Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 25

It was about half-past ten when the wind very suddenly started blowing.  Immediately afterwards, there was a huge sandstorm like a high wall in the desert, sweeping over the sky.

One moment it was bright and sunny, the next moment it became dark and windy.

Gradually, everything became pitch black, and all that could be heard was the sound of sand whistling in the wind.

Although the people hid in their houses and closed their doors and windows tightly, they could still feel the power of this sandstorm.

“Really …… there really was a sandstorm.”

Da Hua stared blankly out the window, then came back to his senses and turned to look at Chen Mu, “How did you know there would be a sandstorm?”

Chen Mu said in a light-hearted manner, “I predicted this with my years of living here.”


The old Uyghur man went outside to tie the donkey so he did not hear what Chen Mu said. However, Kensol in the house could hear clearly, could not help but stare at Chen Mu. He really did not understand. he was a native-born and had lived here for so many years, his life experience is much richer than Chen Mu, how could he not predict that there will be a sandstorm.

Chen Mu was encountering a sandstorm for the first time, and if it wasn’t for the godly map, he wouldn’t have been able to predict anything at all, anyway, now that he was right, he could brag as much as he liked.


Da Hua and the four of them were completely convinced, thumbs up to brother Cheng Zijun. This brother was really a northwest local pass, looking for him as a guide was a great idea.

By the time the sandstorm had completely passed, it was already an hour and a half later.


If it wasn’t for the sand and dust everywhere inside and outside the house, they wouldn’t believe that they had just experienced a sandstorm.

The group headed to the sand control area to experience how to make straw squares, took group photos in the sand control area, and then began the return trip.

Back at the gas station, Dahua and the others prepared to leave

Before leaving, Da Hua threw eight thousand to Chen Mu.


Two thousand for each of the four of them was already higher than Chen Mu’s expectations, and he counted it and pocketed the money, feeling beautiful.

The point was, before Dahua and the others left, they all added Chen Mu’s WeChat, saying that they would come back again in the future and that they would also introduce others to him.

Then, everyone bid farewell reluctantly.

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Laugh it Out
Laugh it Out
1 year ago

nice, ty for chapter