Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 4

After tying those two up, Chen Mu searched the body directly, ready to get the fuel money back before saying anything.

I didn’t expect that these two goods were poor, and their pockets were as clean as if they had been scraped beforehand, with only about forty dollars in loose change.

Chen Mu was not pleased, and went outside to search the car again.

The Cherokee’s rear cover was opened and a different view was seen.

There were two shotguns in there, a large cowhide bag with dozens of furs in it, and another iron cage containing two live birds, which looked like they should be a protected species as well.

Chen Mu didn’t know much about animals, so he quickly called the Uyghur old man. After only one glance, the Uyghur old man scolded in Uyghur. He murmured for a while. Anyway, Chen Mu didn’t understand him. He knew the old man only by his expression. He was so angry, his lips trembled when he cursed.

The Uyghur old man calmed down a bit and finally stopped cursing in the Uyghur language, only to say heartbreakingly to Chen Mu,
“The two of them are poachers, there are more than twenty yellow sheep skins here, as well as five or six foxes and two lynxes fortunately those two golden eagles are still alive.”

Chen Mu listened to the Uyghur old man, and could understand the Uyghur old man’s agitation, as a local native and former wildlife protection patrol member, the old man hated these poachers the most.

In public or in private, Chen Mu couldn’t bear it, and walked over to the two iditos and kicked them a few times, so as to vent his frustration of being taken advantage of for free even though he was so poor.

“Xiao Mu, don’t fight, let’s wait for the police comrades to come over and deal with them, they will be sentenced to at least ten years in prison for robbery plus poaching.”

The old Uyghur man held Chen Mu back, worried that Chen Mu would beat the men too severely and get into trouble.


Chen Mu put the small square seal in his hand and fondled it a few times, but he did not expect to suddenly feel a hot stream of heat starting from the location of his palm and quickly drilling along his hand into his body.


Chen Mu even lowered his head to see that the small square seal in his hand had actually disappeared into thin air.

At the same time, the heat flowing into his body quickly split into countless channels and flowed all over his body.

Then, in his mind, he heard a voice like a morning bell: “The heavens have blessed you, and now make you the lord of a Hundred Miles, admiral of the heavens, proceeding to the are above and below”

(TN help… 然后,他的脑海中便听到了如晨钟暮鼓般的声音:“上天眷命,今以汝为百里之侯,钦若天道,谨告万方,以康四海。”)

“Sh …… what the hell?”

Chen Mu was a little confused, and long after the voice in his head rang out, he still didn’t understand what it meant.

Where was the little jade Seal?

Chen Mu came back to his senses, wondering a bit if he had just created some sort of illusion, but upon careful consideration, the little square seal was truly gone, it couldn’t have disappeared into thin air.

So, if it wasn’t an illusion right now, then where the hell did it go?

As his mind moved, Chen Mu immediately felt that little square seal pop up deep within his consciousness.

Why is it in my head?

Chen Mu was fiercely shocked and tried to shake his head to clear his head, but the small square print in his consciousness suddenly transformed into a three-dimensional map and presented itself in his mind, it was as if he was standing very, very high up looking down at the surface of the earth.

How could this be?

With a little identification, Chen Mu quickly recognized that this was the “map” near the gas station, and everything on it was so vivid that it was like a miniature landscape.

However, this “map” only had a range of about a hundred miles, and anything further away would be lost, as if it was a fault.

“What the fuck is this thing?”

Chen Mu touched his nose, a bit confused.

Although he didn’t know why this was happening, he also realized that the small square seal that the wild camel had brought to him seemed to have some kind of magic in it.

“Where on earth did it get me something like this?”

When he thought of the wild camel, he couldn’t help but wonder where the guy was now, but Chen Mu didn’t expect that a map would appear in his mind as soon as he thought of it.

Chen Mu saw the map instantly zoom in, and finally landed in front of one of the Gobi Desert, where the figure of the wild camel appeared as a single shadow.

The simple batch also doesn’t know if it sensed something or not, the body instantly tensed up tightly and didn’t move, completely shook.

“f**king Terrific …… damn it’s like a satellite map, and it’s the kind that comes with a search function.”

Chen Mu was shocked, this was definitely alien technology ah, giving him a feeling of being in control of everything.

“Try Aunt Guli …….”

As his mind moved again, the small Uyghur village, more than ten miles away from the gas station, immediately zoomed into his eyes, and then Aunt Guli’s chubby figure appeared as well.

“It really works!”

Chen Mu was even more excited, successively changing the keywords of “Uncle Aiz Maiti” and “those two poachers just now”, although the description of the keywords was not precise, but the map was still accurate able to determine what he wanted and found the people.

That’s awesome!

Chen Mu felt that he had found a treasure, the only regret is that the map is only a hundred miles away from the gas station, he just tried to search for “the police who are on their way”, but he couldn’t find anything, he guessed that the distance is still far away and he didn’t enter the map.

A little bit calmer, he soon found a golden light group marked “upgrade” on the right side of the “three-dimensional map”.

“Can this thing still be upgraded?”

Chen Mu curiously “looked” at the golden light group, letting his consciousness touch the golden light button, which immediately reacted with a message back, roughly meaning, “Lack of vitality, unable to upgrade.”

Vitality? Not enough?

What do you mean?

Chen Mu touched the golden button with his consciousness again and it returned the same message.

He held his head in confusion, thinking about the meaning of “lack of vitality”, but had no idea what that meant.

How could there be any vitality in this desert, and did he need more people to come here?
If that’s the case, then he’s out of luck.

According to the Uyghur uncle, even when this place was at its most popular, it was at most passing by some tourist buses, and usually, there were only two or three visitors.

After pondering for a while, and unable to figure out anything, Chen Mu quickly put the matter aside, after all, he had already picked up a treasure and should be contented, what’s the point of upgrading right now.

The company has been in the business for a while now and has been operating a gas station for almost two months now, but it’s not as good as this one.

as he was still playing with the new ability he obtained.a police car quickly pulled into the gas station and stopped with a creeeeak…

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