S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 13

Alise had arrived in front of the Red Moon, which the owner of the weapons shop had told her about.


However, it was still too early to check-in.



‘Let’s have a quick stroll through this place.”


It could be said that Alise had almost no knowledge of the royal capital of Merus.


After all, she arrived here just yesterday.


It was definitely a good idea.


The main street was lined with various shops.


”It seems like it’s safer here than the Kingdom of Mullen.


When she was in Mullen, disputes were common.


The king was merely a decoration; it was the duke who held the real power.


He could do whatever he wanted, including raising the tax rate.


It was a good thing that she had left that country.


As it was, she wandered around the area in no particular direction.



“That’s …….”


She casually peeked into the back alleyway, where she found two men with appearances that could be blatantly described as delinquents, surrounding a frail-looking boy.


‘Hey, you’re the new adventurer, right? We’ll educate you a little bit.”


“hand over  all your money!”


“Oh, I don’t have any money. ……”


“‘Oh? so you’re trying to stand up to us?


Such a conversation came into the ears of Alise, whose hearing was enhanced.

Unable to watch, Alise decided to help out.


”You guys seem to enjoy bullying the weak, don’t you?”


Alise said with a hint of sarcasm.



“‘Oh?’ Hey, you. Woman mind your own business.”


“Hey, this girl has got quite a nice figure, huh?”


“Yeah. she sure has”.


“Hey, sis. How about we play with you?”


The men smiled faintly.


‘I don’t have time to play with scum like you guys, though, do I? I’ll deal with you because I have no choice.


Alise’s switch was flipped.



‘Don’t get carried away,’


“Don’t underestimate an adventurer.”



The men pointed their swords at Alise.



‘You’re unworthy to be called adventurers”.


Even when the sword was pointed at her, Arise didn’t show any signs of being intimidated at all, nor did she show any weakness

If you showed weakness, it’s obvious that people will take advantage of you.


“Attack if you want, what’s the wait”


At Alise’s words, one of the men comes rushing in with his sword ready to strike.




Alise only had to move a step to evade the attack, kicking at the hand holding the sword and dropping it.





Another one rushes in without even learning from the failure of his companion.


“It’s always advisable to be self-aware”.



Alise kicked the man in the jaw as hard as she could and knocked him out on the spot.




‘Is that the extent of being an adventurer?’


“Who are you?”


The barely conscious one spoke up.



‘Alise Bate, I’m just passing through. You should remember that.”


‘A passerby that can beat a C-ranked adventurer? And a woman at that.”


“What? Do you want to continue this?”


“I’m sorry!”



Carrying the unconscious man on their backs, the delinquents ran away.




”If you were going to run away after all this, you’d have been better off not robbing people in the first place.”



Alise switched off and turned her attention to the boy who had been involved.


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