Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 17

“Welcome to our home.”


    Auntie Guli looked at the three visitors and welcomed them with a smile, “Since you are Xiao Mu’s friends, you are the most distinguished guests in our home, please come in.”


   Cheng Zijun three people even busy to follow the example of the salute, said “salaam”, and then along with Aunt Guli proceeded to the courtyard.


    Chen Mu and the Uyghur old man followed them from behind.


   The old Uyghur man was going to arrange for Jiansol to unload the visitors’ bags and take them into the courtyard, then let Kensol pull the camels out and come back tomorrow morning.


    For his part, Chen Mu pulled out the candies and chocolates he had already prepared and teased the grandchildren of the old Uyghur man.


    The Uyghur old man and Aunt Guli originally had two sons, but it was said that one died of illness back then, leaving one to marry and have children, then went to work in a coastal city, leaving his wife and children at home.


   Although Chen Mu had already met these two little guys before, they were still a bit shy when they saw Chen Mu, and under Chen Mu’s powerful candy attack, they were finally subdued, one bite at a time, Now he became their favourite Uncle Mu.


    After entering the courtyard, the three tourists wandered around, looking at this and that, curious in every way.


    Aunt Guli smilingly stood in front of the house door to watch, while not paying attention before asking Chen Mu, “Little Mu, our family conditions are not very good, they will not dislike it, right?”


   Chen Mu signalled the fat aunt’s reassurance, “It’s fine, they like it like this.”


   “Are you sure?”


    The fat aunt didn’t understand why the three Xia youngsters liked this kind of environment, so even after listening to Chen Mu’s reassurances, she still felt a little uneasy, but the smile on her face never fell.


    Chen Mu was calm enough to just tease the children and let those three toss them around.


   The ground in the courtyard was paved with earth bricks, the walls were made of yellow mud, and even the roof was made of hay and mud, or earth bricks, the entire courtyard was earthy and muddy, and when it rained your food got muddy wherever you walked.


   Of course, it doesn’t rain much here, so the yard was pretty well cleaned up.


   The area was in such a condition that the locals may feel ordinary or even poor, but the key is that Cheng Zijun and the others like this earthy taste in the yard, commonly known as the original ecology.


   The old hens and the young chicks in the yard …… everything was very interesting, and it had a strong representation of Uyghur family life.



   Cheng Zijun and Li Yijian observed everything from east to west, finding everything very interesting, even the patterns on the walls of the house with a bit of Uyghur customs, they could look at it for a long time.


   Li Yihan, on the other hand, kept taking pictures with her camera, even squatting down to take a few shots of the old hen and the baby chicks, until her camera ran out of film, and then she stopped. Before she had no intention of stopping.


   After playing with the children for a while, Guide Chen saw that it was about time, and got up to greet them, “Fellow tour members, it’s almost time, Auntie Gulli has prepared a snack cake and all kinds of dried fruits for you, as well as hot milk tea, so you can come sit down and enjoy it.”


   Cheng Zijun and the came over and sat down at a small table under the grape tree in the courtyard.


   The Uyghur people have three ways to entertain guests, which are “opening the door, serving tea and then fruits”, and the snack of tea and dried fruit were all waiting for guests.


   Auntie Guli and daughter-in-law Rai Khan used a plate to bring up the food in succession: “If you come in the summertime, I will treat you with all kinds of fruits, now only dried fruits, try it.”


   With its bright yellow colour and cascading display, the pastry looked very appetizing.


    The platter of four kinds of dried fruits – dried grapes, dried apricots, dried dates and dried walnuts – was also highly ornamental.


   Chen Mu was so rude that he took the initiative to tear noodle cake and said, “I’m half the owner, so let me do it first. These deep-fried noodle pastry is especially delicious, dry and crispy, dipped in milk tea and melted in the mouth, any way you like, but don’t eat too much, later on, we are going to have dinner, Auntie Guli and sister-in-law Rai Khan have prepared the best handmade rice, that must not be missed.”


    Cheng Zijun and the three of them all ate with the mood to taste and followed suit.


    The pastry and dried fruits were good, but these were only somewhat special snacks, not so much that the tourists couldn’t stop talking, knowing that they were all people who had eaten good food, so a shallow taste and experience would be the end of it.


   Rather, sitting under the grapevine drinking milk tea chatting this thing is very much to the tourists’ liking, these three people were so relaxed and even praised Yakash Village as a good place.


    In the evening, it was finally time to eat dinner.


    The host took out the most beautiful and cleanest tablecloth in the house and laid it neatly on the table.


    It is the custom of the Uyghurs to use the best tablecloths to spread the table and serve the guests with the best food when they come.


   The Uyghur family’s hand-cooked rice is also not the kind made in ordinary small shops, they start boiling goat soup in the morning, and then use the boiled goat soup with other fruit and vegetable ingredients to cook and stir the rice, it took a lot of effort.


   Anyway, for Uyghurs, eating handmade rice is the best kind of food, so they have to entertain guests in the most ceremonious way, including holding a plate in one hand and a pot in the other, and let guests wash their hands one by one, and hand over a clean white towel to wipe their hands before the rice is officially eaten.


    Cheng Zijun and the three of them had never eaten such delicious handmade rice before, so they couldn’t stop eating it.


    The Uyghur elders also specially prepared home-brewed fruit wine for everyone to drink, which could reduce the fatigue of the food.


   In the end, Cheng Zijun and Li Yiqian were too drunk to walk, however, Li Yihan was a little better.


   When Chen Mu sent Cheng Zijun to the guest room, he pulled out a handful of banknotes and pressed them directly into Chen Mu’s pocket, then said with a thumbs up, “Dude, your introduction is really good …… uh, this trip …… it was worth the money spent. You take this…… ill more later if it’s not enough.”


   Returning to his room, Guide Chen counted the handful of banknotes, and there were over five thousand yuan, now he was relieved that he wouldn’t make a loss on this trip no matter what.


    The next day, Chen Mu woke up early because he was thinking about the schedule and couldn’t sleep well either.


    He finished washing up and walked to the courtyard, but he didn’t expect to find that Li Yihan was also up.


    The girl was holding a camera, climbing up to the roof of the second floor and adjusting the focus in the direction of the rising sun.


    The rays of the sunrise fell on her body, like a layer of golden gauze for her, beautiful.


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