Gas Station In The NorthWest Chapter 28

“This is for you to get a tour guide license in advance, but you will have to make up the exam later. Here are some books for the exam, after you’re comfortable with them, I suggest you go take the tour guide exam.

The old Uyghur man explained to Chen Mu what was in the bag.

When Chen Mu came back to his senses, he asked, “Did the Grand Mullah Alim get this for me?”


The old Uyghur man nodded and said, “After hearing about the trouble you were in, the Alimu Grand Mullah approached the city leaders and told them what you had done and what was going on in the village. After the leaders listened, in order to make the village engage more in agrotourism they decided to give you the license in advance, but you must take the exams within half a year.”

So that’s how it was …… Chen Mu understood.

Although the exams were still to be taken, if he could get the certificate in advance, he didn’t have to worry about being targeted for trouble in this matter. This was a great thing.

The Uyghur old man said: “Xiao Mu, Alimu Big Mullah also asked me to tell you, what you are doing now will bring benefits to everyone, so you definitely have his support you. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, just talk to him, he will help, and if it is beyond his ability, he will also be able to help you run errands.

“Asking Big Mullah Arimu to run errands for me? How dare I.”

Chen Mu smiled heedlessly, flattered.

Thinking back to the two previous contacts with that old man, he felt that there was really nothing to say, and the respect in his heart increased.

“There’s one more thing ……”

The old man said: “Aliu Grand Mullah told me to inform you that in three days, the mosque will hold a sermon, The nearby Imams will also be present. if you have time, I hope you attend.”

Chen Mu, who was being told this  didn’t understand at all, but after thinking about it, he agreed “Okay, Uncle Aizmati, you tell Grand Mullah ill be there”

The old Uyghur man was obviously very happy to hear Chen Mu’s words, and nodded his head: “Okay, I’ll take you there.”

With a slight pause, the old man instructed: “Xiao Mu, if you have time, take a look at the ancient scriptures that Alimu Grand Mullah gave you last time, otherwise you will be very bored at the sermon.”

After saying that, the old man walked away and went back to work.

Chen Mu pondered about it and felt that he really had to look up the ancient scriptures.

Ever since Mullah Alim gave him the scriptures, he had kept them in the safe in his room with his poor little savings and had never looked at them.

Since he decided to go to the sermon, he more or less had to have an understanding of what was going on.

In the evening, after eating dinner, Chen Mu took out the ancient scriptures he had locked in the safe and began to look through them.

He didn’t know whether it was because he had no talent, or maybe he was just really tired, he actually fell asleep in a daze.

He couldn’t sleep that long and he woke up again at almost twelve o’clock at night.

Chen Mu looked down at the ancient sheepskin scripture in his hand, which he had not even turned five pages, and yet didn’t remember anything. He felt he was a bit useless.

“Forget it, if I can’t understand it then so be it. Gotta be honest with yourself, why force it.”

Chen Mu completely resigned himself to his fate, put the ancient scriptures aside, and simply stopped reading them.

After thinking about it, he closed his eyes and tried to summon the godly map.

For the past two days, the godly map had been in a state of upgrade.

It was completely different from before, this time, the map upgrade seemed to take an extremely long time, Chen Mu had tried to summon it many times, but it was still unsuccessful. obviously, the upgrade was still not done yet.

This time, Chen Mu summoned it again, and to Chen Mu’s surprise and delight, the map finally came out again.

“The upgrade is complete, I wonder what new features have been added?”

After several days of not being able to summon it, Chen Mu had begun to worry a bit, fearing that the map would disappear, and now that it was summoned again, it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t happy, and he was busy checking what new features had been added.


The interface of the map didn’t change too much, except that on one side of the map, there was an additional silver light button with two words underneath: Redeem.

“Redeem? What do you mean?”

Chen Mu tried to “tap” it with his consciousness, and the map immediately sent him a message: “Vitality value for Vitality, every 5,000 Vitality points can be exchanged for one point of Vitality, yes? No?”

This was something new, and Chen Mu was a bit confused.

However, he had been planting trees for the past few days and had already accumulated more than fifteen thousand ounces of vitality value, so after some thought, he decided to exchange it.

No matter what the exchanged Vitality was, he had to try to figure it out after all, and even if it was a loss, it would only be a loss this time.

After he chose “Yes”, the Vitality column on the map interface quickly disappeared by five thousand ounces of Vitality, and then there was suddenly a Vitality value next to it, showing a “1” on it, followed by a small white cluster of light marked “Use”.

Chen Mu “clicked” on the white light again with his consciousness, and the map sent a message: “Please select the object or body part where you want the Vitality value to be applied

Chen Mu didn’t know why, but after thinking about it, and remembering the drowsiness he had experienced while reading the ancient scriptures, he tried to respond to the map: “I choose to use the Vitality value in my brain.”

After making his choice, the “1” in the Vitality column on the map quickly disappeared and became “0”.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Mu felt a sudden coolness in his brain, which lasted only for a moment, and then disappeared.

Chen Mu exited the map interface and silently felt the difference, but he did not feel any different.

But now he had confidence in the “map product”, so after some thought, he picked up the abandoned sheepskin sutra and looked through it again.

One page, two pages, three pages. ……

Compared to the previous time when he was drowsy before reading a few pages, Chen Mu felt that his state had suddenly become “motivated”, and he did not feel any “adverse reaction” even after flipping through the entire Goatskin Sutra in one breath.

After reading it, he thought back to it and seemed to have a bit of everything he had read, as if he remembered a lot of things at once.

“Oh my Goodness!”

Chen Mu understood what this “vitality” was, it seemed to make people more “active”, just like his current state, his brain seems to be activated, both his concentration and memory were greatly improved.

He didn’t know how long this “energetic” state would last, but Chen Mu was busy picking up the ancient goat skin scriptures and looking through them several times until he had memorized the scriptures, then he picked up the books related to the tour guide license examination and continued to look through them.

In this way, I don’t know how long it took ……

Suddenly, Chen Mu felt his head sink, and a wave of exhaustion came over him, causing him to have an extreme desire for sleep.

He busily looked at his watch, put down the ancient scriptures, and no longer hesitated, falling back to sleep.

“One hour.”

Before Chen Mu fell asleep, he roughly knew how long the Vitality Value lasted.

It seemed that the five thousand vitality values were well spent.

In this hour, he had memorized all the contents of the ancient scriptures and half of the contents of the guide license examination books.


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