the royal capital.

”Really, this property at this price?”

“Yeah, sure.”

The Marquis nodded.

“Then I’ll choose this.”

Alise chose the property closest to the noble district.

This place had a great location, and the S rank reward she received was more than enough to cover the costs.

”Oh, I knew you’d choose there.”

“It seemed like the best location.”

“Yeah, it definitely is.”

Then the Marquis laughed.

”Here’s the key and a map of the mansion. I’ve made it ready for you to use today, so use it as you please.”

“Thank you. How about the fee?”

“We’ll talk about it at the next meeting”.

Alise received a key and a map from the Marquis.

“I understand. Then I will check it out immediately.”

“Oh, I think you’ll like it.”

“Thank you again.”

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