Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 3

After drinking the milk, the guy trotted off again.

Chen Mu was going to say that he would stay as a guest, but then he thought about the fact that he was a wild species and it might be more comfortable for him to stay free in the desert, so he kept quiet about it.

“Come visit brother often in the future!”

Chen Mu waved his hand at the guy’s distant figure, turned around and returned to the business room, washing the small stone with water before getting ready to examine it under the light.

That thing was  roughly four-square with a small square mark/seal, and definitely didn’t look like something that was formed naturally

If you examined it closely, from its texture it should be a jade, however, it’s unknown what kind of jade it is, anyway. It looked like it had a lot of impurities and didn’t feel as warm/moist? as expected. The square seal surrounding the square was so patchy and uneven, basically, this is a piece of rock was so ordinary, no one would pick it up if it was left on the street.

The only thing that was somewhat special was the words engraved on the bottom of the square seal.

” Accepted …… by the heavens, both …… longevity.. …… forever? ”

After Chen Mu read those words clearly, he really cried a little.

Although his knowledge of history was not too rich, he knew the origin of these characters.

According to the legend, when the Qin Kingdom ruled the world(TN. I suppose this is China), Prime Minister Li Si was instructed to engrave a jade seal, on which were engraved these eight words: “By order of Heaven, both life and eternal prosperity”.

The value of this insignificant piece of jade seal with such eight characters engraved on it, and in simplified Chinese, could be easily imagined.

After examining the small square seal, Chen Mu played with it twice, casually shoved it in front of the cashier, turned around and went back to his room to sleep.

Although it wasn’t worth much, it was a piece of jade after all, and a wild camel had brought it to him, so Chen Mu was prepared to keep it as a souvenir.

He slept until ten o’clock, and then Chen Mu got up.

In the gas station, the old Uyghur man was already busy, although there weren’t many customers here, but he could always find work to do and couldn’t stay idle for a moment.

Chen Mu had heard from his parents long ago that the Uyghur old man, Aiz Maiti, had been a militiaman in a nearby Uyghur village, and had participated in a conservation patrol organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society when he was young, but he had an encounter with poachers and suffered a serious gunshot wound during a fierce battle, eventually crippling his leg.

The gas station needed help when it first opened, so the local government recommended the old Uyghur man over, and that was when the old Uyghur man had been working at the gas station, diligently and earnestly, getting along like family with Chen Mu’s parents.

“Little Mu, your Aunt Guli asked me to bring you some naan she made herself, and a small jar of jam, all of which are in the kitchen.”

Chen Mu liked Aunt Guli’s naan the most, it was crispy, tasty and chewy.

The most important thing is the jam used to dip the naan, which is made by themselves, not too sweet and not too sour, coupled with the naan made it just right, no matter how much you ate, you’d never get sick of it

The old Uyghur man kept the naan on the stove all the time, it was still warm when Chen Mu ate it, he proceeded to tear open the naan, dipped it into the thick jam and stuffed it into his mouth in one bite.

“Mmm …… It’s really delicious, Uncle Aizi Maiti, you go back and thank Aunt Guli for me.”

The jam made from various kinds of melons and fruits, with the fragrance of the melons and fruits, along with the naan, was so delicious it couldn’t be described with words

Not long after, Chen Mu ate five of the naan, and the remaining five along with the small jar of jam were quickly put away, ready to be taken out again at night when he was hungry.

As soon as the things were packed away, guests started appearing outside.

A dusty Cherokee pulled into the gas station and parked steadily at the pump.

There were two men in the car, one got out and started pumping gas, while the other walked right into the business office and wondered aloud, “What’s hot to eat?”

When Chen Mu looked up, it was a tall middle-aged man with a full beard and a bandit-like face, and he was half-lidded when Chen Mu looked at him to assess him.

Dad used to say that when you open the door to do business, you can meet all kinds of people from different walks of life, no matter what kind of person he is, as long as he legally earns his own conscience money, so Chen Mu didn’t mind too much about what the other person looked like, pointing to the shelves of instant food,

“Instant noodles, fried noodles and whatnot you can pick yourself, there are also canned soup and bread, we provide hot water and microwave ovens. ”

“That’s all there is, huh?”

