S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 11

It had been almost a week since Alise had been relieved of her position as Chief of Operations of the Mullen Kingdom.

A new chief of staff had been appointed to the vacant position of chief of staff.

And of all people, it was the duke’s foolish son, what was he thinking?

”What’s going on with Alise?”

The duke asked his own men.

”Ha. We have confirmed that she has entered the neighbouring kingdom of Merus, but we don’t know her movements from there.”

“Oh, yeah. Good job. Let’s see what happens next.”

The duke smiled wryly, but he didn’t realize that with Alise gone, the Kingdom of Mullen was slowly beginning to lose its military strength.

—- …


‘Why, why ……! Why are our troops being pushed ……”

Currently, the Mullen Kingdom was facing the army of the demon race.


”Chief! The first group, they’ve been breached!”


“What are your orders, Chief ?”

‘Send in the second group!”‘

At this time, the newly appointed Chief of Staff had not yet realized

The overwhelming difference in strength.

”The second line is going to be breached as well!”


The fighting strength of a single demon is estimated to be at least three times that of a human.

By simple calculation, if three humans didn’t deal with one demon tribe, the odds were close to zero.

The new chief of staff did not have this knowledge.

”General! Tell us what to do!

“Tch, retreat. ……! have them withdraw!”

The Mullen Kingdom Army drew their forces despite the numerous casualties.

The Mullen Kingdom hadn’t known defeat since Alise had been the chief strategist, but this was the first time in a long time that they had lost.


”sh**t! Are you saying that that woman would have won this battle too ……”

The duke’s stupid son cried out and withdrew his troops and fled home.

‘My country has been defeated, ……!

The duke was angry.

‘I am sorry. ‘Father,’

“Our country hasn’t lost a battle in years. And you let them lead us so easily.

”With all due respect, the army of the demon tribe is much stronger than we expected: ……

“I don’t want excuses! What’s the point of getting rid of that female chief of operations after all this time!”

“I’m sorry: ……!”

A general must be able to quickly and accurately process information and give precise instructions.

This may seem easy, but there were surprisingly few people who can do it.


“There will be no next time. You should win. If we don’t do something, people might say that we lost because we lost our female chief of operations”

“Yes, sir. I hope I can make the next one as good as it’s going to be.”

The foolish son had done his best to live up to his father’s expectations.


”I’m the eldest son of a duke. I’m not a man who ends up as chief of operations. ……!

This idiot seemed to think that being the general was only a stepping stone.

However, there was no way for him to know at this time that this was going to be a stumbling block.


TN: Truly fools

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