S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 31

His Majesty the King of Merus’ prediction was spot on.

A letter was delivered from the Kingdom of Mullen to Marquis Odin.

With the use of a country’s investigative abilities, it would be easy to find out where Alise was and what she was doing.

”Alise-san, what do you intend to do?”

The Marquis had called Alise over and she was now in the parlour of the Marquis’ house.

”Thank you, of course, I’ll ignore it. It’s far too inconvenient for me to go back now.”

In the letter, it described how the military power of the Mullen kingdom now that Alice was gone.

She was certified S-ranked in a neighbouring country and considering her abilities, the king wanted the deportation to be rescinded and for her help strengthen the military strength of the Mullen Kingdom again.

”As long as I’m in this country, Mullen can’t touch me without a fight. Besides, I also have the backing of the Marquis and His Majesty King Merus. If he touches me , you can be assured that I will beat him to death.

Alice smiled and said.

“Are you going to go to war against one country?”

“Even if they come at me with a bunch of armies, I can still win.”

Alise quipped.

“Really, I’m glad you didn’t turn against us.”

The Marquis laughed bitterly.

”Has His Majesty the King of Merus heard about this matter?

“Yeah, the messenger went to deliver the letter earlier.”

“Then perhaps we should tell His Majesty what’s going on.”

“Oh, we didn’t expect to really receive a request for your return.”

The Marquis scratched his head and said.

”They’ve investigated my comings and goings in and out of the Marquis’ house. They can do that much with the investigative agencies of a country.”

“Well, I suppose His Majesty’s prediction came true.”

“I like it here. I’m not going back.”

“It feels good to hear you say that. Take care of yourself for a while.”

“alright, thank you.”

Alise got up and left the Marquise’s house.


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1 year ago

Thanks for the new chapter! Lol. Basler’s baseless pride.