Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 19


The three of them let their camels run, and soon they rushed up the dunes and saw the scene behind them.


    It was a real sea of sand, and after the dunes were countless high and low sand dunes.


    On top of those dunes, there was a wind-blown trace, like a water line, which was very beautiful.


    Nearby, some drought-tolerant plants could be seen, and even poplar trees that appeared to be dry, but farther away, there was only sand, and as far as the eye could reach, it was all yellow, and finally connected with the sky.


    Cheng Zijun and Li Yijian were both very excited to see such a magnificent view.


    They were like two children, grinning and screaming as they quickly jumped off the camel and raced down the top of the dune to the bottom of the dune.


   Sitting on his hunchback and looking into the distance, Chen Mu was shocked to see the greatness of nature and felt nothing could be more spectacular than the sight before him.


    “It’s beautiful!”


    Li Yihan also rushed over, also impressed by the sight in front of him, took out her camera and began to click and click.


    Rather, the two Uyghurs had already seen more of these, not feeling anything at all, the Uyghur old man even said worriedly, “The desert has become bigger again miles, from the time we came here, it was only after we passed the Bazaar village that it was a desert, not in these few years, and now the desert has expanded to miles here.”


    The old man said, “I don’t know whether the Bazaar Village is still there or not”, so Tour Guide Chen immediately searched with the godly map.


    If you don’t search, you won’t know, but if you search, you’ll be shocked.


    That Bazaar Village that the old Uyghur man was talking about was actually inside the desert, located in a small oasis, completely surrounded by sand.


    Before checking the map, there were several small villages on the edge of the desert, Chen Mu thought that the Bazaar Village mentioned by the Uyghur old man was one of them, so he didn’t pay specific attention to it, but now he saw that it actually wasn’t …… tsk, this matter, it seems that there is a communication problem within the team.


    Chen Mu took advantage of the gap between the three tourists who were mesmerized by the desert scene and pulled the old Uyghur man aside and asked, “Uncle Aiz Maiti, there is still a good distance from here to the Bazaar Village, isn’t it a bit dangerous to take them into the desert?”



    As he said that, he pointed in the direction of one of the small villages shown on the map  and said, “Uncle, I remember there seems to be a village in that direction, why don’t we go there for the night?”


    The old Uyghur man took a glance in that direction, and after thinking about it, he said, “That’s De Yi village, a village of the Baoan tribe, I don’t have a good friendship with their village head, I’m afraid that we won’t be welcomed.”


   Chen Mu did not expect there to be such an issue and was startled.


    In this area of Bahe Town, there were more ethnic minorities living, with the Uyghurs and the Baoan tribe being the majority.


    Although both the Uyghurs and the Baoans had similar, there were still many things that differed between them due to their different customs and cultures.


    Take the point of eating, the Uyghurs like to eat naan, grilled meat and rice, thousands of years unchanged, and those Arab countries are very similar.


   The Baoan people, on the other hand, love to eat pasta and are better known for their various fried pastries and noodle shops.


   The Baoan people also eat meat, but most of the meat they eat is livestock and poultry slaughtered according to the Islamic way, and they did not eat animal blood products or pork.


    The two clans live in their own homes and rarely mix because of their different habits.


    This left no choice but to go into the desert.


   The itinerary was completely at odds with what Chen Mu had predetermined, but at this point, he could only furrow his eyebrows and move forward.


   The tourists were unaware of anything and were still excited to hear that they were going straight into the desert.


    Fortunately, Bazaar Village was within the range of the black map, and Chen Mu wasn’t worried about anything like getting lost in the sea of sand.


   Walking in the desert on camels, the people one by one automatically turned into the Arab sheikh mode, wrapping their faces and necks tightly with scarves.


    The tourists held up their cell phones and cameras and start snapping pictures, unusually active and excited at the sight of a lizard or a haloxylon tree for most of the day.


    The old Uyghur man rode a donkey and moved at a steady pace, Chen Mu approached and asked curiously, “Uncle, the Bazaar village is surrounded by the desert, why don’t they move out?”


    The old Uyghur man said, “As long as there is still water in the well, no one wants to leave for miles.”


    Chen Mu could only lightly sigh and keep quiet


    No matter how harsh the environment was, it was still home, so it was better not to leave.


    Chen Mu had looked at the map and the underground waterway connecting Bazaar Village was still clear, they would probably be able to hold on because of this.


    As they walked, they suddenly saw a patch of haloxylon trees in front of them, and a gray figure was buried in the sand, digging for something.


    The first person to spot it was Li Yihan, who was very excited and pointed to the figure and whispered, “Look, look, there’s an earth dog there.” TN Dunno what this supposed to be. 


    Cheng Zijun took a look at it, and also came energetically, saying: “What earth dog ah, thats obviously a lynx in the desert, looks quite fat tho.”


    Li Yiqian said, “Why does it look like a pig?”


    Chen Mu took a look at it and immediately retorted with, “That’s a person.”




    The three tourists all expressed surprise, they really couldn’t see that it was a human being.


    Chen Mu pointed at the man, “Don’t judge them by their grizzled faces, we call them dirt rats, they usually specialize in wandering around, looking for and digging up those precious plants that can make money.”


    There’s still such a thing?


    The three tourists were even more surprised.


    Chen Mu had encountered a few earth rats in the gas station, so he knew a little bit about them, so he seized the opportunity to show off his knowledge and give the three tourists some insight into the history of earth rats.


    They were similar to the ginseng pickers in the old Changbai Mountains, except that while they were picking wild ginseng in the snowy mountains these people were digging for medicinal materials in the desert.


    In recent years, due to the earth rats digging and poaching, many precious species are on the verge of extinction, so the government has strictly prohibited and cracked down on them.


    Of course, it won’t be banned for a while, because there is profit to be made, and earth rats still exist, many of them are locals, but they are becoming less and less common.


    The three tourists were sceptical, and only when they got closer did they see that it was really a person, this guy was almost submerged in the sand, digging for something.


    Hearing the noise, the man sat up, with a small flat head and a short stature, at this point his head was covered in sand and dust, if you didn’t look closely, it really looked like an animal living in a hole in the desert.


    “Hey, buddy, what did you find?”


    Chen Mu waved his hand and offered his greeting.


   The man relaxed at the sight of the party and smiled, revealing his white teeth, “Just digging up some cistanche.”


   Hearing the accent, it was an Uyghur, and he was not very old.


    Chen Mu smiled and asked, “How much?”


    “Quite a few, there’s five of them!”


    The man laughed again and held up a piece of cistanche that he had just dug out, without even patting the dirt, and showed it to Chen Mu.


    Cheng Zijun looked at the gray puffy thing and curiously asked Chen Mu, “What is the use of this thing? How much money can you make by digging it up?”


    “Wild Cistanche on the market go for about two thousand a pound, as for the utility of well ……”


    Chen Mu looked at Li Yihan before spitting out two words in a soft voice: “Aphrodisiac.”


    “Oh ~~~~~~.”


   Cheng Zijun and Li Yiqian both understood and looked at the grey bundle of medicine, and their eyes brightened up a lot.


   Li Yihan also understood, said “bad eggs” and rode the camel forward to pull away from the three perverts.

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