Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 5

Four policemen got out of the car, two of them were Xia people and the other two were Uyghurs.

As soon as they got out of the car, they looked very alertly at the Cherokee Jeep and then at the two men tied to the parking post, but said nothing.

The policeman in the highest position was a middle-aged Uyghur, and the elderly Uyghur greeted him as soon as he saw him, gibbering in Uyghur.

The policeman’s attitude towards the Uyghur old man was so good that he held the Uyghur old man’s hand and listened to him, just like the younger generation treating their elders.

Chen Mu watched the Uyghur old man talking to the policeman. Although he didn’t understand what they were saying, he realized they were acquaintances.

When the Uyghur old man and the policeman finished talking, the policeman began to lead the other three people to collect evidence of the contents in the Cherokee, taking pictures and searching, it was very busy.

“Uncle Aiz Maiti, is this officer …… an acquaintance of yours?”

Mu Chen pulled the old Uyghur man into a corner and quietly asked.

The Uyghur old man said proudly: “He is a distant nephew of mine, called Sadiq. When he was young, his parents went out to work, he lived in my home, and when he grew up and went to take the police academy, he was still recommended by me …… Well, he is now the director of the Bahe town police station, and this area is under his control, your parents knew each him before they died.”

As soon as Chen Mu heard the Uyghur old man say that, he had a bottom in his heart, and then he waited for that Sadiq director to come over to him to take his statement, he first stuffed a pack of cigarettes that he had just taken from the Cherokee into his hands, then lowered his voice and asked, “Comrade director, these two guys spent six hundred and seventy-eight dollars in our gas station, do you think we can still get this money back? ”

Sadiq took a look at the packet of cigarettes, smiled, and rudely stuffed it into his pocket, not answering Chen Mu’s words, but said, “I heard about your parents, and I’m sorry for your loss.
Well, I’m friends with your parents, plus considering Uncle Aiz Maiti’s relationship, if you need any help in the future, you can look for me directly, here, this is my phone number, write it down.”

This was the rhythm of having a big brother cover in the future, and Chen Mu even wrote down the phone number while thanking him.

Sadiq added, “The money these two guys owe you probably won’t come back, but since you caught the poachers this time, I can try to help you apply for a reward, as to how much money will be rewarded, that will depend on the county’s rules and arrangements.”

Hearing the first half of the sentence, Chen Mu’s heart had sunk halfway, and when he heard the second half of the sentence, he suddenly recovered.

He could still apply for rewards, although he didn’t know how much he would get, meat on a mosquito’s leg is also meat, it’s better than nothing.

After Sadiq and Chen Mu had a few more chats, he turned around to interrogate the two guys who were tied up securely.

The two men were also quite young and had nothing to hide when things got to this point, so they directly gave an account of the circumstances leading to them poaching.

The story was that these two thugs from Zhonglin Province had been eating, drinking, whoring, gambling and smoking all sorts of things, and because they owed huge gambling debts, they heard that poaching could make money, so they got two shotguns and a stolen car with fake license plates and headed straight to the northwest.

Everything was going well, they wandered around for more than a month, hit a lot of prey, and then saw less and less money in their hands, they decided to return, as soon as possible this time the harvest for money.

But they didn’t expect to run into Chen Mu on their way out because they wanted to have a free meal, and then get caught for no apparent reason.

If they had foreseen this, they wouldn’t have entered the gas station.

In the process of confessing honestly, they glared at Chen Mu from time to time with a strong hatred in their eyes.

After hearing the two guys’ confessions, the four policemen were all a little dumbfounded, Sadiq looked at Chen Mu and couldn’t help but give him a thumbs up, then beckoned the police officers to take away the people, cars and stolen goods.

Coming and going in a hurry, the efficiency of the police comrades was amazingly high.

Before he knew it, another day passed, and in the evening the wild camels came again.

Chen Mu took the initiative to take two cartons of milk out to feed it, and the guy wasn’t polite either, burying its head in the big bowl and drinking happily.

Chen Mu squatted beside him, and as he touched the guy’s head, he said, “Thank you for what you gave to brother ah, brother likes it a lot.”

The guy didn’t know if he heard, and his head didn’t lift up at all.

Chen Mu hesitated for a moment, trying to ask again, “That …… En, do you still have anything like that? It’s just a little print like the one you brought over yesterday, and if you have it, send more of it to my brother, and I’ll provide you milk for the rest of your life.”

(TN: MC being shameless)

The guy still didn’t look up.

Chen Mu thought about it and felt he was a bit too greedy, how can he have good fortune every day, so he was a bit embarrassed and added, “I was wrong just now, even if you don’t have anything to send to brother, brother will be in charge of your milk for the rest of your life.”

The guy drank the milk from start to finish, and then grinned at Chen Mu with a big, humane grin when he was satisfied.

Chen Mu returned the smile as well, “Brother promises you that when we go to town tomorrow to stock up, we will definitely get you more milk.”

The fellow mumbled, turned its head around, and trotted off again.

Chen Mu thought about it and shouted at its back, “Don’t come back at night, if you keep hitting the window like that, brother will lose sleep over you.”

The guy didn’t pause at all and quickly disappeared into the night.


The next day, Chen Mu woke up early as he had to go to Bahe Town to purchase some goods and household items.

It had been agreed with the old Uyghur man yesterday that he would be coming early, but it was unexpected that Chen Mu waited until almost noon before the old man showed up.

“Uncle Aiz Maiti, has something happened at home?”

Upon seeing the old man, Chen Mu couldn’t help but ask worried questions.

Although they had only been together for two months, Chen Mu already knew the old man’s temperament very well.

The old man had a bit of old-school stubbornness about him, and was particularly serious about everything he did.

He had made an appointment to come early today, and if there was no special reason, he definitely wouldn’t have come so late.

So, there must be some special reason.

With a bit of sadness on his face, the old Uyghur man sighed before saying in a jar, “The well at the entrance of our village dried up today, and your Aunt Guli and I went to another village nearby to check it out, and their well dried up as well.”

Chen Mu was startled, then speechless.

Living in the desert, there wasn’t much of a running water supply, and people relied on well water for their daily lives.

These small villages scattered across the desert were formed around a well.

When the well dried up, it meant that the village would run out of water to drink, which was something that affected survival.

In the past when he was in Ping Township, Chen Mu didn’t know this at all, but only after these two months of encounters did he gradually gain some understanding of the harsh living conditions here.

After being silent for a while, Chen Mu looked at the wrinkles on the old man’s face like a ravine and couldn’t help but gently ask, “So what should we do now?”

The old man smoked a long pipe and said, “Let’s see, there is still some water in the village cistern, it should be able to last for a while, maybe Hu Da will bless it, it will rain in a few days, and then there will be water again.”

With a slight pause, the old man, both as if stating to Chen Mu and as if comforting himself, said, “If it still doesn’t work, then we’ll just have to move to Bahe Li, where we’ll be able to live just as well.”

Leaving one’s family behind and migrating far away was not a simple matter, speaking as if it was just a matter of words, but to really do so, even Chen Mu felt suffocated in his heart as he listened.

“Go go go, it’s getting late, you should go to Bahe to buy something, it’s okay to come back later, I can stay at the gas station tonight and not go back.”

The old man finished his cigarette and put away his pipe, urging Chen Mu to hurry to stock up, seemingly throwing the matter aside.

Chen Mu looked at the old man with a sullen, unpleasant feeling, but didn’t say anything incessantly, and turned his head

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