Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 22

“Simple Girl” was Li Yihan herself, she was a newly graduated intern journalist, her internship unit was at  “Guang Hui Daily”, when she was in school she won the title of “National Undergraduate of the Year” and was officially certified by Weibo.

Because of her high face value and her role in several student charity organizations, she had a high Weibo visibility and had a certain influence among young people.

In her blog post “I went to the desert for a walk”, she wrote about her experience in the desert for three days and two nights with many photos and illustrations, focusing on the local customs and customs, which was very attractive.

“It’s so beautiful to look at the photos, I didn’t think such a desolate place could still be filmed.”

“The accompanying picture is so awesome, praying for a short video.”

“Was the whole trip really on camels? Is this the Diamond Deluxe Tour?”

“Rich blogger, appraisal complete.”


Although Li Yihan’s blog post was read by many people, the vast majority of people were only looking at the fresh and lively pictures, not many people asked how to get there.

Instead, after Cheng Zijun came back, he casually posted a few photos in his outdoor driving club group, and the group immediately exploded, and those club buddies sent messages asking about the situation.

A: ” Junzi, what’s the situation of your trip to the desert? Can we go?”

Cheng Zijun: “Of course you can go, I’m telling you, it’s really worth going there, we wasted too much time in other places this time, so we couldn’t spend that much time over there otherwise I’m sure we’d have stayed there for tens of days

B: “Was it really that much fun, huh? Isn’t dangerous to go into the desert? I heard that if you encounter a sandstorm you’ll get lost in the desert.”

Cheng Zijun: “Of course it’s fun, as for you saying it’s dangerous, it depends on what person leads you in, our guide knows the locals well enough to go in with no problem.”

C: “How did you guys get in touch, id love to check him out next time I plan a trip there.”

Cheng Zijun: “No problem, I’ll just send his contact information and address to the group, if you want to go, look for him.”

D: “Was it expensive?”

Cheng Zijun: “The three of us, stayed for three days and two nights, ate and drank well, and travelled the entire time by camel, and only spent seven thousand, a huge bargain.”

A, B, C and D: “That’s not expensive, it seems really worth going to see.”

Cheng Zijun’s bull: “Hurry up, hurry up, mention my name when you go, it’s easy!”

Chen Mu is unaware of the fact that Cheng Zijun in his group of pretending to be awesome if he knew he’d certainly nod in approval, mentioning his name  was very necessary, after all, they are all premium guests and the price has to be adjusted accordingly.

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