Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 11

There were about four villages drawn by the old Uyghur, each of which Chen Mu could find on the black map.

The waterways in these villages had been completely cut off, and if they weren’t connected, there might never be water again.

It didn’t take a lot of effort to help people, and Chen Mu wasn’t stingy so he attempted to use the map to connect these waterways, but the message that came back was, “Not enough vitality, can’t connect them all.”

According to Chen Mu’s understanding, it had only taken the so-called five hundred ounces of vitality to connect the waterways for the villages of the elderly Uyghurs, so these four villages combined should be two thousand ounces of vitality, and he had more than enough vitality on hand, but he didn’t expect things to be like this.

This suddenly made him unable to help but ponder what this so-called vitality was.

Planting a tree gives you vitality, is that vitality a tree?

Apparently not.

It could only be that the trees had something to do with vitality, otherwise, he would have used so much vitality that the trees would have died out long ago.

So, vitality should be something that depends on the trees to exist.

Or rather, vitality is something that depends on life to exist.

Life energy ……

This was the most plausible definition that Chen Mu could think of.

Whether or not he was right would have to be examined and verified slowly in the future.

Regardless, at this moment, Chen Mu was completely in love with his tree planting business.

The ten acres of land behind the gas station was his practice field.

So from the second day onwards, the speed of his tree planting was suddenly faster, and his efficiency was simply incomparable to that of the first day.

On the second day, he planted a total of two hundred and fifty trees, working diligently from morning until night.

As a direct result of this, he had collected enough vitality to connect the waterways for those villages.

When it came to wanting to upgrade, “Insufficient Vitality”

Chen Mu was not at all discouraged by this, after all, he had found the right direction to collect vitality, it was only a matter of time before he upgraded.

It must be said that in the midst of the bitter tree planting business, Comrade Hu Xiaoyi had been accompanying Field Director Chen, hanging around the forest farm since the morning after drinking his milk, watching him work.

The company’s main business is the development of a new generation of trees.

On the contrary, comrade Aiz Maiti from afar has been looking at this side with envious eyes, as if he could not wait to take his place.
On the third day, history repeated itself again ……

Once again, the old Uyghur man excitedly rushed into Chen Mu’s bedroom early in the morning, thrilled at the news that the wells in those villages were flowing again, and at the same time worshipped to the ambrosia and recited scriptures to express his praise for Hu Da.
This incident once again proved the status of comrade Hu Xiaoyi as God’s messenger. Chen Mu, as Hu Xiaoyi’s favourite, also received the old man’s thanks.

In the afternoon, the imams had already gathered at the gas station once again.

When they arrived on their donkeys, Chen Mu was planting his hundredth tree of the day.

“Little Mu, is it okay for me to call you that?”

The Alimu Grand Mullah spoke incomparably softly to Chen Mu as he spoke to Chen Mu, his gaze was as if he was looking at one of his most beloved children, amiable and kind.

Chen Mu was mentally prepared for the possibility that the other party had come with some kind of request to be conveyed to Hu Xiaoyi, who would then report it to Hu Da.

He was very self-aware and knew his own background, conveying the request was something he could do, but whether it could be achieved or not, he had no choice, so he had already thought of a pretext and was ready to give them an excuse.


But he didn’t expect that Alimu Grand Mullah didn’t make any request, but instead solemnly handed over an ancient scripture to him and said, “This is the oldest ancient scripture preserved in our mosque, and there are many journals of past Imams in it, so you can take a look at it.”


Chen Mu was quite surprised, a little overwhelmed to receive that ancient scripture, then woke up, busily excusing himself, “How can this… I, this, it’s too valuable, you gave me this, it’s …… I’m sorry I’m not worthy of this.”

Alimu Grand Mullah was very adamant about giving the ancient scripture to Chen Mu, and then said, “Little Mu, we already know about the matter of you helping several villages gain water from their wells, and we are very grateful for your help to us, so I have discussed with several Imams and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best if you kept this ancient scripture”

Hearing this, this scripture will be preserved with me from now on?

Chen Mu was even more confused, he wasn’t even a Muslim, so it wasn’t a good idea to leave such a valuable item with him, right?

Alimu Da Mullah continued, “I’d appreciate it if you had a look a the scripture when you’re less busy. I know you are a college student, so you must be educated enough to read the scriptures and understand more than we do.”

(TN: Just pushing more problems.. anyway it’s all for the plot. let’s move on)

Chen Mu came back to his senses and said right after, “I’m just an ordinary person, I don’t know anything about the scriptures, I really don’t dare to take something that valuable, it won’t work, it won’t work.”


Alimu Da Mullah pointed at Hu Xiao Er in the distance and said, “Although you are not Muslim you are the one favoured by Hu Da’s ambassador, the one who is blessed by Hu Da. Hu Da has his own deep intentions for doing so, so whether you are Muslim or not, we are willing to give the ancient scriptures to you, you really don’t need to be burdened by it.” Hearing this, Chen Mu didn’t know what to say.

They didn’t even care that he wasn’t Muslin anymore, so what was the point of squirming and refusing.

The Imams had rushed over as if to say this and give out the scripture, and then they quickly rode off again on their donkeys.

Chen Mu was left alone holding the ancient scriptures in place for a long time, unable to return.

“Xiao Mu, put the scriptures away quickly, don’t break them.”

After a while, the old Uyghur man who had been watching finally couldn’t help himself and came over to remind Chen Mu.

Chen Mu sighed lightly and looked at the ancient scriptures, thinking that since they had taken the time to deliver them then he might as well have a look at them when gets the chance. Anyway even if he didn’t look at it, he couldn’t break it, he had to keep it safe.

Putting the ancient scriptures into the room drawer and locking it, Chen Mu forgot about the matter in the blink of an eye.

With or without this ancient scripture, it wouldn’t have much effect on him, so he continued to focus on his tree planting business again.

The day was busy again until nine o’clock at night when he finally planted all the saplings and achieved victory.

Standing at the gas station, looking at the saplings in the forestry field, they looked spectacular, although they were planted a little scattered, making it very rewarding.

“Looks like I’ll have to go buy some more saplings tomorrow.”

After being happy, Chen Mu finally found a big hurdle in the way forward.

After the saplings were planted, they would have to be bought again, and he only had so much money.

With his current situation, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to buy many saplings before he would go bankrupt.

This was a big problem.

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