Gas Station In The NorthWest Chapter 26

Tayi Khan saw that Chen Mu was silent and continued, “Little brother, you need a tour guide license to bring tourists here, otherwise if someone turns you in, you’ll go to jail for a long time.”

Chen Mu glanced at the man with squinty eyes and asked, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

Tayi Khan smiled a little and said, “Actually what I’m trying to say is, let’s start this tourism business of yours together, I have a hotel and a restaurant, if we work together to open a travel agency, we’ll definitely make money.”

“A travel agency?”

Chen Mu thought about it and asked without moving a muscle, “You can start your own travel agency if you want, so why do you need to drag me along?”

“You have opened up the tourism market here for quite a while, you have access to the tourists too… if we work together, we can make the travel agency’s business faster.”

With a slight pause, the shrewd Uyghur boss added, “Little brother, if you are willing to cooperate with me, when the travel agency opens up, I can give you ten percent of the shares, and then you will also be part owner of the travel agency.”

Ten percent?

Chen Mu was speechless at the sound of it.

Although he didn’t know how big Tayi Khan was prepared to make this travel agency, but the ten percent stake was completely unattractive ah, it felt so insincere to say.

Moreover, this person came up and pressured him first, saying something like breaking the law or going to jail, which made people feel uncomfortable, so Chen Mu didn’t want to pay attention to him at all.

“Oh, big brother Tayi Khan is it, well, your conditions are really attractive …… “Chen Mu performed a god twist with a grimace and said with a unique Uyghur accent: “But, I’m not interested in it at all. ”

“You ……”

Tayi Khan didn’t expect Chen Mu to be so thick-skinned and was caught a little off guard, not even knowing what to say.

At this time, a familiar figure walked outside the business room, Chen Mu had even less time to deal with Tayi Khan and said, “Excuse me, I have a customer coming, Brother Tayi Khan, you can make yourself at home, goodbye.”

After saying that, Chen Mu shoved the business card into the drawer and turned around to quickly walk out of the business room.

A customer?

The Uyghur boss turned around to take a look.

At this time, not only there were no vehicles entering the petrol station, but also no ghosts could be seen on the remaining roads, so how could there be any customers?

The Uyghur boss suddenly felt that he had been made a fool out of, his originally smiling face quickly darkened, and harrumphing twice, he stalked out of the business room and drove away.

At the side of the business room, Chen Mu was squatting on the floor, pouring milk into a large bowl.

It was just now that he saw Hu XiaoYi coming out of nowhere, and that was why he hurriedly ran out.

By the way, he hadn’t seen Hu XiaoYi for a few days, and when he finally saw him today, he felt that the air around him echoed with the “long time no see” BGM.

“Hey, I heard that Yalikun has been feeding you milk for the past few days, but you didn’t even drink it, right?”

Chen Mu touched the head of this Camel and found that its fur was full of dried mud, and then he withdrew his hand in embarrassment and continued to criticize, “You can’t do that, it’s not bad a bad idea to have someone to feed you, however, you still pick on people, what will you do if this brother goes away later? Are you planning to quit milk?”

Hu XiaoYi ignored him and continued to drink the milk.

Chen Mu’s eyes rolled around and asked, “Seriously, have you ever thought of quitting milk? Milk is expensive now, a carton of milk like this costs five or six dollars, and a smaller carton costs two or three dollars, so it might as well be nutritious as eating grass.”

Hu XiaoYi continued to bury his head into the milk bowl, only his tail moved.

Chen Mu advised bitterly: “Well, in fact, you are a big child, it is time to quit milk, after quitting milk brother every day to get you delicious pasture, cheap and nutritious, and when you are older, you will be able to grow handsome and strong, fascinated by those female camels.”

After a while, Hu Xiaoyi licked the bowl clean, raised his head and grinned, revealing the milk-stained teeth inside. The silly look was like someone who obviously didn’t understand what was just said


Chen Mu helplessly packed up his things and came back to sit on the stone chair beside him.

After thinking about the previous conversation with Tayi Khan, he said to himself, “Although that guy just came a bit reckless, it’s also a reminder that it’s against the law to be a tour guide in private, and this business of farmhouse will provoke people to be jealous if they make money, and it’s only a matter of time before they are targeted, so we still have to find a way to solve it.”

Hu Xiaoyi had drunk enough milk and lazily bent down on his knees as he rested on Chen Mu’s hand.

Its eyelids were half drooping and it seemed to be sleeping, like one of those guys who went wild at night and got sleepy in the morning.

Chen Mu continued, “How about getting a tour guide license, the primary tour guide license should not be difficult to get, didn’t Guo Yuan take one before when he was in school …… Well, then there will be no worries at all.”

Guo Yuan was Chen Mu’s classmate in college and lived in the dormitory next door.

This guy’s home environment was not very good. Just in the first year of college, he worked while he studied, and got a guide certificate specializing in going to those tourist attractions to earn living expenses.

Chen Mu clearly remembers that when Guo Yuan only spent a few days reading books, he gave the tourism license to the test, and it seemed not difficult.

Of course, this matter of taking the test wasn’t the most important thing at the moment, the most important thing was to try not to give anyone a chance to get him in trouble.

After he ran things through, he left Hu Xiaoyi behind and got up and went straight to talk to the old Uyghur man.

He had to get through to the old Uyghur man first so that the old man could inform the people of Yakash and Bazaar villages, and if anyone asked, try not to say anything, just say that he was just helping to introduce guests.

After hearing Chen Mu’s words, the elderly Uyghur eyebrows furrowed, and after asking in detail about Tayi Khan’s identity, he patted his chest and said, “Little Mu, you don’t have to worry about this matter, I’ll go and talk to the Alimu Grand Mullah, the Grand Mullah has mentioned to the old man before to come to him if you ever had any troubles in the future.”

“Ah? Does it help to talk to Big Mullah about it?”

Although Chen Mu knew that Old Man Arimu had a high reputation in this region, he did not know if he could ask for his help with such a matter and could not help but feel a little half-hearted.

“Don’t worry, Alimu Big Mullah will definitely help you take care of this matter.”

The elderly Uyghur clearly had a lot of confidence in the Big Mullah and directly signed the ticket.

When Chen Mu heard the Uyghur old man say this, he could only choose to trust in order to see what would happen.

Returning to his room in the evening, Chen Mu summoned the godly map and looked at the vitality value, which had already reached the third upgrade requirement.

“I wonder what new features are available this time?”

He chose to upgrade without saying a word, and then the map slowly disappeared.

Chen Mu closed his eyes contentedly and fell asleep, only waiting for the next day to check the results of the upgrade.


The other side.

The first thing Tayi Khan did after leaving the gas station was to pull out his phone and dial out, but unfortunately, there was no signal nearby, leaving him to suppress his anger and rush back to Bahe town before dialling out.

“Hello, Old Chen?”

“It’s me, Tayi Khan.”

“Do me a favour buddy I’m in trouble.”

“Here’s the thing ……”

“Yes, yes, yes, this matter won’t make Old Chen violate your principles, it’s just a big help to me.”

“Thank you, Old Chen, I’ll buy you a drink some other day.”

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