Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 2


After it finished drinking, it raised its head, milk still hanging from its mouth, and just looked at Chen Mu in a silly way, as if it was waiting for something.

“Want more?”

Chen Mu was happy, seeing that it meant asking for a refill.

The guy didn’t know if he understood it or not, but he licked his lips, stupid as hell.

It was the first time Chen Mu encountered a wild camel and felt quite amused, turning back to get two more cartons of milk and slowly walked over to the guy, “I’m coming over, don’t move, I won’t give you a drink if you move.”

The guy didn’t move a muscle, just looked at Chen Mu foolishly.

Chen Mu was actually a little afraid that it would suddenly go crazy and bump into him, so he carefully approached, opened the carton very slowly, and poured the milk into the bowl very slowly, not wanting to stimulate the other guy with any movement.

The guy waited quietly for Chen Mu to finish pouring the milk, then his mouth chattered, he lowered his head and continued to drink it, making a very cheerful sound of ” Soso Soso”.

Chen Mu stood beside him and secretly took out his cell phone, taking a few pictures of the big head that was drinking milk in the bowl before he put it back in his pocket.

Wild camels are rare, and it was a strange encounter for him today, so he couldn’t help but take a picture and send it to his friends.

After putting the phone away, Chen Mu thought about it, and suddenly wanted to touch the big guy next to him.

He stretched out his hand to touch the guy’s body, but the guy didn’t react at all, which made Chen Mu’s boldness suddenly increase, so he put his palm against the other guy’s fur and stroked it smoothly to feel it.

It was hard to imagine that this guy looked dirty, but the fur was soft and nice to the touch.

After a few strokes on the body, the guy didn’t care at all, and Chen Mu couldn’t help but squat down and touch towards the guy’s head.

With this touch, the guy reacted. He raised his head to look at Chen Mu, his mouth chuckles, full of milk, like a white beard.

Chen Mu didn’t feel afraid at all, but rather felt a bit amused and asked, “Is it good?”

The guy continued to chatter his mouth, his eyes looking at Chen Mu as if he was awake, not knowing if he understood or not.

Chen Mu remembered that camels are generally silent, and only at certain times, such as courtship, would they make a low, deep grunt, and it wasn’t pleasant at all.

So he didn’t care about the guy’s response, and touched the other guy’s plush head again, “How are you going to repay brother for buying you milk today?”

The guy was silent for a while, and then lowered his head to continue drinking milk until all two boxes of milk Chen Mu took out were finished, then he licked his lips and trotted off.

“Don’t ever come banging on my window again!”

Chen Mu watched the guy’s back disappear into the night before turning around to put the bowl away, and walked in the door leisurely.

There are no entertainment programs at the gas station, and even things like surfing the Internet are boring. usually sometimes nothing happens, usually relied on luck and not only the weather.

The only thing he could do is watching TV. The satelite dish behind the gas station could only receive a few channels. Chen Mu didn’t watch it for a long time, and he slowly dozed off

He didn’t know how long he slept–

” BAM…”

Chen Mu was awakened by a dull noise.

“What’s the matter?”

Sitting up sleepily from the bed, Chen Mu saw that it was still daylight outside, and the sound of “dang, dang, dang’ was still going on outside, which was very rhythmic and familiar.

He hurriedly ran to the monitor, but I didn’t expect to see an “acquaintance”.

The guy who ran away after drinking milk showed up again last night, banging his head against the window.

“What’s the situation? Running back again…Is this thing addicted to drinking?”

Chen Mu was speechless.

Although there are still some milk stocks in the gas station, they are not much, and wouldn’t last at this rate.

That guy came twice a night, one day or two days, what should I do if it takes a long time?

It seems that tomorrow I really have to find a way to tear off the advertising sticker on the iron gate.

In desperation, Chen Mu could only take two cartons of milk, and went out to stop the guy directly: “Don’t bump, don’t bump, can’t give you milk?”

Sure enough—

hearing his words, the guy stopped immediately. , Walked over slowly, looking at him naively.

Chen Mu put down the big bowl angrily, opened both cartons of milk, and poured it directly into it. While pour it, he said, “I said, brother, you can’t do this. Brother, there’s not enough milk here. I can’t stand you drinking like this. , Or if we have a discussion, don’t come after this meal, can you go to other places to find food by yourself?”

The guy snorted, its eyes still looked like they were asleep, as if he was thinking, or as if he didn’t understand anything.

“Okay, okay, you don’t seem to understand… well, let’s stop talking nonsense, you drink milk, and leave as soon as you finish drinking.”

Chen Mu felt that he could only tear off the advertising sticker for the current plan. , Looking back to find someone to strengthen the iron gate.

But what he didn’t expect was that the guy didn’t lower his head to drink milk, and after a few chattering mouths, he unexpectedly spit out a piece of something and fell to the ground with a snap.


Chen Mu looked at the guy in surprise, and then at the things on the ground. He couldn’t see clearly even in dim light, it seemed to be something like a small stone.

The guy grinned, showing fairly neat teeth, as if showing a smile, then lowered his head to the bowl, and drank the milk.

Chen Mu was shocked by the personified smile of this camel, and it took a long time before he recovered from his dumbfounded eyes. He squatted down and picked up the little stone with camel spit.

As soon as he started with things, Chen Mu knew that this was not an ordinary stone, because it had sharp edges and corners, and it was not naturally formed at all. It was obviously artificially carved.

“Are you bringing a gift for brother?”

Chen Mu asked the guy who was drinking milk, while holding the little stone to his eyes, trying to see clearly.

Vaguely, the little stone looked like a small seal, with some words or patterns engraved on one side, but in the light in front of you, it was impossible to see what it was.

He took this thing and rolled it twice in his hand. Although he didn’t know what it was, Chen Mu was in a good mood, not because of the value of this little stone, but because of the human nature of the wild camel in front of him.

Last night, he played a little joke on it, asking how it would like to repay him, and in the blink of an eye, he came to the door early in the morning with a gift, which was more than human to know how to repay a kindness, just for this simple sentiment, it was also very touching, wasn’t it.

“I will often come to see my brother in the future, as long brother is here, I will take care of you all day!”

Chen Mu stroked the guy’s head and made a generous promise.

Just one more camel, Chen Mu felt that he could afford it.

I don’t know if he understood me or not, but he raised his head and grinned at Chen Mu with a white beard and smiled again.

That look was particularly silly.


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