S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 19

Immediately after dinner that day with Asil, they each returned to their rooms.

‘Today has been pretty tiring, hasn’t it?”

She took off her long burgundy coat and hung it on a chair.


The next morning, Asil was headed to the labyrinth city.


‘Good morning,’


Alise greeted the innkeeper and then headed to the guild headquarters.


”As usual, this place is a mess, isn’t it?”


When she entered the guild, I was somehow looking at the bulletin board where the request form was posted.


”Oh, Alise-dono. perfect timing. Can I see you for a moment?”

“Yes. I don’t mind.”

While she was looking at the bulletin board, Alise was approached by the Guildmaster.

As it was, he directed her to the Guildmaster’s office.

”Well, have a seat.”

At his prompting, Alise sat down on the couch,

And he also sat down to face Alise.


“I don’t see the boy who was with you yesterday”

“Yes, he’s going to the labyrinth city.”

“Oh, I see. Going to get stronger huh.”

“I hope so.”

“So let’s get down to business.”


The Guild Master proceeded directly to the matter.




Alise sat back down on the sofa and turned to face him.

”Actually, I’d like to invite Alise-dono to join the guild as an S-rank.”

“You’re gonna give me an S-grade?”

“Well, for that, I need a recommendation from the country’s highest noblemen and guild officials as well as a successful escort mission. Don’t worry about the guild officials, I’ll write the letters of recommendation for you. What’s left is the escort mission”

As he said this, the guild master placed a single request form in front of Alise.


‘What’s this?’

“It’s a request for an escort mission with a grade A designation. If you pull this off, you’ll be approved as an S-rank.”

“Let’s see.”


Alise read through the request form in one sitting.


”It’s a request for an escort for Marquis Odin, isn’t it?

‘Yes, I know Marquis  Odin, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem.”

The request was for an escort for Marquis Odin as he returned back to his territory”.


”I understand. I will accept this request.”

“It would be great if you did. The guild can’t afford to let talented people go to waste.”

“You’re over evaluating me. And, as for the letter of recommendation, is Marquis Odin okay with it?

Yes, the Marquis de Odin is a high ranking noble. I don’t see a problem.


As for Alise, the Marquis of Odin had been a great help to her, however, it’s also true that there is no other nobleman she could rely on.


“I understand. For now, I’ll go see Marquis Odin.

‘Yes. Do that.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Alright, ill leave you to it.”

“You can count on me.”


Alise left the Guild Master’s office and left the Guild.

Then she walked to Marquis Odin’s mansion.

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