Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 8

“He is the messenger of Hu Da, the spirit of the desert, it’s not just a wild camel …… I drove him away last night, this is sacrilege ……”


After the old Uyghur man got up from the ground, he uttered repeatedly, looking at the wild camel with an enchanted look in his eyes, as if he was looking at some great treasure.


Gradually, Chen Mu finally understood a little of the meaning from the old man’s incoherent words.


It turned out that the white humpback camel was a very sacred animal to those who believed in Hu Da in the desert, and in legends, they were Hu Da’s messengers, which meant the messengers of God.


Every time the white dromedary wild camel appeared, it descended with Hu Da’s will, and only those who were blessed by Hu Da could receive its favor.


Chen Mu didn’t know much about what the old man believed in, at most he knew some customs and taboos, but he could feel the excitement of the old Uyghur man right now, just like seeing a miracle.


So you’re that awesome?


Chen Mu curiously sized up the wild camel a few times.


This animal still looked as if it was not awake, chattering its mouth from time to time, revealing the teeth inside, and its silly appearance did not reveal anything special at all.

Was there something miscalculated here?


Chen Mu couldn’t quite figure it out, so he could only continue to rinse all of the foam off of the camel with water and drying it out, packing up his things, before pouring the milk into the large bowl, “Drink!”


The wild camel grinned at Chen Mu and then lowered its head to drink milk.


After so many encounters, Chen Mu had gotten a feel for this camel’s temperament, and when it smiled at someone, it meant that it was happy and high-spirited.

While the wild camel was drinking milk, Chen Mu turned his head to look at the old Uyghur man.


It was a bit sad to see that the old man was cautiously looking this way, it looked like he wanted to get closer but didn’t dare to, it was really a bit heartbreaking.


“Come over here, Uncle Aiz Mati, it’s not afraid of humans.”


“But …… can I really ?”


The old Uyghur gulped.


Mu Chen beckoned, “Come quickly, it’s most obedient when it drinks milk.”


The old Uyghur man finally took in a breath of air at the words, then slowly walked over.


His steps were unprecedentedly light as if he was walking on tightropes.


When the Vikings old man approached, as if sensing something, the wild camel suddenly raised its head and looked at the Vikings old man.


The Uyghur old man was shocked and took a few more steps back, pulling away for fear of disturbing the divine messenger.


Chen Mu’s eyebrows furrowed at the sight, and he couldn’t help but pat the product’s large head with his hand, grumbling, “What are you doing? Be good and drink your ……”


“Gently, gently, hey, hey !, Xiao Mu, be gentle! stop that.”


Before Chen Mu had even finished his words, the old man of the Uyghur tribe couldn’t help but lightly exhale, expressing his strong displeasure over the matter of Chen Mu’s hand hitting the head of the divine ambassador.


Mu Chen awkwardly withdrew his hand and said to the old Uyghur man, “Uncle Aiz Maiti, don’t be afraid, come over and touch it, it really doesn’t recognize you.”


“Never mind, never mind!”


The old man of the Vikings shook his head very firmly this time, and after thinking about it, he said to Chen Mu very seriously, “Little Mu, I want to take a leave of absence and go back for a mile.”




This is a bit sudden, and Chen Mu was curious, “Uncle Aiz Maiti, it’s no problem to take a leave of absence, do you have any urgent matters? Do you need my help?”


The old Uyghur man said, “I’m going to go back and ask someone to come and …… look at it, can you …… keep it from leaving?”


Chen Mu turned his head to look at the wild camel, he really couldn’t tell if he could leave this camel behind, it usually runs off after drinking milk, very heartless. what an animal with no conscience!

But with a slight sigh, he quickly replied, “Uncle Aiz Maiti, it comes to drink milk every day, you go and invite someone if it leaves just wait until tomorrow.”




The old Uyghur man turned and jogged back to the back to fetch the donkey, then left the gas station in a breeze.


When the old man was far away, Chen Mu turned back, patted the wild camel’s head again in bad taste, and asked, “Hey, are you really Hu Da’s messenger? Since you’re so awesome …… well, would you please speak up?”


The wild camel ignored him and continued to drink his milk in a solitary manner.


Chen Mu said to himself, “But yeah, that little square seal you gave to brother is a bit divine, is it something from your Hu Da?”


The wild camel still didn’t lookup.


Chen Mu turned his head and looked around, lowering his voice and saying, “How about I talk to you, you go back and see if there are more like the little square seal, all sent over together, and I’ll give you an extra milk every day?”


The wild camel didn’t even bother to look at him.


Soon, the big bowl of milk was empty.


The wild camel raised its head and smiled at Chen Mu, turned around and trotted off again.


Chen Mu helplessly looked at its back and shouted, “Hey, you remember to come tomorrow, Uncle Aiz Maiti has gone back to look for someone, I hope you won’t be able to see you tomorrow and cause someone to make a trip for nothing.”


Chen Mu didn’t know if it heard it, but it quickly ran away anyway, finally disappearing into the desert.


Chen Mu shook his head helplessly and turned back to the shop


After watching TV for a while, the sound of a car entering the station suddenly came from outside, and he rushed out the window to see that the truck from the forestry company delivering saplings had arrived.


The truck arrived, he signed for it, and when it was finished, the forestry company’s people unloaded the saplings without taking a sip of water and left again.


Chen Mu took a look at the saplings, most of them were less than one meter in size and it didn’t seem to be heavy work to transport them.


Anyway, there was no one at the gas station now, so Chen Mu went back to his room to change into his working clothes, then carrying a few saplings and a shovel, he began his tree-planting plan.


After passing through the green belt, there was a sandy field at the back.


The sand here was so soft that one dig with a shovel made a hole, which made it pretty easy to dig


He dug the hole wide and deep, put the saplings in, filled the hole, and patted the soil down a bit, and that was it.


He didn’t need to worry about watering the plants right, he could that later when he had planted a few more.


“f**k, never knew planting trees would be so exhausting!”


Before long, after about twenty or so poplar trees had been planted, Chen Mu felt tired and his mouth and throat were so dry.


In the desert, the highest temperature during the day was forty degrees Celsius, which could directly bake a person dry, but at night, it would drop below zero and freeze a person.


It’s now noon, although Chen Mu had his hat on, he still felt scorched by the sun, so he put his scarf on to cover half of his face, looking just like those sheikhs in Saudi Arabia.


After planting a sapling on hand, Chen Mu could no longer endure, threw down the shovel, turned around, went back to the business room to get a bottle of ice coke, opened it with a “snort” and dunked it straight in.


“Uh …… cool!”


Full of belches, the cold sensation enveloped his body as his body cooled down, no longer able to feel the heat around him.


Alas, it wasn’t easy for the working class!



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