S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 32

The day after Alise refused the request to return, in the early afternoon, she left the inn to take a request.

That’s when she sensed she was being watched.

“This is troublesome. but Let me just say hello to you.”

Alise dared to go into a back alleyway that was out of sight.

A moment later, she was surrounded by five men in knight’s armour.

“Who are you guys?”

Alise readied herself.

Obviously, they were not knights of the Kingdom of Merus.

”You are Alise Bate. I have been ordered by the Duke of Basler to execute you.”

Indeed, the armour had the Duke of Basler’s family crest on it.

”Are you sure? This isn’t your Mullen Kingdom, this can easily turn into a international conflict.”

“All you have to do is shut your mouth.”

A man who appeared to be the knight’s captain said.

“Well, I’m already talking to the dead aren’t I? I’m sorry but I can’t die here either.”

She deployed hardening magic and gravity control magic on her own blonde vertical roll.

At the same time, She drew her sword from her waist.

”If you had been quiet, it would have only taken a moment.”

“I’m going to take you guys down and give that bastard Basler a run for his money.”

Alise released her killing intent.

The knights flinched for a moment at the sharp killing intent she released.

”Do it.”

At the places they stood, the other four knights drew their swords and surrounded Alise.

The four of them cut at her almost simultaneously.

”Not swordsmanship.”

Her hardened vertical roll blocked a sword that came at her from behind

“What! How did you just-…”

“You shouldn’t underestimate me.”

She kicked the knight in the left rear as hard as she could and blew him away.

At the same time, she leapt backwards out of range of the other Knights.

”Ho, you’re good. As expected of an S-ranked adventurer, and former chief of operations”

The captain looked at her from a distance.

“Crap, what a woman. You blew the whole armour off.”

“You want to keep going?”

She was now facing three enemies

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Felix Rojas
Felix Rojas
1 year ago

this should have been a cover operation… what’s up with having armor and all??