Gas Station in the NorthWest Chapter 1

Whether starting from Ningxi or Lanjing, the highway network entering Xinjiang, Qi and Mengge has been increasingly perfected in the past few years. In the past few years, there were even talks about overbuilding. No one mentioned it anymore.

On one of the roads that connect the two main lines to the far north, there is a petrol station of small size, right in front of the green belt beside the road.

This road is a branch road. There are not many vehicles passing by. In the off-season of tourism, it is sometimes difficult to see a car for a long time. However, it is essential when the main road encounters sandstorms. To the role of dredging.

At this time, there were no customers in the petrol station.

The flag on the top of the gas station with “Snacks, Water” written on it looked particularly deserted under the strong wind.

Although the door of the business room was tightly closed, Chen Mu still felt cold. While checking the inventory, he couldn’t help but pull his collar tightly to protect his neck.

The old Uyghur man, Aiz Maiti, meticulously packed up the things in the business room, slowly dragging his old crippled leg as he prepared to leave.

“Xiao Mu, I’m going back.”

“Go, go, be careful on the way… well, say hello to Aunt Gu Li for me.” Chen Mu waved at the old man and watched as he walked out of the business office and went to the back to lead out the small, hairy donkey, then with great difficulty rode upon its back and headed for home, before returning his gaze to the list at hand.

“The profit is two hundred and eight…made today.”

Chen Mu couldn’t help but recalculate the list in his hand, feeling that this business was a bit boring, and it was better to find a chance to get rid of this stall sooner rather than just improvise all day long without dying.

The gas station is the legacy left by Chen Mu’s parents. At that time, both of them were demobilized soldiers who came out of the army. They worked hard and earnestly for half their lives when they returned to their hometowns. They made some money by doing small business, which was quite good in the village. People who are more inadequate than inferior.

Ten years ago, due to the changes in the economic environment, the business that the couple had originally made became less and less profitable. It happened to be in full swing to catch up with the development of the western region, so they made a decision that surprised everyone. I took out all the money in it, pooled five million yuan, and went to the northwest to buy such a gas station to operate it.

At that time, in order to attract investment, the government gave a very good policy. The right to operate gas stations was exclusive in this area. The entire gas station and the surrounding ten acres of land were allocated to them for use. If such a thing were put to this day, there would be no door.

Over the past ten years, the couple has been rooted in the Northwest. Regardless of the operation of the gas station, just say that the land and the right to operate have appreciated a lot, which is a very good investment.

The couple were ready to work until their son graduated, so they sold the gas station and returned to their hometown for retirement. But before New Year’s Eve this year, they rushed back to their hometown to spend the New Year with their son. They encountered a serious car accident when they were approaching their home and died.

Then, Chen Mu, who was just in his sophomore year, arranged his parents’ funeral and simply applied for a leave of absence. He came to the Northwest alone and inherited their gas station.

From the beginning, everything was fresh then a little numb, and from numbness to now boredom, Chen Mu only took less than two months.

Sometimes looking at the wind and sand everywhere, he really wanted to leave this ghost place where there were few people in sight all day.

Of course, less than half a year after his parents passed away, Chen Mu felt unwilling to put aside what they had worked hard on for many years, so he made up his mind to persevere, at least for a full year.

After putting away the list in his hand, Chen Mu was not very familiar with pulling up the iron gate of the business room, then turned around and walked towards the business room, ready to make something to fill his stomach.

The design concept of the gas station is “shop before living area”, so the front is the business area, and the back is the living area.

In addition to the large warehouse, the living area also has a three-bedroom and two-living room with a kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. A garage and cellar was built next to it, which was also closely connected to the business room.

Walking into the kitchen, Chen Mu quickly made a bowl of wonton noodles, cut a cucumber, then opened a bottle of Coke, and began to eat it with gusto.

The nearest town to here was nearly three hours away by car, and normally, Chen Mu would only go out once a week to buy supplies, and supplies weren’t abundant, so having a bowl of wontons noodles and a piece of cucumber was already very good.

