S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 22

Alice confronted the four hitmen that came to attack the Marquis

“The money won’t be enough. You’re going to have to play with us a little, young lady”

The men started laughing

‘”How sickening.”

Alise said coldly.

“What?’ Oi, let’s get on with it”.

All four men pointed their swords towards Alise.

Alise deployed hardening and gravity control magic on her prized blonde vertical rolls at the same time as she put her hand on the sword at her waist

She was surrounded by two people in front and two behind her.

”Now’s not the time to act so relaxed is it, huh?”

They attacked her from the front and back swinging their swords at her at the same time

Alise blocked the attack coming from behind with her sword , and attacks infront were blocked by the blonde hair vertical rolls.

”You’re still so naive.”

Alise’s mouth curled up a little at the corners of her mouth.


“Prepare yourself.”

Alise drove her elbow into one of the men behind her, which momentarily left him stunned, and the other one behind her was treated to a roundhouse kick.

The enemy, who had been kicked in the face/nose, had collapsed on the spot and was out cold

”It’s your turn, go down!”

She jumped in the air and gave the cowering enemy a heel drop.

The man, too, fainted on the spot, white-eyed and unconscious.

“See, scared now are we?”


She said mockingly to the remaining two, who were visibly shocked by Alise’s abilities.

“Unfortunately, I don’t see the one so-called villain”

“You dare look down on me”

“Anyone would do the same after seeing such an unpleasant face”

“Don’t complain if you get killed”

“I could say the same thing.”


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