S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 21

Two days later, on the morning of the third day, Alise woke up a little earlier than usual.


‘Good morning. I’m going on escort duty today, so I’ll be away for a while.”


Alice went down the stairs and said to the landlady who was inside the counter, handing her the keys.


“Oh, I see. You have a safe journey,” she said as received the keys.

“Thank you.”


With that said, Alise left the inn and headed for the Marquis’ residence.


”Good morning.”


She walked for a while from the inn and arrived at the mansion.”


‘”Oh, you’re already here. kindly have a seat for now.”



The Marquis walked over, putting on his jacket.


”Thanks for your time today. I’m considering taking this route, is that alright with you?”

The Marquis sat down to face Alise and handed her a map.


”I see. This route will take you a whole day or so. I don’t think it will be a problem.”


As she looked over the map, Alise memorized the route into her head.


‘Alise-san, thank you for coming today.”


Sophie also came down from the second floor.

Since they couldn’t leave Sophie alone in the royal capital, she was going with them.


”It’s my pleasure,”

“So, let’s get on with it.”

“Yes, sir.”


Alise and the others, the three of them stood up.

As it was, they walked out of the mansion and climbed into the stopped carriage with the Marquis of Odin’s family crest on it, followed by the Marquis, Sophie and Alise.


”Then you can depart.”


Rolf was appointed coachman


‘Very well, sir.’

At Rolf’s signal, the carriage departed.


‘For now, I hope nothing goes wrong.”

“Well, yeah. We can’t afford to get attacked every single time.


The Marquis chuckled as he said this.


”That’s right.”


The carriage left the royal city through the aristocratic gates.

From there, about three hours have passed, and they had passed through two cities.

Alise was constantly activating her presence detection skill.

If it’s a low-ranked demon, it will retract if she focused her killing intent on it, but there are some demons that won’t be able to do so.

Fortunately, so far nothing dangerous was caught with presence detection.




Alise’s skills detected something that was different from the demons.

At that moment, the carriage came to a sudden stop.


”What’s going on!”


The duke shouted to Rolf.


‘The Marquis and Sophie will stay inside. I’ll get out. They must not leave the carriage.’


With that, Arise jumped down from the carriage.


”Hey, you guys. Did you act knowing that this is the Marquess’s carriage?


Alise, having turned on the battle switch, went around to the front of the carriage and called out to the four men standing there, all of whom looked unremarkable.


‘Yeah, I know. Leave a little money with us and we won’t hurt you, sister.”

“What if I say no?”

“Then we can only use force”


The men drew their swords.


“‘By the way, you’re their escort, young lady?'”

“Yeah, but,”

“You crack me up. What could a woman do?”


The men let out a vulgar laugh.


‘Heck, you idiots.’


Alise gave a dark smile.

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