Forced By Destiny Chapter 5 – By Zali Zenande

Forced By Destiny Chapter 5 – By Zali Zenande

Likhona’s POV

When these men said that we’re going to Nigeria,my heart stopped.I couldn’t believe that we’re being sold off in Nigeria.I wanted to cry,scream but nothing came out.Words were stuck in my throat.They closed the truck again and soon after that they then drove off again.Who’s gonna save us now?

Me:Kile please,please stop crying.It won’t help us in anyway.

Kile:What did you say?Likho don’t you dare try talking to me right now cause I will kill you with my own hands.

Me:Haibo Kile and now whats up with you?

Kile:Don’t shit talk me Likhona!I told you that we shouldn’t go to the party.I told you that its a bad idea.But did you listen?

Me:I…I..Kile you can’t put the whole blame on me.I am also kidnapped with you remember.

Kile:I should’ve listened to my granny.She..she was crying for Heavens sake!She didn’t want me to go and I decided to ignore her.She knew that there was danger ahead and I didn’t listen.

Me:Kile please right now we need each other more than ever.We need stick togather.

I then went to hug her.She tried pushing me back but I held her tight.

Kile:[Hitting my chest]I hate you,I hate you,I hate you.This is all your fault.If you listened to me we would’ve been home with our families right now and not in a truck going to Nigeria.

Why is Destiny so unfair towards us?I hate life.


Katlego’s POV

Yeah neh.I have no words of what happened right now.Like I don’t even know where Nigeria is situated and now all of a sudden I’m being sent there!Like what are they going to do to us?Are they going to force us into prostitution?Are they going to sell our body parts for money?Are they going to ship us to other countries?Are we going to be sold as sex slaves?

All these questions were buzzing in my head.But I didn’t have answers to any of them.I’ll just have to wait and see what will happen.Unathi is stressing me,all she does is cry non stop.She’ll fall sick in here and no one will take her to see the doctor.They might just kill her and throw her body in some river.


Warona’s POV

Morena Jesu kopa u sireletse bana ba hau,romela moea o halalelang ho rona ho re thusa ho re tataisa.Jehovah kopa u seke wa re lahla jwale.Amen(Lord please protect your kids,send the Holy Spirit to guide us.Jehovah please don’t forsake us now.Amen).

All I could do was pray.I am not a strong believer but right now only God can help us.I can’t even imagine what will happen in Nigeria.Kids are being human trafficked quite a lot nowadays,and what they do to the kids is gruesome.All we need to do is get ready for the worst.We need to get ready to die.Brutally.Thats it.



The girls indeed had to be scared.Cause someone will indeed die in Nigeria.It will be a painful death that they’ll have to watch.But who’s going to die?For now they are stuck in the moving truck.Everyone was feeling car sick because they’ve been on that car for days.They haven’t seen daylight for many hours.Its still going to be one long ride.Their trip was going to take a whole week.Its only been two days since they went missing.


Likhona’s Mom’s POV

Likhona has been gone for two whole days now.I’m starting to get worried.Why didn’t she call?Whats going on?Its Monday and she supposed to go to school.I decided to go to school,maybe she took her uniform and went to school from Thandekile’s place.When I arrived at the school a lot of parents were at the assembly.I could spot Thandekile’s mom so I went to her.

Me:Molo Ntombi unjani?(Hello Ntombi how are you?)

Ntombi:Molo Nolitha,ndiyaphila wena?(Hello Nolitha,I am good and you?)

Me:Nam ndiyaphila.Baphi oLikho?(I’m also good.Where are Likho and them?)

Ntombi:Inoba base classin ngoku.Ingaba uThandekile uziphethe kakuhle kowenu?(Maybe they’re in class.Was Thandekile behaving at your place?)

Me:Uthetha ngantoni kanene?(What are you talking about again?)

Ntombi:uThandekile uthe uzayolala kowenu nje.Wayengekho apho?(Thandekile said that she’s sleeping over at your place.Wasn’t she there?)

I was very confused.I mean Likho told me that she’s sleeping over at Thandekile’s place.So why is she saying Thandekile said she had a sleepover at my place?Before I could reply.Pontso,Katlego’s mom then spoke.

Pontso:Okae ngwanaka Principal?(Where is my child Principal?)

Principal:What are you talking about?How would I know where she is?

Pontso:Kopa o bue Sesotho tuu.I not have time for Talking Engelish.(Please speak in Sesotho.I don’t have time to talk in English.)

Pontso should stop speaking English.She looks a bit tipsy too.

Principal:This is an English medium school Mme.

Pontso:Tumelo okae ngwanaka?(Tumelo where is my child?)

MamNgwenya,Unathi’s mom also chimed in.

MamNgwenya:Weehhh Principal ndin!Ngifuna ingani yami mina.Ikuphi ingane yami?(Principal!I want my child.Where is my child?)

Haibo.Whats going on here?Where are the kids?All four kids missing on the same day.This can’t be right.A boy then spoke.

Boy:Sir I know what happened.

Principal:Well please tell us Tumelo.

Tumelo:Well share we had a party on Saterday and all four girls were there too.Katlego,Unathi,Lukhona and Thandekile I mean.

Haibo Likho lied to me.I could see that Ntombi was fuming with anger.

Principal:Carry on.

Tumelo:Well everything was okay.We were all chilling and having fun.Then,then,then…

Principal:Then what?

Tumelo:Well everyone started screaming and running.I didn’t know what was going on,when I finally realized,I saw a group of men.They took the girls.

Principal:Who are these men?Do you know them?

Tumelo:Well no Sir.I think that they are kidnapped.

Ntombi:Uthini??(What did you just say?)

MamNgwenya:[crying]Aww Nkosi yam.Ndicela ninginike ingane yami.Ngifuna ingane yami.(Ohh God.Please give me my child.I want my child).

Pontso:Oreng??Nna ngwanaka keya mbatla.Okae ngwanaka?(What did you just say?I want my child.Where is my child?).

I don’t know what happend but I started feeling hot.I couldn’t breathe properly.Where is my child?My only child is gone.I started breathing heavily.The heat was unbearable.I couldn’t take it anymore.I landed straight on the floor hard.All I remembered was Ntombi screaming out my name.Then it was lights out.

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