Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 7

After Chen Mu left the auto repair point, he went straight to the small market in town.

He bought some oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, some meat, fruits and vegetables, some daily necessities, and then some things that could be put in the shop to sell for money.

Among these, of course, milk was essential.

Chen Mu specially bought twice as much as in the past, and then carried them all to the car.

Although the little Jinbei was worn out, it had one good point, it could hold up and would not fall apart no matter how many things were carried in it.

The first thing he wanted to do was to get his hands on a piece of paper, which he did, and then he went into a noodle shop next to the market and ordered a bowl of haggis soup, plus a plate of cumin lamb and ate it slowly.

Here in Bahe, mutton was sold extremely cheaply and tasted fine, so every time he came Chen Mu always had to eat a full meal before going back.

Today, there were not many people in the restaurant, so the food was served especially fast, and while Chen Mu was gulping down the noodles, he was very lustful and looked outside the shop to see if there were any passing Uyghur beauties.

When he wasn’t in the Northwest, Chen Mu always thought that the girls over here should all look like Dili or Gu Li Na Na, but after two months, he had to recognize the reality that no matter which nationality, there are both beautiful women and ordinary people, and beautiful women are always a minority, while ordinary people are the majority.

Therefore, it was not true that Uyghur girls couldn’t sing and dance, but they wouldn’t be all over the streets pouring into the city.

After finishing the meal, Chen Mu paid the bill and touched his round belly and headed out, just in time to see a line of propaganda slogans written in red oil on the white wall on the side of the restaurant: to get rich, build roads first, have fewer children and plant more trees.


Chen Mu was startled at once.

Propaganda slogans like this were everywhere, but he was touched by the second half of the sentence this instant.

Having fewer children and planting more trees?

Did having children and planting trees …… originally have this meaning?

He was thinking of the “vitality” and “upgrades” in the mind map.

Suddenly triggered by such an inspiration, Chen Mu immediately turned around and walked back into the small marketplace, directly into a forestry business company.

In the forestry company, he bought one hundred poplar saplings, one hundred elm saplings, one hundred locust saplings and one hundred jujube trees, in addition to salix, shuttle trees, poplar wood and so on, and had them sent directly to the gas station.

it cost about seven or eight hundred yuan, and It didn’t feel like anything when he ordered them, but the moment he gave them the money, he felt the pain.

Yesterday, he encountered those two bastards who ate without paying and today, he spent such a large sum of money, estimating that this small half month is considered a loss.

Originally, Chen Mu wanted to buy a cup of buttermilk tea to sip slowly on the way back, but his pockets were emptied after the forestry company, so he could only sip a lollipop and go home.

He drove the small jinbei to the gas station, although there are no street lights on the way, tonight the moon and stars lit the sky like starlight as it spread like a soft veil over the ground, not much worse than the street lights.

This kind of night scenery would never be seen in a big city, only in the desert.

Of course, Chen Mu was used to seeing it.

No matter what it was, making you look at it every day for two months straight wouldn’t make you feel anything special anymore.

Back at the gas station, it was already ten o’clock at night.

When the old Uyghur man saw him return, he immediately came over to help unload the stuff from the car, and as he moved it, he said, “There was a wild camel mile today, kept banging his head against the window, then I went out to chase it away, and it quickly ran away.”


Chen Mu was startled and quickly thought that this was probably the wild camel coming for milk again, but it was a pity that he came back late and didn’t meet it.

After thinking about it, he told the old Uyghur man about how he fed the wild camel, and said, “Uncle Aiz Maiti, if it comes again in the future, please feed it two cartons of milk, don’t drive it away.

The old Uyghur man nodded at Chen Mu’s words, “So that’s what it is, then I understand.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “This is the first time I’ve seen a wild camel in our area, I never thought there would be wild camels in this desert, it looks like it got lost with a herd of wild camels, it’s so dirty, it’s pitiful.”

Chen Mu’s heart stirred at the news, and he was busy pulling up the black technology map in his mind to check the location of the wild camel.

