S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 10

Alise was on her way to the Merus Guild headquarters with a letter of introduction in her hand, given to her by the Marquis, to register as an adventurer.

”This is the place, right?”

A few minutes after leaving the Marquis’ house.

In the centre of the royal capital, there was the building of the Guild headquarters.

Upon entering the building, there was a somewhat dreary atmosphere.

Perhaps young women rarely appeared here, gazes were drawn on Alise

‘Um, I’d like to meet the Guild Master.”

She handed the guild’s receptionist an envelope with the Marquis’ family crest on it and a letter of introduction.

”This, this is the Marquis’s family crest ……! I’ll go check it out, right away!

The receptionist then walked into the back of the room.

‘Sorry to keep you waiting. The Guild Master will see you now, please come this way.

Alise was ushered into the Guildmaster’s office.

‘You must be Alise. Well, sit down.”

The Guildmaster urged her to sit down on the couch.

He also sat down on the sofa facing Alise.

”My name is Elmer, the Guildmaster here at the Mailus Guild Headquarters.

The Guildmaster whose name was Elmer, was in his late fifties, with a head of grey hair and a stocky build.

You could see that he had been through many battles.

‘The name is Alise Bate,’

“I’ve known Marquis Odin for a long time, and I’m surprised… you’re the first person he’s ever written a letter of introduction for.”

“So it is.”

“So, is it true what is written in this referral?”

The letter of introduction described the treatment of Alise in the Mullen Kingdom, including the fact that Alise was the chief of operations in the Mullen Kingdom, and was accused of an innocent crime and deported.

‘Yes, it’s true. I was the chief of operations in the Mullen Kingdom, but the duke didn’t think well of me. I guess he didn’t like the idea a young woman being in charge.”

“What a disaster ……

“You believe me, don’t you?”

“Well, I don’t think Marquis Odin would lie.”

Marquis Odin must be quite trusted in this country.

”So, you said you wanted to register as an adventurer?”

“Yes, I do.”

“hmm, about this adventurer registration, considering your abilities, I’d like you to start as an A-ranked adventurer under my authority.”

“Oh, are you sure you want to do that?”

Adventurers are supposed to start with a rank of F and gradually move up as they achieve more and more victories.

However to skip it altogether and jump straight to A rank.

It’s was an inconceivable thing when common sense was applied.

“Yes, I’ve heard about your abilities. Would have loved to promote you directly to S-rank, but A-rank is the best I can do,” he said.

“No, it’s more than enough. Thank you.”

“It’s all right. Sophie is like my granddaughter. It’s only natural since you’ve protected her. Come and get your guild card tomorrow.”

“Of course. Thank you for everything.”

With that said, Alise got up and left the guild headquarters.


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