S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 17

Are you going to take a request?

“Yeah, I think I’m going to take a simple quest to train you.”

“Thank you!”

“That’s okay. I’d like to do the same thing with my arms.”


With that, Alise looked at a single request form.


‘Right. This might just work.’

Alise peeled off the single request form.

On it, there was a task to defeat 15 goblins.


”Goblin slaying? That’s perfect for a first request.

TN: I know someone that would say otherwise

“I think so, too. So, where does Asil rank?”

“Speaking of which, I didn’t tell you my rank yet. I’m a D.”

“Well, that shouldn’t be a problem.”


The request to defeat the goblins is a C-rank request.

If you are one rank below the mission rank, or up to one rank higher, you can receive a request.

By the way, F-rank and D-rank requests are mainly for collecting materials.


“Then, please go and make a request under the name of Asil.”


With that, he handed the request form to Asil.


”Eh, Are you sure you want to use my name?”

”Yes, because I’m an A-grade student. Asil’s name will resonate better with your achievements.”

‘Oh, thank you!”


Asil took the request form in hand and went to the guild’s office to make an application.


‘Alise-san, I’ve applied for it!”


A few minutes later, Asil returned.


“Then let’s get right to it,”



After saying that, Alise and the others headed to the forest to the east, which was mentioned in the request form.

From here, it would take about half an hour to reach it on foot.

After leaving the royal capital, it took several tens of minutes to walk.

The Eastern Forest came into view.


”This is it.”

“I guess so.


Asil previously said he had only completed a few subjugation requests.


‘I’m heading in,’


Alise proceeded deeper into the forest with ease.


”Wait for me!”


Asil followed Alise as she proceeded deeper into the forest.


‘It looks like we’re surrounded,’



Alise stopped in the open, slightly.


‘First, I’ll show you how it’s done.


Alise drew the sword she had inserted from her waist.

From the front, goblins appeared in front of her.

In one fell swoop, she closed the gap and swung his sword to the side.

Then, all at once, the heads and bodies of the three goblins were separated from each other.



Asil’s mouth dropped open in surprise.


‘For now, here’s what it looks like. You try it, too.”


She had transitioned to battle mode, and there was no one anywhere who could stop Alise.




Asil also drew his sword.




Asil’s sword had pierced the goblin’s chest.


”Ho, you’re doing pretty well.”


After that, Alise took cover, and Asil and Alise killed seven and eight goblins, respectively.

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