Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 20

Chen Mu waited for Li Yihan to walk away, whispered to Cheng Zijun: “This stuff is good, used to be a tribute to the emperor, you can buy some.”


    Cheng Zijun’s eyes flashed again, and he was about to speak, but then he realized something, and swallowed the word “good”, and said: “I don’t need this at all, but you can buy some, Yichen.”


    Li Yijian smiled slightly and shook his head as well: “I don’t have the need for either.”


    “Oh, I don’t even have the need for that ……”


    Chen Mu looked at the two of them and then looked at the earth rat that dug up the cistanche with a pitying look, helplessly saying, “That can’t be helped, this stuff is good but no one needs it, let’s go.”


    Cheng Zijun listened to Chen Mu said, with a twinkle in his eye, busy said: “Yes, even if you can’t use such a good thing, you can still take it back to your family or friends …… Well, then, Chen Mu, you help me ask, I want all of them, how much does he want for them? Well, let him count it as a bargain.”




    Chen Mu looked at Cheng Zijun with a mocking smile until this guy couldn’t hold his tongue a bit and wanted to say something, then he said, “Alright then, I’ll ask for you.”


    After going over and negotiating with the dirt rat, he finally traded this freshly dug out three kilograms of wild cistanche for three thousand five.


    Casually taking a plastic bag to put the stuff in and hanging it on the camel’s back, Cheng Zijun was in a great mood and completely satisfied.


    Li Yijian had been silently watching until he saw Cheng Zijun pay for the plants, then he laughed and said: “Seeing is believing, I also have some relatives and friends at home who need this stuff, how about you share a bit with me.”


    With a slight pause, he didn’t wait for Cheng Zijun to refuse, then he said slowly, “If you don’t give it to me, I can talk about this in the circle of friends.”


    Cheng Zijun had no choice but to drop a sentence, “I’ll give you half”, before letting the matter go.


    After walking for more than an hour, a little green finally appeared inside the yellow sand.


    Before seeing the sand sea only felt spectacular, now after so long, the spectacular scenery also began to slowly become numb, suddenly seeing such a little green, really brightens up one’s day


    Slowly approaching, the bit of green grew larger and larger, gradually revealing the outline of a small oasis.


    “Yes, this is the village of Bazaar.”


    The old Uyghur man sat on a donkey, taking note of the oasis and the village on it, nodding his head to confirm.


    The entire oasis was about a mile square, there weren’t too many trees, it was rather sparse, but there were plenty of sand control areas, and it looked like they had made a lot of effort to prevent the village from being completely engulfed by yellow sand.


    The villagers soon spotted their party as well, and someone immediately greeted them.




    “Aiz Maiti!”


    Among the people who welcomed him out was an old Uyghur man with a small round hat. As soon as he saw the old man, he jumped off his donkey, limped over and hugged him.


    As soon as he heard the name “Jamal”, Chen Mu knew that he was the village chief of Bazaar Village.


    The old Uyghur man had introduced him to the village chief of Bazaar Village before, and he was also a member of the wildlife protection patrol back then, and the two of them were considered to be brothers who lived and died together, and their friendship went above and beyond.


    The Uyghur old man and Jamal exchanged words in Uyghur language for a while before letting Chen Mu and the others over and enter the village together.


    Chen Mu led the visitors to Jamal, gave the old man a senior salute, and said, “Lord Salamu Aila”.


    He nodded his head and said in Chinese: “You are a good young man, Aiz Maiti said that you are a favoured person of the great ambassador of Hu, and the great mullah of Alimu even passed on the ancient scriptures of the mosque to you, so you will take Bazaar village as your home, you can come here at any time.”


    Chen Mu heard the words of the old man in front of Jamal, just suddenly realized that “pass on the ancient scriptures” this matter was so important,  but he did put much importance into it and only said thank you.




    Behind them, Cheng Zijun also heard the old man’s words, and they wondered how Chen Mu had become the favoured envoy of Hu.


    After entering Bazaar Village, Jamal led them on a tour of the village, and soon it was time for dinner.


    I don’t know if it was because of the Uyghur old man’s face or because of Chen Mu’s face, but anyway, the villagers of Bazaar Village showed the hospitable side of the Uyghur people, besides the three kinds of hand-crafted rice, naan and grilled meat, there was also their own wine brewed, plus all kinds of dried fruits and snacks, it was really a sumptuous dinner.


    After dinner.


    Cheng Zijun was drunk, Li Yikian was drunk, Chen Mu was drunk, and even Li Yihan was constantly toasted by the hospitable young Uyghur men, and finally became so drunk that she needed help to get back to her room.


    The next day, they slept until noon.


