S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 15

After finishing dinner, Alise headed straight to her room.


‘What an eventful day!’


Alise was vaguely reminded of the day’s events as she lay on her back on the bed.


‘Im sure he could get stronger if he trained, right?”

Alise had already seen through Asil’s talent.

She was confident that he would shine if she polished him.


”For now, let’s go to bed early tonight.


She turned off the lights in her room, pulled the covers over her, and eventually let go of her consciousness.




The morning sun streamed into the window, and the light woke Alise up.


‘It’s morning already, isn’t it?’

It was decided that she’d go to the guild headquarters in the morning to pick up her guild card.


‘A quick breakfast wouldn’t hurt.”


Alise threw on her long burgundy coat and rolled up her sleeves, then locked her room and headed down the stairs.


“‘Good morning,'”

“Hey, good morning.”


The innkeeper returned the greeting with a smile.


‘May I have some breakfast, please?

“Of course. Have a seat right over there.”


Alise put her breakfast money on the counter and sat down in the corner, just as she did yesterday.


‘Yes, here you go,’


After a few minutes of waiting, a plate with breakfast on it was brought in.


‘Thank you,’

“Hey, Alise, you’re up early.”

At that moment, Asil woke up.


‘Yes, good morning.’

‘Good morning. Oh, landlady, can you give me some breakfast too!



Within a few minutes, Asil’s portion of breakfast was also brought in.

Today’s breakfast was an egg sandwich, salad and iced tea.


“Thanks for the meal.”

She ate breakfast with Asil, who sat across from her.

It took her twenty minutes to finish eating, and she was now sipping her Iced tea.


‘What are you going to do today, Alise?’

“I’m going to the guild. I need to get my guild card.”

“What, are you renewing or reissuing?”

“‘Huh? I didn’t tell you? I registered as an adventurer yesterday.”



Asil looked very surprised at those words.


‘Is it really that surprising?’

‘I can’t believe you’re that skilled and haven’t even registered as an adventurer yet!”

Well, I guess that’s all coming together.


Then Alise smiled.

Maybe it’s still too early to tell him everything.

Thinking about that.


”Well, I’m going to the guild, what about you Asil?”

“Can I come with you?”

“I don’t mind, as long as it’s okay with you, Asil.”

“I’ll go with you!”


Alise and Asil got up from their seats to return their breakfast plates.


”Thank you for the meal!”

‘No worries. Leave the plates over there.”

“Okay. Also, I’d like your keys, please.”

Alise put the plate away and handed the keys to her room to the landlady, and then left the Red Moon inn


TN: Where are the lovely lolis and the beastkin girls. I’ve been frauded.

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