Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 14

With a little thought in mind, Chen Mu tried to make Aunt Guli’s food look like a flower, but at the same time not to be too revealing, in order to avoid any suspicion of it being a scheme!


    Fortunately, the three of them, Cheng Zijun, seemed to be quite interested in his description and asked many questions.


    “How about this, Chen Mu, you arrange something tomorrow, we’d like to take a look.”


    In the end, Cheng Zijun, Li Yichen and Li Yihan, the siblings exchanged glances and made a request to Chen Mu.


    Chen Mu held back a smile and agreed, “No problem, but I need to communicate with Aunt Guli first, if possible, I’ll be your guide in the afternoon and take you there.”


    “Thanks, buddy.”


    “You’re welcome.”


    It was settled, and Cheng Zijun and the three of them were tired after a long day on the road, so they quickly went to sleep on their own.


    People could rest, but Tour Guide Chen couldn’t, he was just an amateur guide with no experience, and if he wanted to not show his inexperience tomorrow, he would have to work overnight to clasp the Buddha’s feet.


    First, he thought of all the activities he could do, wrote them down on paper, and then chose the ones that were more feasible and ready to be used as the main project.


    There were still some difficult to realize, he could only try anyway, in a word: crossing the river by feeling the stones


    Of course, being an inexperienced guide, Guide Chen still had an advantage.


    He had the godly map in his head.


    Those Uyghur villages were all within the range of Chen Mu’s map.


    Even a small portion of that sandy sea to the north was within the map’s range.


    So as long as they were within this area of the map’s range, these three people were under his surveillance …… um, and under his protection, no major accidents would occur.


    Especially if they did try to enter the sand sea, as long as they didn’t go too deep, he would be able to recover them all.


    Now no one was engaging in entering the sand sea as a tourist project, that was because the risk was too high, after all, the weather in the desert was unpredictable, and no one knew when a strong wind would blow, causing people to get lost and thus unpredictable dangers …… So, Chen Mu felt that it was a dangerous idea and should be crossed out.


    Immersed in his own thoughts unable to extricate himself, the night quickly passed ……


    The next day, as soon as the Uyghur uncle entered the gate of the gas station, he saw Guide Chen greeted him with a pair of panda eyes.


    “Uncle Aiz Maiti, there is something I would like to discuss.”


    “Ah, what is it?”


    The old Uyghur man subconsciously looked out to find the white figure and asked, “Is it some kind of message from the Hu Da?”


    What’s with what?


    Chen Mu wiped his eyes to hide his urge to roll his eyes, “No, no, uncle, this is not what I wanted to talk to you about.”


    The old Uyghur man rolled his eyes in a bad way: “Tell me straight if you have something to say, I thought it was Hu Da’s emissary who had already left, you scared the old man.”


    I @#¥%&……


    Chen Mu tried to calm himself down, then told Cheng Zijun and the three of them that they wanted to experience the Uyghur village and said, “Uncle, this is a good opportunity to make money, if you’re willing, we’ll start this afternoon.”


    As soon as the old Uyghur man heard this, his eyebrows furrowed, and he said disagreeably, “Xiao Mu, this old man has always treated you as his own child, your friend wants to go visit our home and have a good time, just go, why would you bring money into this? We Uyghurs are very hospitable, and even if we’re not your friends, we can’t charge money for inviting guests to our home.”


    “How can we not charge money?”


    Chen Mu was a bit cryptic, he was busy explaining, “Uncle, I’m going to turn this into a business, if I can develop the market in the future, more and more people will come, and then the tourists will not only go to your house but also to other villagers’ houses, so everyone can make money, isn’t that a good thing?”


(TN: Money Grubber Chen)


    The old Uyghur man thought about it, of course, his family could make their own decisions, but he would have to think about what was at stake for the rest of the village.


    After a moment’s contemplation, he asked, “How much will the charge be?”


    Chen Mu actually didn’t think it through. He thought that Cheng Zijun and the others, a total of three people, would be able to collect a maximum of 3,000 yuan, but he was afraid that 3,000 yuan would be too much. …Well, uncle, I can assure you that most of the money I leave behind will be used to plant trees.”


    The old Uyghur man had no concept of the matter of receiving money, he wasn’t sure how much seventy percent was, so he had no opinion, he only said, “What’s to worry about, can this old man afford not to trust you?”


    After the matter was settled, Chen Mu discussed a few more details with the old man of the Uyghur tribe, and then the old man rode his donkey again and went back to the village.


    Chen Mu felt relieved and a little relaxed after being excited all night, and suddenly felt sleepy, and before he knew it, he fell asleep on the table.


    When he woke up, it was already past ten o’clock.


    What left him speechless was that none of the three of them had even gotten up, so it seemed that they were all night owls.


    Chen Mu could only helplessly continue to wait, and when they got up, the hands of the clock stopped at eleven o’clock with incomparable precision.


    “Hurry up and wash up, I’ve prepared breakfast for you, well, just a few naans, dip it in jam and eat it together, try it.”


    In order to make the guests feel at home, Chen Mu had to take out his own collection of naan and jam, thinking fiercely that these would have to be collected afterwards and charged double.


    Cheng Zijun and the others felt brightened up as they ate the naan dipped in jam and the milk.


    “It’s really good!”


    “It’s much better than yesterday’s.”


    “Hey, this is still really ah, it looks like the same thing, the taste is still different.”


    The three of them said in high spirits, after eating five naans, they still felt like they hadn’t had enough, their eyes shifted to Chen Mu, Chen Mu could only spread his hands, “This is still my leftovers if you guys really want to eat ah, wait until we get to Aunt Guli’s in the afternoon.”


    With a slight pause, his mind quickly turned and came up with a money-making idea: “When you come back, you guys can buy some to bring back, naan ah, raisins ah, jam ah and so on.”


    The three tourists had no choice but to stop and look forward to the afternoon’s journey.


    By twelve o’clock in the afternoon, the old Uyghur man was back.


    With him was a middle-aged Uyghur, and they walked slowly into the gas station with four two-humped camels in tow.


    Chen Mu led the well-prepared Cheng Zijun and the other three to the camels, and the guide said with a lean upper body, “Distinguished tourmates, our three-day, two-night trip is about to begin, please get on the camels  and let our desert boat lead you into the depths of the desert, to seek out the secrets.”


(TN: Sounds like some scam… anyway let’s go 6 more chapters left for today)


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