S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 23

From there, the carriage proceeded, passing one city.

“Another four hours and we’ll be in my territory.”


The road was cleared and paved, so the demons were barely visible.

“I see it, that’s my territory, Mistan.”

She could relax a bit knowing that they were almost there.

A little more than three hours and a carriage ride later, they arrived at the Mistan

The carriage bypassed the checkpoint and entered the city of Mistan.

”The lord is back!”

“Thank Goodness.”

You could tell the Marquis was adored by his people.

It was easy to see that just by looking at the city.

The city didn’t seem to be suffering from heavy taxes, and the population looked full of life.

”It looks like a good city.”

“Yeah. This is a nice place.”

The marquis said proudly.

Soon the carriage came to a stop in front of a large mansion that stood out from the rest of the city.

“Welcome home. We have arrived, sir.”

Rolf, the steward, announced.

“First of all, I’ll get off first, so the Marquis and Sophie can stay put.”


She’d  like to think it was safe as she’d come here, but as the former operations chief she couldn’t lose her vigilance because she didn’t  know when or where they could be attacked.

Alise got off the carriage and deployed her search magic.

”Yeah, surroundings are clear.”

When she was sure there were no enemies around, Alise reported to the Marquis and Sophie in the carriage that everything was fine.

‘Oh, thank you, thank you, Alise did a great job in escorting me.’

“I’m so relieved, too.”

Then they both smiled.

” I’m glad to hear that.”

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