The product was sleeping under a large rock at this time, it was motionless and looked lonely, it was quite pitiful.

Chen Mu changed the search keyword to “wild camel herd” to help him find his family, but unfortunately, there were no search results.

It seems that just like the Uyghur old man said, this camel got separated from the wild camel herd, so he could only stay here alone.

“It’s fine, brother will take care of you!”

Chen Mu looked in the direction of where the wild camel was located, said something under his breath, then sped up and moved everything he had bought today into the business office with the elderly Uyghur.

Nothing happened during the night.

The next morning, Chen Mu was woken up by the old man of the Uyghur race.

“Little Mu, the wild camel is, here again, they’re outside, go take a look.”


Chen Mu got up from his bed and ran to the front door of the business office to take a look, just in time to see the wild camel standing in front of the window, looking unmoving as if looking for something.

The business room was already open for business in the morning, the iron gate on the window had been closed, and the sticker for that milk advertisement was gone, so this thing was probably looking for an advertisement.

“You here again?”

When Chen Mu greeted him, the camel turned to look at Chen Mu and slowly walked over.

“Wait a minute, I’ll get you some milk.”

Chen Mu touched the camels head, turned back to get the big bowl, got two more cartons of milk, and walked back out.

That big bowl had now become the camel’s iron rice bowl, and when Chen Mu placed it in front of it, it couldn’t help but peek in and lick it twice before pouring the milk.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t be in a hurry, okay, if you’ re in a hurry you can’t eat hot …… um if you’re in a hurry you can’t drink fresh milk.”

Chen Mu pushed the camel’s head and prepared to pour milk, but as soon as his hand touched the camel, he felt that it was all muddy and dirty.

It was only then that he had the awareness to look at the camel and found that it was covered in mud as if it had just come out of an unknown mud pool.

After thinking about it, Chen Mu said, “Why are you so dirty, why don’t we take a bath first, then drink milk?”

The wild camel didn’t know if it understood Chen Mu’s words, but mumbled and looked at Chen Mu anyway.

“Come on come on, let’s bathe first, then drink milk!”

Chen Mu said to do it, got up and went over to turn on the well’s water pump, then beckoned the wild camel to the clearing and pulled a hose directly on it to rinse it off.

The well water was so cool that it quickly washed away the mud from the wild camel’s body.

The wild camel didn’t move a muscle, squinting its eyes shut and looking like it was enjoying itself.

Seeing this, Chen Mu simply did a thorough job and brought in the shower gel and brush, first giving the wild camel a thick wipe and then starting to brush it with the brush.

He tried to make his hands and feet as light as possible so as not to hurt the camel.

Chen Mu and the camel were standing very close to each other, so he couldn’t see it clearly, but when he washed the foam off the camel’s body with water, he finally saw clearly that the hair on the body was white.

Holy shit ……

How dirty are you?

Chen Mu was about to continue rinsing the foam from the goods with water when he suddenly heard a “clanging” sound from behind, and then he looked backwards in shock.

The old Uyghur man, who was carrying some bits and pieces, looked this way with astonishment on his face, unmoving as if he had been hit by a freezing spell.

At this time, all the things in his hands fell to the ground, which was apparently how the previous noise came about.

Chen Mu didn’t know what was wrong with the old Uyghur man and was about to ask a question, but he didn’t expect the old Uyghur man to suddenly bend his knees and actually kneel on the concrete floor with a pop, which sounded painful.

” Hu Da is on ……”

The elderly Uyghur prostrated himself physically and began to worship, chanting something at the same time, looking like he was chanting a scripture.

Uh …… what’s going on?

Chen Mu couldn’t figure out what to do, so he could only turn his head back and look at the wild camel that was still dripping with water all over its body.

At this moment, its fur was really white under the sunlight.

F*** Camel Bro had such an identity?.. What if Camel bro turns out to be a Jade Beauty with soft skin and voluptuous lips. ;-;

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