Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 21

Back at the gas station, Chen Mu addressed a teenager in the business room, ” Yalikun, stop watching TV and come out for a while, I need to ask you something.”


“Coming, Brother Mu.”


The teenager quickly ran out at a trot, moving as swiftly as a monkey.


Chen Mu pointed to the saplings next to the gas station and asked, “When the forestry company delivered them, did you count them, is the number right?”

The young man replied, “I roughly counted it when they sent it over, there wasn’t much discrepancy, then after they left, I counted it again carefully and the number was exactly the same as on the list.”

“Good job!”

Chen Mu was relieved and asked, “Did the camel come? Did you give it milk?”

The young man answered again, “It came twice for miles, but every time I tried to nurse it, it went away, so I didn’t.”

“hmmm ……”

Chen Mu frowned, it seems that Hu Xiao Er really recognized people, it did not just want any person to feed it milk to drink, if he wanted to go out to do something in the future, he would have to think carefully about what to do.

When the young man saw that Chen Mu didn’t say anything, he said again, “Brother Mu, after the saplings were brought in, I saw that there were no guests in the gas station, so I went to plant the trees myself for a while, not far from the ones you planted.”

Chen Mu took a look and couldn’t see clearly in the night, but he did have some more trees in his woodshed.


“Thanks, Yalikun, you did a great job.”

Chen Mu must show his appreciation to the employee who worked conscientiously, he pulled out fifty dollars and handed it to the teenager, saying, “Here’s your pay.”

Then he pulled out an additional twenty and handed it to the teenager again, “Here’s your bonus, because you really helped me out this time.”

The teenager was very happy, took the money, folded it carefully and stuffed it into his pocket, “Thank you, Brother Mu.”

Chen Mu patted the young man’s head, “Go quickly, um, it’s already dark, if you don’t want to go back, you can stay here for the night and leave tomorrow.”


“No thank you, I want to go back, mom is waiting for me at home, and besides, its not too dark outside!”

The young man’s tone was resolute, but he didn’t leave immediately and instead looked at Chen Mu, wanting to say something more.

Chen Mu was curious and asked, “What, is there still something you want to tell me?”

The young man hesitated and said, “Brother Mu, can I come to work at your place every day from now on?”


Chen Mu looked at the teenager and did not immediately speak.


The teenager was called YaliKun, a young man who was only just fourteen years old.


His mother was an Uyghur woman who was born with a bit of an intellectual disability, and when she was young, while her family wasn’t watching someone took advantage of her, thus becoming pregnant and giving birth to him.


Life in such a family was undoubtedly difficult, especially after the death of his maternal grandparents one after the other, making life even more difficult for mother and son.


YaliKun, despite his young age, had to wander around, looking for work opportunities to support the family.

When Chen Mu parents were alive, they often helped YaliKun by having him help out at the gas station, which was a temporary job.

This time, Chen Mu and the Uyghur old man had to bring tourists into the village and couldn’t take care of the gas station, so the Uyghur old man called YaliKun over again.

When Yalikun saw that Chen Mu didn’t say anything, he thought that he was unwilling, and he even patted his chest and promised, “Brother Mu, although I am young, I have the strength to work, if you are willing to let me work, I will work hard and won’t be lazy.”

Chen Mu asked, “Then you won’t go to school in the future?”

“I can’t, there’s no money.”


Yalikuns reason was strong and powerful.

Chen Mu thought about it and nodded, “Alright.”

Yalikun was surprised and delighted, not expecting Chen Mu to agree so readily, and even tried again, “Can I start tomorrow?”

“Well, alright then, you can start tomorrow!”

“Great, thank you, Brother Mu.”

Yalikun was so happy that he almost jumped up.

Chen Mu waved his hand, “Go quickly go quickly, it’s already late, be safe.”


Yalikun promised and trotted off.

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