Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 10

After planting the trees in the evening, Chen Mu counted the number of trees and found that there were eighty-one in total, a symbolic number that represented the ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties he had experienced.

The wild camel stayed with him, and although this silly camel did nothing, Chen Mu still felt very thankful and was compelled to take out two more cartons of milk to consol this buddy who was always with him.

“How about it, are you still going out to walk today? If you want to go, finish your milk and get out of here, it’s dark and you’re not safe on your own with your silly head. Well, if you don’t go, it’s okay, brother’s garage is big, there’s plenty of room for you to stay in it.”

As Chen Mu watched the product drink milk, he spoke, feeling as if he was treating the camel more and more like a human being, he thought about it and then said, “How about this, let this brother give you a name, what do you think?”

The wild camel lifted his head and stuck out his tongue to lick the milk from his lips, foolishly.

“ill take your silence as consent, hmmm, let me think, what name …… they all say that you are a messenger of Hu Da, so you can be surnamed Hu, hmmm, Hu what …… a messenger of Hu Da, Hu Da How about …… calling you Hu Xiao Er?”

Thinking about how this camel had been acting quite two-faced, the more Chen Mu felt that the name “Hu Xiao Er” was a double entendre and very appropriate, so he simply settled on it, “Alright, let’s call you that, Hu Xiao Er, I’m quite proud of myself for this.”

Chen Mu didn’t know if it understood its words or not, However Hu Xiao Er showed a humane expression as if he was really happy about his new name.

After drinking the milk, Hu Xiao Er turned around and trotted away.

Chen Mu looked at the back of that camel, feeling as if he had said all that in vain.

Tired from the day, he returned to his room and took a shower, soon crawling into bed, really not wanting to move a muscle.

Lying on the bed, Chen Mu thought about the tree he had planted all day, wondering if it would provide enough vitality to upgrade.

Of course, having only planted eighty-one trees, he didn’t hold out much hope, this was purely to see what was going on.

Opening the map in his consciousness, Chen Mu first searched for the location of the wild camel and found that it was sleeping peacefully in a pile of cactus bushes not too far from the gas station.

Chen Mu touched the “upgraded” golden light with his mind, and the golden light swirled like a vortex.


This made Chen Mu a little surprised and happy.

Before, when he touched the Golden Light Cluster with his consciousness, every time he came back with the message “Not enough vitality, can’t upgrade”, this time it was completely different, it seemed like there was a chance.

After a while, the message from the golden cluster of light was: “Upgrade begins, 3,563 ounces of life remaining.”

Three thousand five hundred and sixty-three ounces?

Chen Mu wasn’t clear on what this number meant but knew that it could be upgraded.

It was a bit surprising to think that he had saved enough vitality after only planting eighty-one trees.

The upgrade began.

The map in his consciousness quickly became blurred until it disappeared, no matter how much Chen Mu tried to open it, it would no longer appear.

Apparently, it could not be used during the upgrade.

Chen Mu helplessly withdrew his consciousness and slept at ease.

The next day, the old Uyghur man returned to the gas station earlier than ever before.

He rushed to wake Chen Mu up and said repeatedly, “There, there, there really is something.”

Chen Mu rubbed his eyes, still a little confused, “What’s there? Why are you so excited early in the morning, Uncle Ezimati?”

The Uyghur old man waved his hand in excitement and said, “We have water again in our village well.”

“There’s water? That’s quite good, congratulations.”

Chen Mu felt that the old man was a little too excited.

The old Uyghur man continued to talk to himself, “Little Mu, it was only yesterday that I asked you to convey a request to Hu Da’s messenger for me, asking for Hu Da’s blessing, today the water came, thanks to Hu Da, you are omnipotent, all-powerful and omnipresent ……”

As Chen Mu watched the old man begin to kneel down to worship and recite the scriptures, he couldn’t help but feel a little confused.

His mind cleared up a bit, and he suddenly felt that he could understand the reason for the old man’s excitement.

The old man felt that he had received a response from God, that he had felt the power of the miracle, and that it was not simply a matter of “water from a well”.

But the problem is, yesterday he didn’t take this matter seriously at all, so he didn’t think of what Hu Xiao Er was conveying, and now what’s going on? was it a coincidence?

Quietly listening to the old man chanting scriptures in praise of Hu Da, Chen Mu suddenly had a change of heart and opened the map in his consciousness.

The map jumped out at once, clearly having been upgraded.

The map that had been upgraded had changed significantly before it was just a simple satellite map style, but now on the map, there were many more blue lines.

Those blue lines were of varying thicknesses and buried deep in the ground, though not many, they weren’t small on the map either.

There was one of the thickest blue lines that ran through the entire map area, and all the other thin lines branched off from it.

What was this?

Chen Mu observed and saw that one of the thin blue lines connected to the gas station, which seemed to be the location of the water well, and he instantly understood that this should be the waterway for the underground water.

Chen Mu took another look at the waterway in the village where the old Uyghur man was and found that it was somewhat faint and appeared as if it hadn’t been long since it was completely disconnected.

As he thought about it, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit amused.

The fact that the water well in the village of the old Uyghur man came out again this morning was a coincidence, and truly had nothing to do with Hu Da.

Perhaps the old man would be disappointed again in a couple of days, as the well would soon be completely disconnected, never to be unblocked again.

“Could he ask Uncle Aizi to dig through the blockage?”

As Chen Mu was thinking this, he suddenly noticed a message from the map: “It costs 500 ounces of vitality to unblock the waterway, yes? the waterway for 500 ounces of vitality …”YES or No” ..”

Chen Mu was startled and subconsciously chose “Yes”, then he soon saw that the waterway on the map was completely open and had become much thicker.

Oh my god, it could be used like this?

Chen Mu was amazed and delighted, feeling that he was so amazing that he could actually do such things at will.

“It seems like every time you upgrade, the map gets a different new ability.”

Calming down a bit, Chen Mu began to analyze it.

Before it was a search function, now it was controlling the waterway, will there be other ones in the future, after all, on the side of the map, just like before, there was a golden button marked “upgrade”.

Chen Mu was suddenly filled with longing for the upgrade map.

While thinking about it, the old man of the Uyghur race suddenly stopped chanting and said to Chen Mu with a very serious look, “Little Mu Mu, although you are not Muslim, you have received the favour of Hu Da’s emissary, you are the one who has been blessed by Hu Da, and I am very grateful to you for listening to the requests of this old man.”

As soon as the old man called himself Old Man, it meant he was very serious about his gratitude, Chen Mu felt that he couldn’t stand it a bit, and waved his hand, “Uncle, this is a minor matter, you don’t need to do this.”
The old Uyghur man continued to say solemnly, “I have one more thing to ask you for.”

“What is it, please feel free to say.”

Chen Mu unknowingly replied with respectful language.

The Uyghur old man made a long story short, it turned out that the wells in many nearby villages had recently dried up, and he wanted Chen Mu to help convey the request to Hu Da’s emissary.

It seemed like he could still handle this himself ……

Chen Mu thought about it and asked the old Uyghur man, “Uncle, then tell me specifically which village wells dried up so I can help you convey it.”

“Thank you very much, Xiao Mu.”

The Uyghur old man was very happy and even took out a pen and paper and drew them in detail for Chen Mu.


Okay, let us decide on something. should the name for the camel be Hu Xiao Er or Hu Xiaoyi

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