The man frowned.

“Love it or hate it”, Chen Mu shrugged, “That’s all we have.”

They were the only gas station within a two hundred mile radius, which was considered a unique business, so the customers were the grandchildren, and the one who opened the shop was the grandfather. (TN: Basically the shop owner is king. “don’t like what I have? don’t buy it. not like you can get anything else around here”..something like that I think)

The man walked over and picked up a few bowls of instant noodles, two cans of fish soup, and a piece of bread then turned around and stalked over to the hot water kettle and microwave to get it up.

Not long after, the man outside finished adding oil and came in as well.

The two of them finished the instant food and ate it up on the side table.

Chen Mu looked at those two for a few moments, quickly averted his eyes and continued to focus on the inbound list in front of him, preparing to purchase more milk this time.

Soon, those two finished eating and stood up from the table, looking like they were about to leave.

Chen Mu took the initiative to go over and pack up his things and said, “You have consumed a total of six hundred and seventy-eight, paid cash or credit card?”

Doing business in the desert didn’t have as many rules as in the big cities, and it was fine for customers to pay upfront and later, all that mattered was honesty and convenience.

Chen Mu was a bit uncomfortable at first, but these days, watching the live demonstrations of the Uyghur elders, he soon became accustomed to the local customs.

“Selling these garbage products and you’re still thinking of charging money?”

The first of the two to enter the room opened his mouth and said disdainfully, “Everything you have here is expired, right? It has a funny taste in my mouth, and you’re lucky I don’t hold you accountable, but how dare you ask me for money?”


It had been almost two months, and it was still the first time Chen Mu encountered a customer who didn’t pay.

He frowned, “All our stuff is within the expiration date, if you think it’s wrong, you can make it clear from the beginning, bringing this up now is a bit too late isn’t it?”

The other man snorted, “We won’t pay this money anyway, so you can see for yourself.”

After saying that, he shot a glance at his companion beside him and was about to walk out with a swagger.

“Wait a minute, you claim there’s something wrong with the food, however, you still have to pay for the fuel, right?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, if you talk nonsense do you think I don’t dare be impolite to you?”

“Oh really? Well, come on, show me how you’re willing to be impolite to me.”
Are you kidding me, how can you want to leave after eating and filling up your gas tank without paying for it?

Chen Mu grabbed the arm of the man walking behind him and yanked him right back.

The man was so bullish that he turned around and punched Chen Mu right in the side of his face.

Chen Mu wasn’t afraid at all, his hometown Ping Township was a martial arts township, everyone in the township from eighty to three years old practised martial arts, practising the Six Harmonious Fists.

Back then, when his father was in the army, it was only because of his good skills that he repeatedly achieved success and became a battalion commander.

Chen Mu also practised martial arts in his hometown when he was young, and although he wasn’t the best, three to five ordinary people couldn’t even get close to him.

In the face of that person’s punch, he slightly pushed and blocked as he dealt with it and then with a horse stance he punched straight and fiercely, cleanly flipping that person to the ground.

“You’re fucking looking for death!”

The other man was shocked and angry, and with a hand behind his back, he actually pulled out a dagger and swung it towards Chen Mu.

Since the other person was moving with a knife, Chen Mu would not hold back any further.

After dodging sideways, he punched the man two times in the back of the neck, quickly dropping him down.

This hit wasn’t going to kill anyone, but it would render the person unconscious and they would suffer for a while after waking up.

“Damn it, you want to eat and ditch, without even looking at who owns the restaurant!”

Chen Mu waved his hand, feeling a little pain, and looked down to see that it was bleeding.

Probably the metal piece that had accidentally rubbed against the other party’s clothes when he smacked them just now, was lightly scratched, it wasn’t serious.

So for a while, just now outside work, AiZi Maiti heard the noise to come over, Chen Mu explained to him a couple of sentences, AiZiMaiTi immediately called the police.

Chen Mu walked back to the cashier, ready to find a hemostatic patch to treat the wound, rummaging through the things,  he accidentally touched the small square rock/jade and did not notice the blood on his hand that touched the small square rock/jade, had disappeared….

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