Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 15

Cheng Zijun and the three of them were originally planning to drive there, but they didn’t expect Chen Mu to suddenly come up with such an interesting idea, it really caught them by surprise but they found it interesting.


    Riding a camel into the desert and driving a car into the desert were two completely different experiences.


    In contrast, they were certainly more willing to ride a camel and experience something special.


    So they quickly removed some things from the car to carry with them, and then happily sat on the camel’s back.


    Chen Mu had been watching from the side, and when he saw the looks and expressions of Cheng Zijun and the three of them, he knew at once that he was right, the guests really liked this kind of new and exciting experience.


    He himself is a common person and was more or less able to capture the interests of these people from the big city: what has not been played is the best.


    Riding camels and such was one of the plans he thought of last night.


    In the morning, he told the Uyghur old man to go back and tell Auntie Guli to prepare food and accommodation, and at the same time, he specially asked the Uyghur old man to find the camel breeder in the village and bring the camels here, so that the tourists can experience the feeling of riding camels “into the desert”.


    Four camels, carrying three tourists and guide Chen, started on their way.


    The remaining Uyghur old man and the middle-aged Uyghur man, one after the other, drove the camels towards the village deep in the desert.


    “Look at that side, it looks like a Gobi Desert, but it’s actually the remains of an ancient village ……”


    “Look at this side again, the ground is low, once upon a time this was a beautiful lake ……”


    “You can lift your eyes and see the row of little black dots right in front of you, that’s the real Gobi Desert ……”


    Chen Mu had been talking endlessly, doing his job as a tour guide with great dedication.


    Although the whole process required him to rack his brains for words and sentences, he actually enjoyed the job, which was also new to him.


    The three tourists, who were being lulled by Guide Chen to look left and right, seemed to be very satisfied with the tour, their excitement overflowing.


    Rather, the middle-aged Uyghur who led the camels in front was a bit stunned by Chen Mu’s words along the way.


    When it was time to take a break, he fed the camels water and salt, while secretly pulling on the old man and whispering in Uyghur, “Uncle Aiz Maiti, what exactly are the intentions of this young man? Is it really okay?”


    “What is it, Kensal?”


    The old Uyghur man kept walking behind, but he didn’t hear much of what Chen Mu said.


    The Uyghur middle-aged man named Kensal frowned with worry and said once more about what Chen Mu had just said back then, “Uncle Aiz Maiti, the ruins of the ancient village he was talking about just now, is obviously the site of the abandoned village that was abandoned after the water ran out in the former Chekachek village, that beautiful lake, it used to be a small puddle, and only became like that after it dried up. , well, and the real Gobi Desert, which is just the Gobi Desert …… These are nothing special for miles, isn’t he bringing trouble to himself by saying that?”


    After listening to Kensol’s words, the old Uyghur was silent for a while and said, “I trust Little Mu, he must have his reasons for doing this.”


    With a slight pause, the old Uyghur man added, “Kensol, you have to trust Little Mu, he’s someone that even the Great Mullah  Alimu thinks highly of.”


    “Huh? Really?”


    Kensol was startled.


    The old Uyghur man said with a straight face, “Of course it’s true, that’s what this old man heard from Alimu Da Mullah himself.”


    Of course, Kensol believed the old man’s words, but he couldn’t help but take a glance at Chen Mu, who was still talking to Cheng Zijun and the other three, and the look in his eyes changed completely, unconsciously a trace of doubt was missing, and thus there was more respect.


    Under the slow movement of the Desert Ship, after about an hour, the outline of the village of Yakash could finally be seen from afar.


    Although the journey was incredibly slow after an hour of walking, Cheng Zijun and the three of them were not impatient at all, but instead were in high spirits from beginning to end, feeling fresh in everything they looked at, even a broken rock picked up from the ground would be studied with great interest.


    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos that are being taken, and you’ll see that it’s not just the photos that are being taken, but the atmosphere as well.




    Seeing Li Yihan aiming the lens at himself, tour guide Chen busily blocked it with his hand: “Beauty, do not take sneak shots like this, if my handsome face spread out, I’m afraid it will cause social panic, please be cautious.”


    Li Yihan listened to Chen Mu speak amusingly, couldn’t help but puff out a laugh: “Quickly put down your hand, this photo of you is going into this Miss’s private collection, will never leak them out.”


    “That’s all the more reason not to.”


    Chen Mu was talking nonsense in a serious manner, “I’m a handsome man with a heart like water, and I refuse to enter any girl’s treasured photo album.”


    “Bah, I’m partial to taking pictures if you say so, whether you want to take pictures that look good or ugly, you can see for yourself.”


    After saying that, Li Yihan pressed the shutter a few times.


    Chen Mu was not reserved, even busy putting down his hands, put two scissor hands and other vulgar poses, looking voluptuous into the lens: “Just so, surprisingly you are so insistent, then I will have to torment the country and the people.”


    Li Yihan burst into laughter which was quite crisp and pleasant to the ear.


    As the group entered the village of Yakash, everyone from all corners of the village came out one by one, looking at them curiously, especially the four guys on camelbacks.


    For them who lived in the desert all year round, camels were usually used to transport goods, they couldn’t afford to use them to camel people, but now as they watched the three tourists and Guide Chen riding on the high camelbacks, leisurely riding along, the villagers couldn’t help but feel like they were watching wastrels.




    The three tourists and tour guide Chen did not have the self-awareness of “I am a loser”, looking at the villagers’ gaze, either nodding and smiling or waving, frequently expressing friendship.


    Guide Chen even spoke up at this time: “The Uyghurs are the most hospitable, look at them, knowing that we are guests, they all put down their work and came out to greet us.


    Cheng Zijun immediately nodded his head and exclaimed, “People here are so simple!”


    Li Yi Qian commented from the perspective of someone in a high position: “Compared to the big cities, everything here is still backward, but because of this backwardness, the people living here are not polluted by the world, it’s not easy!”


    Li Yihan as a hobby photographer, of course, did not rely on her mouth to express emotions, the shutter in her hand was her comment button, “click click click” sounds represented her attitude.


    The villagers looked at these guys in confusion, whispering to each other from time to time, wondering what these wastrels were up to.

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