Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 12

A day later, Chen Mu went to Bahe Town again and ordered a thousand saplings from the forestry company.

This time, it cost over eight hundred.

“Are you buying them privately or for an organization?”

The people from the forestry company looked at Chen Mu, measuring up and down.

They had bought almost fifteen hundred saplings in a row in four or five days, and although this amount wasn’t too much, it was quite a lot.

Moreover, Chen Mu was a fresh face, suddenly planting so many trees all of a sudden, it was really suspicious.

Chen Mu suddenly got curious, “What’s the difference between buying privately and buying as an organization?”

The person from the forestry company gave a look like this was indeed the case and returned, “That’s the price for a private buy, if you’re here for your organization that’s a different story, as long as you have proof of your unit, you’ll get a 15% discount.”

With a slight pause, the person from the forestry company smiled again, “You haven’t been working for your organization long, you don’t even know this?”

Chen Mu thought seriously and nodded, “hm yes, actually I am buying it for my organization, however, I didn’t know I needed to provide some proof of my organization, so …… um, can you give me a discount on that one?”

The man from the forestry company speechlessly looked at Chen Mu.

Chen Mu thought about it, and busily took out the last pack of cigarettes that he obtained from the two poachers that day, and slipped it into the forestry company man’s hand, smiling along with him, “Brother help me out here, I really didn’t know I had to provide proof of my organization, otherwise I would have brought it.”

The man from the forestry company took a look at the cigarettes as if he was a bit helpless and sighed, nodding his head, “Alright, alright, then I’ll do you this favour, um, give me the name of the company, I’ll register it first, and the next time you come, you’ll give me proof.”

Chen Mu grinned happily, and said, “The name of the unit is the Qiongjiang Road Oil Industry Limited.”

Acknowledging the fact that it is a well-known company?

What the fuck is this?

The man from the forestry company’s eyes was filled with question marks, really unable to recall such a unit that would plant trees.

Facing the other person’s confused look, Chen Mu explained a bit carefully, “Actually, our unit is mainly in the business of petroleum.”

“Gas station?”

The man from the forestry company seemed to have remembered something, and then quickly came to his senses, “Is it the gas station on the border-control road?”

“Yes, yes, that gas station.”

Chen Mu chuckled with a harmless smile.

“its a Gas station so just say it as it is.”

The man from the forestry company looked at Chen Mu with no kindness, then began to write, muttering, “This unit of yours …… well, it’s actually against the rules, but this time it’s still a discount, don’t go outside and talk nonsense.”

As long as there was a discount to be had, Chen Mu had no worries.

After this incident, he strongly felt the benefits of carrying cigarettes around with him and decided that no matter where he went in the future, he would prepare a pack of cigarettes into his own pocket.

After fixing the delivery date for the forestry company to deliver the goods, Chen Mu finally left the forestry company with empty pockets and started thinking about what to eat.

This period of time continuous losses, he dared not spend a lot of money, so he could only walk over to a small food stall at the next street, order a few naans, a bowl of goat soup, fill his stomach and then go back.

Eating the naan with the goat soup, Chen Mu felt that the taste was average, compared to what Aunt Guli had made, there was really a vast difference.

In recent years, the northwest side of the side had more people come from the east to make a living, many of them operating restaurants. Due to this, the standard of food varied from good to bad, this food stall is very ordinary kind of.

However, it was just a tummy filler, so Chen Mu didn’t expect too much, as this was the first and last time he would ever buy from this stall.

As he was eating, there was a sudden rev of an engine, and a large and tall Humvee drove over and parked in front of the food stall.

The Humvee was light green, with a lot of additions, giving it the feeling of being armed to the teeth.

There was a lot of dried mud on the tires and a little mud trail on the car, making the whole car look dusty.

“This is the one, I tell you, you have to choose this kind of food stalls when you’re on the road, the flavour is only authentic, and it’s cheap.”

From the car, three people came down, two men and one woman, the young man who came down from the driver’s seat, droned on as soon as he got out of the car, making introductions for those other two companions.

The two men, one with long hair and the other with short hair, were both very tall and strong, with tanned bodies and a bronzed skin, and at a glance, they looked like people that spent most of their time outdoors. The one who spoke as soon as he got out of the car was the one with the short hair.

The woman’s body was also fit, she wasn’t dark, but rather white, as if she’d be bruised if you touched her.

The girl’s appearance was average, but as the saying goes, a white one overtakes an ugly one, and because of this fairness, her face value was greatly enhanced, and with the addition of the two attributes of big breasts and long legs, she could be completely classified as a beautiful woman.

(TN;-; anyway. let’s move on)

After the three of them got off the Humvee, they walked directly over to the snack stand and sat down at the small table next to Chen Mu’s.

As Chen Mu ate, he looked at the three people, knowing that the other party belonged to the self-driving kind of tourists, and in his heart, he really wanted to remind the other party: you can eat at another place, this one’s food is no good.

“Don’t mind the dirt, these kind of stalls are always like this, a simple wipe would do.”

The short-haired male youth took out a paper towel, wiped the chopsticks and spoon, and handed it over to the girl.

The long-haired young man tied his hair up and said with a smile, “Junzi you also don’t mind, Yihan is not like me these years, although unlike me, every year to come out a few times, but also have been to many places, don’t mind.”

The short-haired male youth half-joked, “I’m just trying to behave in front of your sister, aren’t I, who cares about you?”

The girl “and” said: “Xiaojun brother, what are you doing in front of me, be careful else ill report to Sister Hong about how you’re fawning over girls outside.”

” Ayo don’t ah, I was in the wrong, you don’t have to snitch on me like this, otherwise your sister Hong will have problems with me.”

“That depends on your performance.”

“Mistress, I will behave well.”

The three of them joked and quickly ordered something and had it brought up.

Chen Mu watched from the side, wanting to see if the three would regret coming in after trying the things here, but he didn’t expect that after they had a few bites, the girl would actually praise the food, “Well, the food is not badly made.”

“Yeah, it’s only the stuff from this snack stand that tastes good.”

“I agree.”

The stuff from the snack stand actually received unanimous approval from the three of them.


Chen Mu was completely speechless.

He kind of wondered if his tastes were off.

Thinking about it, there could only be one reason, and that was that he had been eating Aunt Guli’s food all day, and really even his tastes had become selective.

“Look, this meal has so many things, at most fifty, you can’t eat so cheaply in other places.”

The short-haired male youth said again.

This sentence made Chen Mu’s gain inspiration, suddenly thought about a money-making idea.

(Dao Enlightenment)

(TN: Ah the scammer is about to strike)


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