S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 3

She spent two days more in prison after that


Then, on the morning of the third day, the prison door was opened.



‘Get out!’


Goodbye to the country, finally.


Alise’s mouth turned up a little.


‘What’s so funny?’



The guard asked, noticing the look on Alise’s face.


“I thought it would be easier to leave than to serve this rotten country forever,”





The guard gave a blunt reply and brought Alise to the gate that connected the Murren territory to the outside.


After removing the chains that linked them together, the guards threw the luggage to Alise.



‘Look, it’s the package we kept. The contents are probably intact.



I was focused at the “probably” part, but that didn’t matter.



‘what about my weapon?’


“There’s the possibility of you attacking us if we gave you a weapon. Although you’re the ex chief of operations we still aren’t your match.



The guard made a hand-held pose.



It wasn’t that much of an expensive sword, but there was an indescribable sadness in seeing one’s favourite weapon leave one’s hands.




”Well, at best, do your best not to die. There are a lot of demons outside the walls, you know.”


Thanks for the advice.


‘Then, in accordance with the judicial verdict, Alise Bate is permanently banned from the Kingdom of Murren. She is forbidden from entering the Kingdom of Murren ever again.


I understand.




After saying that much, Alice left the place.




When the gate was out of sight, Alise checked the contents of her luggage.




‘Really, it’s pretty much gone, isn’t it?




More than half of her money had disappeared, however.



‘With these funds, I’m not sure I’d last a month.




Alise gave a small sigh.




‘For now, I guess I’ll just have to figure out what to do from here




Alise pondered as she sat down on a nearby rock.




”As I recall, there was the Kingdom of Merus just ahead. For now, our destination will be the Royal Capital of Merus.”




Once she had collected her thoughts, Alise stood up.


She got up and walked for what seemed like a few minutes.


She sensed that she was being surrounded.




‘It’s a demon, isn’t it?’




Normally, I wouldn’t have this level of demonic construction, but right now Alise had no weapons.




”Honestly, I don’t like martial arts because it’s draining.




Even if she was a former chief strategist of the kingdom, she was still proficient in martial arts, However, she didn’t like it that much.


At that time, she saw a blonde vertical roll of hair that extended beyond her own waist.




”This could be useful: ……”




Just as she was thinking this, a wolf-like demon appeared in front of me.




”Looks like I don’t have time to think about it.




Alise cast a hardening spell on her blonde hair vertical roll and deployed a gravity control spell, one or two.


The blonde hair vertical roll, which is as sharp as a spear and as sharp as a sword, cuts the demon to pieces.




“This is surprisingly useful. However, id rather not deal with demons.




After all, you’ll have demon blood on your hands.


It’s not a good feeling.




After that, I killed the three demons with a blonde vertical roll that I spun like a drill, and then I cast a purification spell on my own hair and let the blood fall off.




”This is the first time I’ve done this, but I don’t want to use it against demons as much as possible.




she spoke of such things and pulled the demon’s corpse to the side of the road.

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1 year ago

Nice so far but the author has to stop this unexpected change from firsth perspective to third, its confusing.