The wonton noodles were steaming hot, with some of the famous Sichuan Province chilli sauce in them, and they tasted particularly strong.

after finishing the noodles and sipping the rest of the coke, I suddenly heard a banging sound coming from the business room as if the window or door had been slammed by something.

“This…what’s going on?”

Chen Mu immediately put down his Coke and jogged towards the business office to see what was going on.

Taking a quick glance at the surveillance, he scanned the split screens of several cameras.

The camera on the front of the gas station didn’t see anything, but the camera facing the Dongshou window caught something weird.

On that split-screen, a camel actually appeared.

What the hell?

Chen Mu blinked, a little confused about the situation, not understanding how a camel could run out of the gas station.

There was only one hump on the camel’s back, it was thin and didn’t look tall.

Moreover, the hair on its body was sticking together piece by piece, dirty and ugly, not like a lost domestic camel, but like a wild breed.


On the screen, the camel didn’t know what was going crazy, and it slammed its head against the iron gate on the window, making a muffled noise.

Chen Mu frowned, turned around and took a self-defence knife, then took a flashlight and a long stick and ran out from the side door of the business room.

Although I don’t know what that wild camel is going crazy, if it hits it like this, the window will be damaged in minutes, so it must be stopped.

After Chen Mu left the door, he quickly walked around to the window and didn’t get too close. He just stood far away and knocked on the ground with a long stick, shouting loudly.

Before, he heard Uighur elderly people talk about the situation here. There are often some wild animals like lynx and fox near the gas station. If you want to drive them away, you just need to shout twice. These wild animals are alert and sensitive, and you usually hear them. The sound will leave by itself and will not actively attack people.

Although the Uyghur old man never mentioned that there would be wild camels nearby, he didn’t know if yelling would work, but Chen Mu felt that he should at least try it.

Sure enough—

the camel stopped immediately after hearing the yelling and seemed to be frightened.

It turned its head to look at Chen Mu in a naive manner, and its eyes blinked. It looked very vivid.

Hey, it seemed to work… Then, that, if you know what’s good for you, just leave!

Chen Mu struck the iron while it was hot, and continued to yell even as he struck the ground a few more times with his long stick.

The camel took a step back, and its nostrils flared, revealing a frightened expression.

Just as Chen Mu felt if it was about to leave, he didn’t expect it to take a step forward and hit the iron gate on the window with its head again.


This one is pounding, louder than before.

Fogweed, useless! (help)

Chen Mu was startled.

I can’t scare people away, and I’m not really good at driving, whether it’s hurting the camel or hurting myself they’re both not good ideas, he was completely at a loss…

Just when he didn’t know what to do, he saw the camel stick out his tongue suddenly and lick twice at the iron gate.


Chen Mu was stupidly watching the guy’s actions, his sight quickly swept over the iron gate’s licked area and found a large advertising sticker that covered almost the entire iron gate surface.

The sticker was a glass of poured milk, with milk splashing all over the place, and the white flowers were particularly dynamic.


As he watched the camel bang its head against the gate again, Chen Mu’s brain seemed to come to a realisation.

He turned around and ran back, and after a while, he came back with a carton of milk and a big bowl. He quickly opened the milk and poured it into the bowl, after which he backed away while yelling at the camel: “Hey, look here, do you want to drink …… this? Come here, here, here ……”

The camel stopped when he heard the sound, turned his head to look at Chen Mu, and then looked at the big bowl of milk, motionless, it looked like it was thinking.

“Drink it if you want, it’s on me, don’t be shy!”

Chen Mu quickly lowered his voice when he saw there was a play, and it became particularly soft.

The camel paused for a long time, finally couldn’t help the temptation of milk, and cautiously stepped forward, first watched Chen Mu vigilantly for a while, then tentatively moved his head to the bowl and licked it.

Chen Mu knew that the critical moment had arrived, and could not help being motionless, even breathing very lightly.

After the camel licked a mouthful of milk, he saw that Chen Mu didn’t respond, and quickly licked it a second, three, and four times…then licked faster and faster, and simply put his head in the bowl.


Now Chen Mu couldn’t help but breathe a long sigh of relief, thinking to himself, “If you wanted milk, you should have said so earlier, you nearly demolished this brother’s gas station.”

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