S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 16

Alise and Asil were heading from the inn to the guild headquarters, a short walk away.


”We’re here,”



They had come to the front of the guild headquarters.

They pulled the door of the guild and walked in.

Then, just like yesterday, Everyone’s gaze fell on Alise.


”Excuse me. I’m sure the Guild Master has told you about it, but I’m Alise Bate, who went through the registration process yesterday.


Alise approached the same receptionist from yesterday.


“You must be Alise-sama. We have been expecting you. Guild Master has asked to see you, so please come this way.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“What? Why does the Guild Master have to be involved in the guild card issuance process?”

Asil had a surprised look on his face.


‘There’s a lot going on here.’

“And who is this guy?”

‘I met him yesterday. Can’t he be present?

“No, no, I mean, if that’s what you want, Lady Arise, I think it’s all right.”

“Thank you.”

Alise and Asil were ushered into the Guildmaster’s office.


”Oh, you’re here.”

“Yes. I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused Guild Master”

“No, that’s okay. What about that boy, who is he?”


The Guild Master turned his attention to Asil, who was stiffly frozen beside Alise.


‘Ah, my name is Asil. Alyce-san saved me the other day.”

“I thought I’d train him up a bit.”

“Well, I’m expecting great things from you, Lady Arise.”

The Guild Master patted Asil on the shoulder with a thump.


“‘Oh, thank you!”

“Well, have a seat.”

“Yes, sir.”


Prompted by Gilmouth, Alise and Asil sat down on the sofa.


”This will be your guild card, Alise-dono.”

Saying that the Guild Master handed her a guild card that shone with gold.


The guilds card colours were the same worldwide, with E-F ranks being iron, C-D ranks being copper, B ranks being silver, A ranks being gold, and S ranks being jet black cards.



Asil sounded surprised next to her.


‘What’s wrong?’

“This isn’t the first time you have registered as an adventurer Miss Alise ……?”

“What, you didn’t tell him, Lady Alise?

“Yes, I was going to tell him at some point.”

“This is Master Alise, the former military strategist of the Kingdom of Mullen.”

The Guild Master revealed Alise’s identity.


“Is that really such a surprise?”

“Of course. why would the chief of operations of the Mullen kingdom be in this country?”

‘Well, that’s a different story. I’ll tell you more about it soon.”


“Anyway, thanks for the card.”


Aria tucked the guild card into her pocket.


”Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing you in the future, there are a lot of conditions that need to be met before you can be promoted to S-rank, so you can always talk to me about it.”

“Thank you.”


After saying that, Aria and the others left the Guildmaster’s office.


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