    After lunch, old man Jamal came back and said to them, “My friends, today our whole village is going to work in the sand control area, so we won’t be able to entertain you, so you are free to stay and go as you please.”


    Sand control?


    Chen Mu’s heart was moved, and he said, “Uncle Jamal, then let’s also go to your sand control area and take a look!”


    As he said, he turned to Cheng Zijun and the three of them, “Have you seen the sand control, do you want to experience it?”


    “Since we’re all here, of course, we have to go see it.”


    This time it was Li Yihan who took the idea, and the two men were fine with it.


    They quickly packed up and the group followed the Bazaar villagers into the sand control area.


    Under the open-minded learning eyes of the three tourists, Chen Mu began to popularize science again.


    The so-called sand control, are many, but in a nutshell, it was two steps: one is sand consolidation, the other is planting vegetation.


    These two steps are simple to say, but they are not easy to do at all.


    If you want to fix the sand, you have to make grass squares first.


    The one meter by one-meter grass grid is the great invention of Daxia sand control people in the sixties, which can effectively prevent the wind and fix the sand, and retain the moisture.


    It is said that the emergence of the grass square came from a chance, in the early stage of sand control, because of the harsh natural environment, plant sand fixing was completely impossible.


    Sand control people tried pebble pavement, asphalt sand mix, straw mat pavement and other methods, all unsuccessful, the effect was very poor.


    Until one day, when a worker was about to take a break, he picked up a bundle of straw spilt by a camel team member, inserted the grass into the sand with a shovel, and left.


    A few days later, when the sandstorm passed, everyone found that all the other plants were swallowed by the yellow sand, only this bundle of wheatgrass stood strong on the dune.


    What the villagers of Bazaar Village wanted to do is to make a grid of straw.


    The villagers lay the straw poles on the ground to form a one-meter by one-meter grid, then use shovels to dig and fix the straw into the sand, leaving one-third of it standing upright, and cover the straw with sand all the way from the roots so that the straw is firmly rooted in the sand


    This is not difficult to do, but the hard part is to keep on doing it.


    Bazaar village has been doing this for a long time, the grid of grass they laid out was one thousand meters long and two hundred meters wide, the whole piece is connected together, one grid after another, it is incomparably spectacular.


    The three tourists each tried to do ten or so squares and then stopped, it was considered an experience.


    Li Yihan held up her camera and kept taking pictures of the densely packed grass squares and the scenes of the villagers’ hard work.


    When she finished taking pictures, she walked up to Chen Mu’s side and said, “If I hadn’t come here, I wouldn’t have known that sand control was originally like this.”


    Hearing such words, Chen Mu wanted to politely say that you can come to see more later but felt that he was particularly vulgar, so he simply shut up.


    Li Yihan continued, “I’m an intern reporter, and this time I’m going to officially start working when I go back, I will definitely write down all the things I see and hear here so that more people can be informed about the situation here”


    A reporter?


    The first time he saw this, he knew it was a good idea.


    After completing the “sand control” project, the group started their return journey.


    They returned to the gas station without a hitch, and Cheng Zijun and the three of them drove away that night.


    They felt a bit reluctant to leave because they had come too soon and hadn’t had enough fun, especially when Chen Mu told them that there were several small villages on the edge of the desert that they hadn’t been able to see.


    Chen Mu was also a little reluctant, after all, he felt that he and Li Yihan in these days had gotten a lot closer and he began to “feel” something, he had only met her for a few days, and it wasn’t like he could say “don’t go, stay with me”. Love wasn’t impossible but it took time ……


    Of course, the extra two thousand that Cheng Zijun had stuffed into him before he left had eased his reluctance a little, these three customers were really quite generous.


    In the night, waving his hand to watch the headlights of that Hum V completely disappear in the distance of the highway, Chen Mu was a little tired and so he turned around and walked back into the gas station




    The car.


    Li Yihan sat in the back row and kept looking out of the car window after getting into the car, not wanting to say anything.


    Li Yiqian in the passenger seat turned to look at his sister, and after thinking about it, he asked softly, “What, you don’t want to give it up?”


    Li Yihan didn’t speak, didn’t even move.


    Li Yiqian said: “Yihan, that kid in the gas station, we met by accident, that’s all, don’t think too much.”


    Li Yihan suddenly spoke: “You shut up, I do not want to hear it.”


    Li Yiqian helplessly shrugged his shoulders, looked ahead, and stopped talking.


    After a while of silence, but it was Cheng Zijun who couldn’t help it a bit and smiled: “Anyway, that kid is really quite interesting, well, if I get another chance next time, I’ll come to play with him.”


    As he spoke he stepped on the gas pedal harder, and the car whizzed along the highway even faster.

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