Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 23

Business is here?

Chen Mu was both surprised and delighted.

Just a moment ago, he was in a state of anguish and didn’t know how to attract customers, but he didn’t expect that someone would automatically come knocking on his door so soon.

“Welcome, welcome, I’m Chen Mu, are you sure you want to come over the day after tomorrow?”

Chen Mu coughed, and switched the frequency, entering the “Guide Chen” persona

“That’s right, we’ll be over there the morning after tomorrow, we’ll first fly to Ruanhe, then we’ll drive to Bahe Town, and finally we’ll go to your place.”

“Oh, so you guys don’t need to be picked up, just come over to my gas station right?”

“Yes, we have our own car, and it’s already booked at Wheeling.”

“How many of you?”

“Four, one pair is a couple.”

“Oh, well, we only have two rooms here, you’ll have to make do with one room for a night.”

“No problem, we’re not fussy, we can live with people, it’s mainly about experiencing life.”

“Would you mind paying some deposit up front?”

“Money isn’t a problem, I’ll add your WeChat later and transfer over the amount to you.”

As soon as he heard this, Chen Mu felt satisfied. He liked this kind of “money isn’t a problem” customers.

After thinking about it, Chen Mu asked, “Who introduced you to me? What’s their name?”

The man replied, “My name is Dahua, Junzi and I are both members of the ‘Walking Wild Club’, and we looked at the pictures he posted these two days, then heard his recommendation to find you.”

It turned out that it was Cheng Zijun who referred them to him……

Chen Mu felt that the next time he saw him he would have to buy him a drink, it was only a couple of days after he had gone back, and he had introduced his friend to them, he was really enthusiastic.

Chen Mu and that Dahua chatted some more about the details and hung up the phone .

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