S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 2

When she entered the courthouse, she is made to stand in front of the witness stand.

Of course, she is still chained up.

It is here that Alise learns for the first time of the crime she is being accused of.


‘The charge, Alise Bate, is that she injured an innocent civilian in the recent war. She has been charged with wounding. No doubt about it?


‘Your Honor,’ asked Belgau.




“It’s just a mistake.”

Alise was just giving the usual orders for the operation.


“That’s false, sir. I’m the chief of operations, I rarely go to the front lines myself.”


Alise denied the charges.

She felt that it wasn’t right to admit to something she hadn’t done, and therefore would lose the case if she did.


“Does that mean you won’t admit?’

“I didn’t do it, so I won’t admit it.”


There is also an attorney to defend Alise, but I guess it’s just a formality.

Mostly, they don’t say anything.

It was a one-sided attack by the judge and others who were plotting to bring down Alise.


“Refusing to admit is an act of aggravating a crime, isn’t it?

“It’s even worse to admit to being innocent.”


When it came to this, Alise was also stubborn

I’ve decided that I’m not going to admit it.


However, it can be said that the Duke’s persistence in laying the groundwork was pretty thought out well.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is obsessed with fabricating evidence, fabricating witnesses, and eliminating Alise.


”We have all the witnesses, and the sword that was used is your favourite one, right?


Then the judge held up Alise’s confiscated beloved sword.


”The witnesses were made up by the duke. He must have been bribed with gold. That sword is certainly mine, but how many such swords do you think there are in this country?

“You are being rude to the Duke!.”


No matter how many battles she had won, this situation is a no-win situation.

No matter what she said, Alise could see that she was at the mercy of the duke.



Oh, so now you want to remain silent. Keeping quiet won’t change the situation, will it?

Talking won’t change that.



With this, the court was closed for the day.

Once again, Alise was locked up in a prison cell.

“Duke, ill remember this”


Alise was incensed.


Two more days passed from there.


‘Get out!’


The door of the prison was opened by the guards.

Apparently, the verdict of the trial has come out.

It’s a very quick verdict.

Probably due to pressure from the duke.


He is taken into the courtroom and placed in front of the witness stand, again.


“Judgment has been passed. Alise Bate. I consider it a senseless use of force against a civilian population and I sentence you to deportation.


“Deportation means you’ll never be able to enter the Kingdom of Mullen again.”


Well, at least she’s not in jail or charged with a life sentence.


“After three days, Alise Bate is hereby deported from the Kingdom of Murren for life. This court is now adjourned.


This is how Alise was helplessly and innocently expelled from the country. The decision made was final and nothing could change that

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1 year ago

I feel like the duke just screwed over his country.