Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 13

Now the southern side is popular for agricultural tourism, different kinds of residential accommodation, festivals, events and so on. 


    However, in the Northwest, because of the bad environment, the development of tourism is relatively backwards.


    Although Chen Mu didn’t know much about tourism project development or anything for that matter, as he listened to the conversation of these three people, he immediately thought whimsically that they, the foreign tourists, even said that the food from this snack stall was delicious if they were dragged directly to Aunt Guli’s place and let them try Aunt Guli’s craftsmanship, wouldn’t it be beautiful to the heavens?


    Although the idea was simple, Chen Mu felt that this could be done, not only to make money for himself but also to contribute to the economic development of those Uyghur villages, it was simply the best of both worlds.


    The question was, how much to charge for it?

    Of course, the fee can’t be too cheap, if it’s cheap it’s not worth it.


    Nor can it be too expensive, there is a limit to what you can charge, and no one’s money comes from the wind.


    So, proper consideration was needed.

    The three tourists finished their meal and drove off soon after.


    Chen Mu sat at the snack stall, calculating for a long time, but he couldn’t figure out roughly how much he should charge.


    Therefore, he finally decided to do his preliminary research first, which meant that he would go online to check the specific charges of those farmhouses in the south before making a decision.


    Putting the matter aside, Chen Mu got up to pay the bill and prepared to leave.


    As he paid, the eyes of the other store owners looked at him with strong resentment.


    He had been sitting there all this time, causing the boss to refill his water several times, simply a typical “consume a little, occupy a seat for ten thousand years” kind of customer.


    Chen Mu didn’t have the self-awareness to feel one bit of shyness at all and even took a free piece of small cut cake when he left, which couldn’t help but make the boss’s gaze become even grumpier.


    After returning to the gas station, it was already time for the sun to set.


    Chen Mu immediately plunged back into his own woodland and tried to water the newly planted saplings as much as possible.


    Inspecting his great masterpiece, Fieldmaster Chen had an inexplicable sense of pride, as if he was seeing a forest in front of him.


    “It would be even better if we could get a small lake out.”


    Field Leader Chen began to daydream, even more, giving full play to his imagination, wanting to embellish the scene in front of him even more beautiful.


    After all, now that there was the godly map, getting a small lake was not impossible to do.


    When Field Manager Chen decided upon it, he immediately tried to make the waterway underneath the gas station thicker, allowing it to gush directly into the ground to form a small lake ……


    However, the map didn’t let him, “Lack of Vitality” popped up again.


    This forced Farm Director Chen to stop daydreaming for the time being, and gritted his teeth and prepare to plant more trees to get the lake out.


    After watering the saplings, Chen Mu returned to the cash register and began to calculate his own financial condition, to see how much money he had left to support his tree planting plan.


    As he was calculating, a car drove in from the distance.


    The sky was already darkening, but Chen Mu could still see the car’s appearance clearly.


    No way, so fortunate?


    Chen Mu was curiously examining the car.


    Those three people had obviously left before himself, so why did they suddenly appear here again.


    After the three of them got off the car, they went straight to the business room, and the short-haired young man couldn’t help but be startled when he saw Chen Mu at the cashier’s desk, “Hey, did we just see each other in Bahe Town? It was in that little food stall, I still remember you.”


    Chen Mu also thought it was a coincidence, and smiled, “Yes, I went to Bahe Town to do some business before, so I sat behind you guys to eat, hmm, I didn’t expect to see you again.”


    The short-haired male youth took a look around and asked, “Are you the owner of this place?”




    “Since you’re the boss, this will make it a bit easier.”


    The short-haired young man nodded to his companion behind him and said, “Dude, let’s discuss something with you, we’d like to spend the night at your place tonight, okay?”




    Chen Mu didn’t expect the other party to make such a request and was a bit overwhelmed.


    “We will pay you.”


