Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 9

After a short break and a bite to eat, the fake Arab sheikh went back up to work.

Originally, he thought he would be able to plant all the saplings he had bought in one day, but reality gave him a left hook that made him finally see his own strength: even if he was given two more days, he might not be able to finish planting the saplings.

As such, there was no need to rush the work.

So, he quickly calmed down, moved one tree at a time to the clearing, and then slowly planted them, taking an hour to plant a mere five trees.

Chen Mu was wondering if he should take a break, but then he turned around and saw the wild camel had come back at some point, and was now standing in front of a sapling and nibbling the leaves with its big mouth.

The Fake Arab sheikh thundered, he pushed the head of the hateful animal to the side and scolded it fiercely “you’ll anger me to death ah!, I only just planted the saplings you just ate, why do you have to ruin things?”

The wild camel was pushed back a couple of steps with its head tilted as if it was a little frightened of Chen Mu.

Then, it just stood there looking at the sheikh, its mouth chattering, looking a little aggrieved.

What are you grieving about, you’re grieving because clearly, you haven’t realized your mistake?

Chen Mu was furious at the sight of the camel, and the camel continued to get scolded: “This is a sapling, it will grow up later, and when it grows up there will be many more leaves for you to eat. If you eat it now, how will it grow later? Do you know what it means to plan for the future?”

The wild camel didn’t dare to move, as if sedated by the sheikh’s truth.

After Chen Mu’s temper tantrum, he painstakingly straightened the shuttle sapling, which had been torn a little crooked by the wild camel, and specially watered it a little more, hoping that it would not die of its injuries.

Turning his head, Chen Mu glared at the simpleton with hatred and even forgot he planned to take a break, as he went on to bring in more saplings and dig another pit.

(TN: Camel bro probably did this on purpose ….)

The wild camel watched quietly for a while, but at last, unable to resist its curiosity, it inched forward and squeezed its head next to the working Chen Mu and looked into the pit.

“Go, go, go, what’s there to see? stay away from me.”

Chen Mu was so annoyed with that big head that he couldn’t help but give the camel another shove, pushing him aside and continued to bury his head in the sand.

The wild camel, after being pushed aside, had a good look around, and simply lay down beside the pit, watching the sheikh work quietly.


Chen Mu was planting trees with great concentration, completely unaware that over at the gas station, there were several people staring at them, a man and a camel.

“How dare he! …… he treats Hu Da’s emissary like this?”

One of them, an old man with a white beard, spoke softly as if he was in some kind of shock.

Aiz Maiti wiped the sweat from his forehead in embarrassment and explained, “Xiao Mu…. he’s not Muslim, so he doesn’t know the significance of the white camel.”

With a slight pause, the old man started talking in detail about Chen Mu feeding the white camel before giving his conclusion, “The white camel likes to stay with Little Mu.”

“So, it’s possible that he’s someone who has been blessed by Hu Da.”

The white-bearded old man’s face cleared up a bit, and he looked at Chen Mu with a bit more amiability.

He was an open-minded Imam, and the Uyghur Muslim called him the Grand Mullah, the most respected man in the area.

Following him were a few of the casual Imams or nearby villagers of sorts.

They had all rushed here because they had heard about the white camel from Aiz Maiti, not expecting to see a scene of Chen Mu interacting with a wild camel.

“Grand Mullah, should we go take a look?”
Looking at the several imams squinting to get a better look, Aiz Maiti even suggested.

“Okay, okay, let’s go over there.”

The suggestion was supported by the Grand mullah, so they walked forward together.

“Komaki.” (TN; Is this right 小牧)

As they approached, Aiz Maiti waved his hand in greeting to Chen Mu but kept his eyes on the white camel.

Chen Mu stopped and responded to the old Uyghur man as well.

At the same time, he saw these people that the Uyghur old man had brought back, and although he did not know the identity of the others, he did not dare show disrespect just by looking at their age, and smiled and nodded to each of them as a greeting.

The Imams were not impressed with Chen Mu, but their attention was on the wild camel at this time, and after smiling amiably at Chen Mu, they tried to move closer towards the wild camel.

Chen Mu knew in his heart that these old men were all after the wild camel, so he smiled and stepped out of the pit to the side, ready to move aside so that they could get close and intimate with the wild camel.

But who knew that when Imams had only just walked over, the wild camel that was originally lazily lying on the ground motionless immediately reacted, and god knows from where the Agility attribute was added, but it suddenly jumped up from the ground, and then quickly trotted behind Chen Mu, poking its head to the side of Chen Mu, chattering and moving its mouth, the guarded meaning was very obvious.


This was an extremely shocking scene.

The Imams all looked startled in the face.

It seems the white camels didn’t want them anywhere near it ……

Having done a lifetime of missionary work, they didn’t expect to be completely unpopular with the white camel, this was really too painful for them to handle.

Chen Mu was also very embarrassed ah, even busy patted the wild camel’s head to calm things down: “ah What are you doing, people want to meet you, why are you running ……?”


“Don’t don’t don’t don’t ……”

“What are you doing?”

“Mako, stop that!!”


When the Imams saw Chen Mu’s action, one by one their eyes widened and they immediately stopped him.

Chen Mu didn’t expect everyone’s reaction to be so great, and was a bit intimidated, accosting them, he took his hand off the wild camel’s head and explained, “It’s fine, it’s fine, I was just joking with it, I didn’t exert any force, I really didn’t, hey.”

The Imams looked at each other, grumbled a few words, and quickly retreated back to the gas station together.

Then, the old Uyghur man called out to Chen Mu from afar, “Little Mu, come here for a moment.”

Chen Mu touched the camels head and instructed, “You can’t eat my saplings indiscriminately,” and then quickly walked over towards the old men.

“This is the Alimu Grand Mullah ……” (T N “这是阿里木大毛拉……” ARIMU OR ALIMU)

When Chen Mu approached, the Uyghur old man introduced him.

Chen Mu knew that the Uyghurs used to call imams mullahs, but not all imams could be called great mullahs, only those who truly had profound attainments in the ancient scriptures were qualified for that.

In other words, the white-bearded old man in front of him was a very powerful big brother.

Facing the big brother, Chen Mu immediately activated his respect aura automatically and behaved with humility and kindness.

“I heard from Aiz Maiti that you were the first to discover Hu Da’s emissary, and although you are not Muslim, I still want to thank you for everything you have done for us ……”

“The messenger of Hu Da is not the same to you as it is to others, and I hope you will treat it well  ……”

“If you can, please listen more closely to the Messenger’s will and then convey our request to the Messenger ……”
(TN: Bruh.. this is like asking to get scammed by Chen Mu)

The white-bearded old man spoke a lot as if he was preaching.

Chen Mu had been listening patiently, but as he listened he couldn’t help but ask, “It can’t speak, so what will it be able to say? What request are you communicating to it? I can talk to it directly, but I don’t know if it’s useful.”

The white-bearded old man nudged Chen Mu’s head with his hand and nudged Chen Mu’s heart, and said profoundly, “Hu Da is everywhere, use your heart to feel it.”

While Chen Mu didn’t seem to have understood, the white-bearded old man reluctantly took another look at the wild camel in the distance and finally turned to leave.
The group of old men also left, all of them having their own donkeys and walking in extraordinarily upright style.

Chen Mu still couldn’t figure it out, so he turned to look at the old Uyghur man and half-jokingly said, “Uncle Aiz Maiti, do you have a request to convey?”

The old man of the Uyghur community thought very seriously for a while and lamented, “It would be good for many of us if Hu Da blessed the well of our village and made it flow with sweet water again.”

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