Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 6

Chen Mu drove the small old Jinbei car towards Bahe Town. ( BOT NOTES: Originally said “gold cup seal car” had to search up what it was and apparently it was this

Sitting in the driver’s seat, he opened the window and let the dry desert wind pour into the car, his spirits were suddenly lifted, and the previous depression seemed to have subsided a lot with the wind.

For Chen Mu, what he liked most about this place was the driving experience.

The entire highway was surrounded by endless desert, and most of the time, he was the only one driving the car, and no one cared how fast he went, which was a great feeling.

Of course, the only pity is that his car is so old and poor in performance that it only goes a little over a hundred km in the end, so it’s not fast enough.

This Jinbei already had some years on it, when Chen’s father bought back when it was already second-hand, it had already gone seventy thousand miles, plus ninety thousand in addition during this decade, so this car was pretty worn out. it shook allot when driving and anytime it went over an object you’d feel it in your waist and ass since the suspension and shock properties were pretty dead.

After driving for over two hours, he saw a jeep parked on the side of the road from afar, hood open with someone standing there waving at him

“Yo, it’s a pretty girl!”

Chen Mu immediately drove the car in a refined manner and approached and stopped.

The car was a dark green Jeep Wrangler, with only two passengers, both girls.

One was in a small tank top and denim shorts, while the other was in a short-sleeved T-shirt and a short leather skirt, making them look eye-catching.

After parking the car, Chen Mu pretended to be concerned, “What happened to you guys?”

The one waving at the curb was the girl with dyed yellow hair, the one in the short leather skirt, she took a look at Chen Mu and said, “Handsome man, do me a favour, our car broke down, can you help us out?”

Chen Mu looked over at the wrangler and asked, “What’s going on?”

The girl replied, “We don’t know what’s going on, but it just suddenly turned off while we were driving along the highway.”

Although Chen Mu wanted to act this out in his mind, for such things as car repair, it’s fine to let him change a tire or something. however to expect him to be able to fix a car that stopped out of nowhere.. then maybe you were asking for too much. so he could only honestly say, “I’m afraid I can’t help you, but this should be a problem with the engine or the oil circuit, so you’ll have to find a professional car mechanic to get it.”

The girl frowned in distress, looked at her companion, and subconsciously asked, “What should we do?”

“How about this, there’s a town a hundred kilometres ahead, I’ll take you guys there, find a car mechanic to come over and take a look, or call a tow truck to tow the car to the town for repairs.”

Although Chen Mu had only been to Bahe Town a few times and wasn’t familiar with it, he had been to a car repair point the previous time and felt that the skills were okay, so he could introduce these two girls there.

The two girls looked at each other, and the yellow-haired girl nodded, “Alright then, sorry for bothering you”

When the two girls got into the car, Chen Mu started the car with high spirits and continued to drive forward.

Compared to before, he became much more gentle and elegant when he drove the car, stepping only halfway lightly on the bottom of his foot and moving especially smoothly.

The yellow-haired girl who spoke just now sat in the back, while the short-haired girl wearing a small vest sat in the passenger seat.

The car drove for a short time, the short-haired girl frowned and asked: “Why are you driving so slowly? Can you drive faster?”
(TN: Have eyes but can’t recognize your god of a thousand miles)

Chen Mu turned his head to look at the short-haired girl, the other party was clearly the cool-beauty type and spoke with no sense of politeness at all.

Compared to that, the yellow-haired girl in the back was much easier to deal with.

He originally wanted to drive the car smoothly, but now once he heard that short-haired girl say that, he wasn’t accustomed to it and directly stepped on the gas pedal: “Great idea, then I’ll drive faster.”

Once the small car sped up it suddenly began to tremble again, Chen Mu was used to this already, however, those two girls without the slightest preparation were jolted left and right as they continuously hit the window several times.

“What kind of broken car is this, this is going to fall apart …… Hey, you drive slower, drive slower!”

The yellow-haired girl was screeching in the back, kicking the back of the driver’s seat several times with her legs up in a hurry.

“Don’t worry, this car of mine is sturdy enough, it’ll be fine.”

Chen Mu lightly held the steering wheel with one hand and patted his chest with a generous amount of assurance.

The short-haired girl in the passenger seat held the handle and looked at Chen Mu obliquely, “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

“Weren’t you the one who told me to drive faster? I was just going the fastest now, what’s wrong with that?”


The short-haired girl was speechless  and then said, “Then …… then you’d better drive slower.”

“Weren’t you just complaining about it being too slow?”

“You …… you slow down!”

“Good lord, then I’ll favour the public’s request and drive slower.”

Chen Mu revealed a harmless smile, releasing his foot from the accelerator a bit, and the car immediately slowed down again.

When everything returned to normal, the short-haired girl gave Chen Mu a fierce glare but said nothing.

Instead, the yellow-haired girl in the back said, “Handsome, I can see that you’re deliberately screwing us over.”

“Nothing of the sort.” Chen Mu waved his hand at the front and said righteously, “Just letting you guys experience it.”

“My name is Huang Qingyi, I haven’t asked you what your name is yet.”

The yellow-haired girl stretched out her hand from behind and passed it to the front of Chen Mu.

“Ohhh, I’m Chen Mu, nice to meet you.”

Chen Mu gently shook it and didn’t take advantage of the others, but that little hand was indeed soft and smooth.

Huang Qingyi pointed at her companion, “Her name is Lu Xuexin, we are classmates, and we came to Jiang Qi for a self-driving tour this time.”

“Self-driving tour?”

Chen Mu chuckled, “You two are really brave, you two girls dare to drive here, aren’t you afraid of encountering danger?”

“What’s wrong with girls driving themselves?” Huang Qingyi sneered at Chen Mu’s words, “Besides, under this long/vast and dry dessert, what possible dangers could we face?”

“long and dry?” Chen Mu smiled and pointed his finger to the back, “Just like today, your car broke down, luckily you met me, if you ran into a person with bad intentions, you two might have encountered a different situation.”

“What possibly could we encounter?” The yellow-haired girl scowled, “someone like you??, XueXin would beat you down in minutes, she’s a fourth dan black belt in Taekwondo.”

“Wow, that powerful, luckily I didn’t have bad intentions just now.”

“Forgive you for not daring.”


They were all young people, chatting with no obstacles, and quickly became familiar with each other.

Of course, only Chen Mu and Huang Qingyi were familiar with each other, while Lu Xuexin in the passenger seat basically didn’t talk much and kept her cold attitude.

The car was sent to an auto repair point, and after some communication, the repair point decided to send a car to check the place where the car broke down.

Before leaving, Huang Qingyi asked to add Chen Mu’s WeChat.

Chen Mu hesitated for a moment and finally agreed.

Putting his phone away, Chen Mu turned around and drove away.

Even though they were just casual acquaintances, isn’t there a saying that “more friends lead to more paths”? Let’s add up WeChat first because it’s essential for people to have a social life.

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