    The short-haired young man thought that Chen Mu was reluctant and said evenly, “And we don’t need to stay in the house, we can just pitch our tents outside.”


    With a slight pause, he smiled and pointed at the girl behind him and said, “Actually, we can also spend the night in the wilderness, however, because we have 

 a girl in our team we would like to borrow your place to take a shower.”


    Chen Mu thought about it and said, “It’s no problem to spend the night, but I only have one room left, so you can sleep on the couch if you don’t mind.”


    The living room had three rooms, one of which was Chen Mu’s own room, and another room was the former living room of his parents, Chen Mu didn’t want outsiders to enter, so there was only one smaller room left.


    “That’s great, man, thanks!”


    The short-haired male youth extended his hand and shook hands with Chen Mu, expressing his gratitude.


    Chen Mu led the three of them to the back living room to take a look at the environment, after the three of them had a look, the short-haired male youth said that he would spend the night in the tent outside, while the girls would stay in the room, and the other long-haired male youth would deal with the night on the couch.


    “I’m Cheng Zijun, he’s Li Yiqian, and she’s Li Yihan, they are siblings.”


    After confirming the matter of the overnight stay, the other three were suddenly much closer to Chen Mu, and the short-haired boy, Cheng Zijun, took the initiative to introduce the three of them for Chen Mu.


    “My name is Chen Mu, oh, have you guys had dinner yet? Can I get you guys some noodles?”


    “Thank you, buddy, here’s two thousand dollars, consider it our food and lodging for tonight.”

(TN: Little bit too expensive.hmm. Said dollars tho)


    Chen Mu thought about it and didn’t try to twist it, he took the money and put it in his bosom, smiling, “That’s fine, I’ll get you guys some more beer and some jerky, let’s eat and drink well.”


    A look at these three people and one could tell they didn’t lack money, and the Hum V parked outside could at least be 3 million dollars, so Chen Mu wasn’t going to be polite to the rich and powerful.


    Quickly going to the kitchen to fix some things, waiting for those three people to finish their baths, they sat down together to eat and drink.


    They were all young people, so they got acquainted very quickly by interacting with each other.


    Chen Mu watched as Cheng Zijun and Li Yiqian drank a glass of beer and asked, “You guys are here for a vacation, where are you planning to go?”


    Cheng Zijun said, “Actually, there’s no destination, I just want to see the desert, the Gobi Desert and so on, mainly to experience the style of this side of the Northwest.”


    With a slight pause, Cheng Zijun asked, “Chen Mu, you’re considered half a native here, do you have any good places to introduce?”


    Chen Mu was moved by his words and said, “Earlier, in that little food stall in Bahe Town, when I heard you guys boasting about the good food there, I was thinking in my heart that these people don’t know anything about the food here, well, how about I introduce you guys to a place where you can experience it?”




    Li Yiqian was curious: “What place?”


    Chen Mu took a look at Li Yichen, always feeling that this person had an air of superiority about him, speaking with a bit of force, far less amiable than Cheng Zijun.


    But he didn’t care and immediately began to speak eloquently to sell his melon.


    “Not far from us, there is an Uyghur village that is particularly primitive, where you can go and stay for a couple of days.”


    “I know the people there, they make much better food than the stall you ate at today, you are guaranteed to be satisfied.”


    “There’s a Gobi Desert right near that Uyghur village, you guys want to see the Gobi Desert, just go there, the view is absolutely great.”


    “If that’s not enough for you guys, there are a few more Uyghur villages a little further north, it’s adjacent to the desert, you can see the sea of sand, but you can’t go in just yet, it’s too dangerous ……”


(TN: Gobi is not one thing. But it comprises of 33 Gobi with different features and climate. Gobi has canyon, flowery steppe, beautiful crags, wide hollows with few oases, saline and green saxaul thickets. Mongolian Gobi Desert has one of the biggest and beautiful sand dunes called Khongoryn sand dune.. Stolen from google. You’re welcome)

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