Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 24

After leading the four tourists into the house to stay, Chen Mu began to prepare dinner for them.


Because he knew the tourists were coming, he had already made preparations, especially went to the town to stock up on more vegetables and meat, and made a lamb hotpot.


“We don’t have anything good here, but  lamb meat is especially good, the taste is different from other places, you guys eat more, ill prepare more if it’s not enough, mmm, there is also enough before for everyone.”


Lamb was the speciality of this side, and must be vigorously marketed, not to mention that Chen Mu still specializes in making good selections. The tourists were very satisfied with their food.

In addition to the lamb, Chen Mu also got a free-range chicken and a piece of yak beef, along with some pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free farm-grown vegetables, and set up a table full of them for the tourists to eat.

The tourists ate hotpot and drank beer, and soon they were befriending Chen Mu, and Dahua directly gave Guide Chen a nickname – Little Mu Mu.

“Little Mu Mu ah, what on earth are you thinking at such a young age, how did you come here to open a gas station?”

Da Hua hugged Chen Mu’s shoulder and inquired curiously.


In his eyes, this side of the Northwest is a poor place, and what he thought in his heart, his mouth expressed, not at all knowing how to be polite and tactful.


Chen Mu was able to see that even though this guy was rough on the surface, but in fact, he was straightforward and sincere, and anyone could get along with him as long as they could tolerate his foul mouth that had no room for delicate speech.


“What else is there, it was passed down, that’s basically how it is, it’s actually quite good here, I quite like the way things are now.”


Chen Mu actually really felt that he was in a good state now, ever since he met Hu XiaoYi and got the black technology map, he no longer felt bored staying here, and gradually lost the idea of selling the gas station and leaving.


“So it’s an inheritance ah ……”

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