S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 33

There was a tense air between Alise and the knight.

“You’re a monster ……”

“It’s awful to call people monsters.”

Alise readied her sword and thrust at the knight’s neck.

The knight blocked it with his sword.

“Ho, you managed to block that one. You seem to have some skills .”

After a slight pause, she closed the gap at once and repeated the high-speed thrust

It seems that even the knight as expected was unable to handle this.

The armour was much damaged by Alise’s one-sided attack.

”Lie, right ……”

“Too bad it’s true.”

He held the sword at his neck.

Blood was dripping down the knight’s neck.

With a look of despair, the knight dropped his sword and collapsed to the spot without power.

”It’s the quintessential Alise Bate. It looks like this is not going to be a simple matter.”

The captain gave a small clap.

“That’s right, thank you. How about you come and join them?”

“Of course. I’m not going to be like those guys you just met, okay?”

The knight captain drew his sword.

As expected, the pressure was different from the knight from earlier.

Besides, Alise also unleashed an unbeatable, or rather, overwhelming killing spirit.

”Nah, what a killing intent.”

The captain, as expected, took a step back at this.

“Shrinkage.” TN: I think this is supposed to be teleportation

Alise used a genuine body technique to get behind her captain.

“Instantaneous movement,” he said, ‘is …….’

“It’s a veritable martial art of the body.”

Alise’s sword was perched on the knight captain’s neck.

“I thought you weren’t like those guys?”

With that, Alise raised the corners of her mouth.

“After all, even I wasn’t as good as Alise Bate, was I? ……”

“Well, I guess that’s the way it goes.”

When she said that much, Alise delivered a blow to his neck with the side of her sword.

On the spot, the captain was also reaped of his consciousness.

”So, that’s it, it’s over.”

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Diana Kurosawa
1 year ago

Shrinkage or Sukuchi can be also called as “Ground Shrink”~

1 year ago
Reply to  Diana Kurosawa

Thank you <3. will Update soon

1 year ago

Thanks for the new chapter!!