S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 14

Alise turned her attention to the boy who had been involved.



‘Are you okay?’


‘Yes, ma’am! Thank you for your help.”


The boy lowered his head.


“‘You don’t have to worry about it. I’m a newcomer, but I hope I can protect myself.”


“Keep up the good work.”


“Oh, um, wait.”



Turning to leave, Alise was stopped.




“‘umm, who on earth are you ……?'”


“You said you were just passing through.”


“‘Don’t be deceiving me! How can a mere passing sister be able to defeat two adventurers!”


‘That’s because I was stronger than those guys. That’s all.



She had gotten involved in something she didn’t really want to be a part of.


‘Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Asil.”


“It’s Alise.”


“Oh, um, can you train me?”




Alise was puzzled by the unexpected turn of events.


“‘I want to follow someone like Alise!”

‘If you say so, I understand. I’ll train you well enough to protect yourself.


“Oh, thank you.”


Asil bowed his head vigorously.


‘It’s fine. I was kind of bored by myself, too. By the way, what are your plans for the rest of the day?’


“It’s getting late and I’m thinking of going back to the inn.”


“Which inn?”


“It’s a place called Red Moon… ……”


“Oh, I was just going to stay there.”


Coincidentally, they were going to stay at the same place.


“‘I have business at the guild tomorrow. Let’s go to the inn today.”




“They walked out onto the front street and walked towards the inn Red Moon.”


“After a few minutes of walking, they saw the sign for Red Moon.”


‘We’re here.’


Alise opened the door of the Red Moon.


”Oh, welcome back, Asil-Kun. oh that’s the first time I’ve seen you around here young lady”


“Well, you’re right.”


The proprietress of the Red Moon welcomed them with a smile.


”For now, I’d like to stay for a week or so, is that okay?”


“Yeah, that’s fine.”


“Thank you. Could you explain your fees?”


“Of course. We charge 5 silver per night. Three gold and five silver for a week. And the room will be ready for you soon.”



In this country, five silver coins per night is probably the market rate.




“Well, I’m counting on you.”


Alise took four gold coins from her inner coat pocket and placed them on the counter.




“Thank you. Now, let’s get your change and your room key.”


The landlady gave Alice her change and the key.


‘What will you do for dinner tonight?’


Alise called out to Asil, who was standing behind her.



”Today, I thought we could have dinner in the dining room attached to the inn.


“Well, that seems like a good idea”


“Yes, Ma’am.”

Alise and Asil entered the dining room and sat down opposite each other in the corner and both ordered the recommended set meal of the day.

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