Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 18

Looking at the figure on the rooftop wearing a small tank top and shorts, Chen Mu inexplicably felt his heartbeat quicken, his eyes couldn’t help but sweep back and forth from the twin bears to her long legs, and his mouth went dry.


    “Staying in this shitty place, it’s been too long since I’ve seen a beautiful woman, I can’t stand the temptation ah!”


    Guide Chen felt that he was too unprofessional, but he didn’t know how to take back his gaze at all and continued to stare.


    After taking pictures for a while, Li Yihan very suddenly turned her head to look at Chen Mu below.


    Their eyes met and they were startled.


    Guide Chen had the embarrassment of being caught in the act, and Li Yihan also acted a bit at a loss.


    Guide Chen had thicker skin, and after coughing lightly, he asked as if nothing had happened, “Up so early to take pictures ah.”


    Li Yihan’s face was slightly red and explained, “I didn’t take anything, just a shot of the sunrise.”


    So that’s how it was!


   Guide Chen understood the girl’s words, and suddenly he was no longer embarrassed but became righteous.


    Yesterday he had confirmed with the three tourists that they were not allowed to take pictures in the village without permission.


    They were staying in the home of an elderly Uyghur and Aunt Guli, and with permission, they could certainly take pictures in the courtyard.


    But there are other families in the village, outside they did not have the permission of those families, holding a camera and wandering around was likely to attract the resentment of some of the villagers, so Guide Chen prohibited them from doing so.


    Li Yihan probably encountered good material and could not help but wake up early in the morning and sneak out to take a picture, but did not expect to bump into Guide Chen’s muzzle.


    The plot of an action film flashes through Guide Chen’s mind, such as a girl being caught and humiliated in a supermarket.


   Of course, Guide Chen was a wimp with a thief’s heart and no guts, fantasy was fine, putting it in play …… he coughed again, old-fashionedly said: “Beware of the consequences ah, this time forget it…I really hope there isn’t a next time.”


   Li Yihan listened to Guide Chen’s words, startled, and then couldn’t help but giggle: “Of course, fellow guide Chen, It won’t happen again.”


    After saying that, she got  down from the roof, as if she had  the intention of facing him and with a stern face added: “Anyway, I’ve already filmed what I needed”


    “Li-san, it seems that you still haven’t been able to deeply realize your mistake and do some deep introspection, well, no, you have to give me the camera, I have to destroy the film immediately before I can let you leave”


    “Can’t do that, what can you do?”


    “I’m going to take it by force.”


    “Come on!”


    “I’m really gonna do it.”


    “Dare you to try!”


    “I ……”


    They pretended to argue with each other a few times, and finally smiled at each other, no longer dwelling on the matter.


    After this, the two people’s relationship seems to have suddenly become a lot closer, specific how much closer they themselves did not know, just chatting and talking had become easier between them.


    Soon, sister-in-law Rui Yihan also woke up and saw the two of them, she only nodded and smiled, and then went into the kitchen to work.


   Aunt Guri wasn’t getting any younger,  most of the household work had been handed over to her daughter-in-law, so she had become somewhat of the housekeeper, so Rui Yihan, although she didn’t have much to say, in fact, she was the person who made most of the decisions in the house.


    After chatting with Li Yihan for a while, Chen Mu found the opportunity to walk into the kitchen and said to Rui Khan, who was preparing breakfast, “Sister-in-law, I have something to say to you.”


    While Rui Khan was busy, she said, “Little Mu, if you have something to say, just say it.”


    Chen Mu took out two thousand from his pocket and handed it to Rie Yihan, “Sister-in-law, this is money for their stay and food here, put it away.”


    Rui Yihan looked at the stack of bills in Chen Mu’s hand, startled, then shook her head: “How can I collect money for this, mother treats you like her own child, you bring your friends over, you are a guest in our house, you can’t collect money.”


    Chen Mu shook his head and said, “Sister-in-law, you can take it, I will try to recruit more people to travel here and see if I can open up the market, if this works, more and more people will come over in the future, you should take this money.”


    After saying that, he shoved the money directly into Rui Yihan’s hand, turned around and walked away.


    Rui Yihan was dumbfounded, then quickly counted the bills in his hand and found that it was two thousand, and was shocked: “How come there is so much, Xiao Mu, you ……”


   But Chen Mu had already gone far away and couldn’t hear her words.


   Rui Yihan thought about it, two thousand was not a small amount of money, usually, their family with two children to raise could barely spend a thousand in a month.  Chen Mu suddenly put two thousand into her hands, she really didn’t dare take the decision to accept.


    So she decided to take the money first and give it to her mother-in-law later, so she could let her mother-in-law decide what to do with it.


    The time quickly struck nine o’clock, and Cheng Zijun and Li Yichen were still asleep.


   Chen Mu couldn’t help it and rushed straight into the room to wake people up.


    Then an hour later, they finally got back on their camels and started their day’s journey.


    Their destination was to see the sand dunes to the north, after which they would stay in a small local village and return on the third day, which was all that Guide Chen had planned.


    While on the trip, Chen Mu walked up to the old Uyghur man and quietly slipped him over a thousand yuan.


    The thousand was the cost of renting a camel, as well as the cost of lodging and food for the night after seeing the sand sea.


    “This is too much, Xiao Mu, renting the camels to Bazaar Village costs at most 50,  food and accommodation at two hundred per person is more than enough, you are paying too much money.”


    The Uyghur old man tried to return the extra amount of money back to Chen Mu, and Chen Mu nodded after listening: “Uncle Aiz Maiti, you keep the extra, you don’t have to be polite.”


    Last night, Cheng Zijun gave over 5,000 li. Chen Mu kept 2,000 for himself to plant trees, and he gave out the rest.


    In his opinion, only by letting the Uyghur elders and the others know the benefits of this business, they would be able to value it and do sustainable development in the future.


    The group walked for nearly four hours from morning to afternoon, finally arriving at the edge of the sandy sea.


    After four hours of rocking back and forth on the back of a camel, the three tourists were a little tired and their whole body became listless.


   In the beginning, they felt that everything was new, but the scenery in the desert was almost the same, so they became numb and aesthetically fatigued.


    When they finally saw the tall sand dunes from afar, Cheng Zijun couldn’t help but shout excitedly, and let KenSol let go of the rope that held the camels, and rode the camels to trot over.


    Li Yiqian, although a little reserved than Cheng Zijun in some cases, also laughed and rode the camel, following the back of Cheng Zijun to the dunes.


   Li Yihan was more reserved, however, she also did not forget to take pictures. Every few seconds you’d hear “click” it seems that she has not forgotten every moment of her own identity as a photographer.


   Although Chen Mu had been here for two months, this is still the first time he has been near the sand dunes, and when he saw the yellow from afar, he was very excited, and rode the camels to follow without saying a word, however, he still acted as if he were familiar with the area, “You guys be careful, don’t go anywhere, always remember safety first.”

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