S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 1

Alise Bate, the military operations chief for the Kingdom of Mullen.

With her long blonde hair in a so-called vertical roll, Alice Bate is dressed pretty formally

Indeed, with her clear blue eyes and white skin, you could say she’s a beauty.


A military chief is an important position that plays a role like a general commander of the army.

Alise was appointed to that position at the young age of 23.


Ever since she took up the position of military chief, the Kingdom of Mullen never lost a battle.

That’s how good Alise was.

However, Alise’s smooth sailing didn’t last long.


The young woman was the commander-in-chief of the army.

Because of this, she had quite a few people who felt animosity towards her.


”Chief, there are four thousand troops on their way here.”

“Then we’ll send out 3,500 men. Leave five hundred guards in the northern citadel and call them to me.



Today’s strategy would have worked too: ……



How did this happen? ……


Alice was confined in a dimly lit prison.
By the way, Alice’s tone of voice changes during battle.


‘Huh, don’t feel bad, Alice. It’s not your fault that you were too outstanding.”


There was the Duke of Basler, who had opposed to the last minute the placing of Alise as the chief commander.


‘What do you mean by that?’

Thank you very much, but you will disappear. I want you to take the blame for the sins of my men and disappear. The country will be disgraced if they keep putting young girls in charge of their own troops.


It seems that the Duke really wanted to destroy Alice.


‘If this kind of thing comes to light, wouldn’t the king be upset?

Don’t worry about it. Everything is already in place.


The duke smiled wryly.


‘At best, you’ll stay in there quietly until your trial.


After saying that much, the Marquis walked out of Alise’s presence.


”Um, you stupid duke.”


I tried several times to remove this chain, but it seems to be made of a special material, and what Alise has on hand was not enough to help.
This is also posing some caution to Alise’s abilities.


It’s been three days since she was locked up in the prison.

Two meals a day. Drinks just enough to keep her alive.
Alise, who hasn’t been in the sun for a long time, had no idea what time it was.


‘Get out!’


The door of the prison was opened by the guards.

It had been roughly four days since she had been outside.

Alise was being led away in chains.


‘Where do you plan to take me?’

“Shut up and keep walking”.


But Alise had an idea of where they were headed.

She’d been living in this country, in this royal capital, for over a decade now, and she’d been to the majority of places.


‘The courts, I suppose: ……

Now it’s your trial.


At this time, Alise was not even informed of what she was being imprisoned for.


“What crime am I guilty of? Please explain it properly.”

It’s not my place to say that.


Alise was taken inside the courtroom.

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